Friday, February 17, 2012

List Your Likes and Dislikes About a Blog...

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We all love blogging. Whether we are the author of a blog, the reader or both, we all have our likes and dislikes about a blog or the way it is set up.

Hearing from others (good or bad) always helps me learn more and more each day about my blog. I love blogging and sharing thoughts and ideas, but I want to make it a good experience for people who come to visit.

So, I thought I would have a post where we can all learn from each other. In the comment section, list your likes and dislike about how a blog (any blog) is set up. I hate to use the word dislikes, so how about "Likes" and "Things You Wish Would Change".

Don't be specific and call out the blog itself, just list what's on your mind about a general blog.

Saying things out loud about what you don't like isn't a bad's a learning experience for all.

Here are my thoughts on my OWN blog
  • is the side bar too busy
  • is there too much red
  • are there too many posts on one page...slowing down the loading time of the blog
  • is it easy to navigate
  • do I use too many pictures in one post
  • am I wordy
  • is the word verification thing a pain in the hooty lately. I just turned mine off. It's like they want you to spell out a page from "War and Peace"

Here are my thoughts on blogs I visit...
  • I love it when the post is in full view when you go to the blog, instead of a partial read then you have to click to go to the full post
  • I love LABELS on a blog. Helps to find something quick under a certain category
  • Not a fan of music on a blog. Not that I don't love music, but here are my thoughts on that. 1) we all don't have the same taste in music 2) Loading music on a blog takes forever and slows down the process. Sometimes I just X out of a blog because the music takes too long to load and nothing is moving. 3) When I'm blogging I'm usually watching TV or a DVD, so there is already noise going on
  • LOVE pictures...good ones or not. Really helps with visuals. I am certainly not a photographer by any stretch. I just have a point and shoot camera, but pictures are worth a 1000 words.
  • A 1000 words is too much to handle in one post. Break up your paragraphs with a picture or a space. Sometimes too many words written all in one post is overwhelming for me.
  • I'd love to get to know a picture of yourself. Really helps to connect. You don't have to give away too much personal information if you don't want to.
  • Black blog backgrounds with white lettering is hard for me to I the only one
  • I love when you show what state you are from. I've met some wonderful people just by saying..."I noticed you are from...we're not too far from each other.
  • check to see if you are a "No Reply"...that means there isn't an email address attached to your account and no one can email you back. CLICK HERE if you want to learn how to check.

So here's your chance...add your blog thoughts in the comment section and let the learning begin. Be nice though!

Thanks so much in advance for commenting on this. I love learning from all of you. HERE for a post that came from a comment here. It will touch your heart!



  1. I love pictures, but hate music. Thankfully there aren't too many with music. I just turn it down, like I do with Quiler's Cache.

    I like personal stories with funny tossed in, that is what you will find on mine. The best blogs sound like we are sitting having coffee and talking. I like process and tutorial posts. Give me a challenge, show me how to do it, and talk to me!

    I love most blogs and keep adding to my list on the side of mine own.

    I want to follow them ALL!

    glen in Louisiana

  2. I love a little funny. I wrote an entire post about this:

    My biggest issues are word verification and no reply bloggers. I have never heard a good reason for having either.

  3. This is just blogs in general. No ones particularly.

    I do NOT like music on blog.
    I LOVE tutorials.
    Easy to navigate blogs are the best.
    Sometimes if there is too many graphics, it can take forever to load or freeze up my browser.
    But show picures in your post (Im guilty of not always doing this) We love to see all kinds of pictures, the good, great, bad, ugly. We want pictures!


  4. This is just blogs in general. No ones particularly.

    I do NOT like music on blog.
    I LOVE tutorials.
    Easy to navigate blogs are the best.
    Sometimes if there is too many graphics, it can take forever to load or freeze up my browser.
    But show picures in your post (Im guilty of not always doing this) We love to see all kinds of pictures, the good, great, bad, ugly. We want pictures!


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  6. I don't like music either. If you are going to have it, allow the reader the option of turning it off.

    Long posts give me a headache, and I lose interest fast.

    Paragraph, paragraph, paragraph. Breaking up the post is much more reader friendly.

    Post pictures - especially in tutorials, which I love. It helps to see what you are doing rather than trying to read about it.

    If I spend more than a few minutes trying to find something on your blog, it's not user friendly.

    I like funny too. Especially when you include family and friend stories. It makes it more personal and shows us how much we may have in common. Besides it might just brighten someone's day1

  7. Hmmm, likes and dislikes...

    I love picture posts, especially in tutorials because I'm a very visual learner, but I dislike it when the picture size isn't reduced and it takes FOREVER to load. So it helps when someone has taken the time to reduce the size of their pics.

    I like personal stories, too, especially when I get the sense that the blogger is just an imperfect human like me, making mistakes, etc. I connect a lot more with someone who has screwed up a time or two, even with projects (especially with projects)!

    I do like labels so I can look up previous posts on the same subject (i.e. tutorials LOL).

    I absolutely hate music on blogs. I love music myself, but it takes forever to load and sometimes I'm not expecting it (because the players are on the bottom of the page) and my speakers are turned up and I get BLASTED out of my seat. And then I'm frantically trying to remember how to turn my speakers down/off (knocking things over on my desk in the process) and then scrolling around the blog to find the music player to turn it off. Yikes!

    I have a love/hate relationship with fonts and font colors and background colors. I agree that white writing on a black background is hard on the eyes. So are other combinations. I read my blogs in Google Reader and there is one blog where the blogger uses a yellow font color and I have to physically go to that blog and open it so I can read it because it doesn't show up at all in Reader. I would also point out that certain fonts are hard to read, especially some of the more cutesy ones.

    I hope I don't sound too negative. I very much enjoy reading through my blogs and I appreciate the time these bloggers take to give the rest of a peek into their daily lives and to share their knowledge and experiences with us.

    Lauralee from Georgia

  8. Hi Karen, I like to keep my Blog a "positive" place for people to come and visit! We live in such a negative world, the last thing I want to read is negativity on someone's Blog! I'm not a fan of "word verification" either! I love freebies, tutorials and pictures! Thanks for asking for our opinions! Kim

  9. I generally don't read most blogs on the blog site. I subscribe to the RSS feed or I follow and it puts the subscription in my Google Reader feed. I only click over like now to leave a comment.

    So with that considered, blog layout is generally of little concern. I generally do not subscribe to blogs that force me to click over to read the entire post because I just don't have the time to visit a hundred sites instead of reading content from a hundred sites in one page. I like compact pictures but not those that are the original huge size that throws off the layout of everything and feels like you're looking at a block with your nose pressed against it. I don't like embedded music, video that autoplays, or a lot of scripts that cause my browser to freeze. I hate typos and misspellings. When I subscribe to a blog it is for a reason, and I get a feel for the blog content before I do. If it's a blog about quilting and cooking, then I know what to expect, but then I don't want to see a rant about healthcare or pictures from a family vacation. If it happens once or twice a year, that's okay, but I generally stop reading blogs that get away from the purpose that originally interested me. I like when things are linked properly and tagged, so that if someone refers to a previous post on, say, use of glue in needleturn applique, I don't have to spend twenty minutes trying to find the reference.

    I think that's about it, but I would also love a standard reference to blog etiquette somewhere. Is it more proper to engage in discussion in your own comment area and assume people return to read additional comments, or is it more appropriate to send a reply email to the blogger who left the comment?

  10. I love pictures, I love the way you have your blog divided into sections so if I am done with the daily or weekly post & have time I can look in other areas. Love pictures, I to dislike music, but an occasional video is okay. I love crafting and quilting blogs but it is okay for the owner to get off topic once in awhile as I do, keeps it real! I love the red in yours. I DO NOT like blogs about family, crafting, quilting, etc. that turn out to be 100% PR blogs that do nothing but advertise. I don't mind a bit here and there but totally dedicated to ads is a huge turn off. I love reading about family...pets, marriages, new babies, funny things that happened and seeing beauty! Thanks for sharing!

  11. @Tales of a Trophy Wife - I can tell you that word verification is necessary to keep out spambot comments. It is so frustrating to post and then get notifications that you have six new comments and they're all people saying, "Hi! I like your blog. Maybe you can come like mine too about pretty girls in Russia who want husbands!" or "I like ur blog, ur funny www.buyviagra ..." Word verification keeps that out.

  12. I hate the word verification...part of the time it is difficult to tell what the letters are.

  13. Love pics! Most of the blogs that I visit are easy to navigate.

    Dislike the "word verification" - not only does it take more time but half the time I cannot read the words - now there are 2 - that I'm supposed to verify due to the font or the shadowing! Of course, the blogs w/ word verification always have5 ways to enter their giveaways so I verify words 5 separate time, or not.

    Dislike posts that are all pics, no words. Or, posts that are one sentence, just to have a daily post. I cease following blogs that do this.

  14. I love blogs, I love pictures, and bloggers that get right to the point rather than unnecessary words.
    Music doesn`t bother me I have the option of just muting it if the music doesn`t appeal to me, I still may love what they post and don`t want to miss out.
    I don`t like all the added decor I like them simple, you know the side bar lace and fabrics.
    I am only iterested in the content within and am very good at blinders. visually not looking at the sidebar unless the post indicates such.
    I love headers of the quilting bloggers it kinda gives me an introduction to the personality of the blogger.
    I use reader alot and click only if I need to comment on what they had posted that day.
    I love to see posts on the progress of a quilter and their project from start to finish. It is an historical document of their quilt, what made them decide on pattern fabric, technique.
    I like when they do this in sections and not all in one post, then I can absorb each step when they are working on it. Almost like we are meeting for our sewing bee.
    I love that we are able to have this technology so that I can reach past my 4 walls and visit the world through these quilters that take the time to blog.
    I always figure if it was worth me visiting then I don`t mind letting them know I had knocked on their cyberdoor and left my note of thanks. The option of a password to post I understand it protects your visitors from unwanted spam.
    I used to let anyone post but now have to protect the people that visit me by having them put in the password and then I have also picked the approval button, to many invasions from unwanted visitors...again to protect our wanted guests.
    I also love to visit and see what others have commented on the blogs they have visited there is always something to learn from others, your blog is a grand example! thank you, thank you, thank you

  15. As always Karen, great post! I love yor blog.
    I am in agreement with your likes and dislikes. The one thing I wish all blogs would remove is word verification. I most often read blogs on my iPad, and word verification doesn't seem to play well with the device. Plus, it is just an extra step. I would probably leave more comments without word verification in place.

  16. I love pictures, look for tutorials when I first visit and don't really mind the word verification. Sometimes though I wish the word was clearer but that might be more to do with my eyesight than the technology :) The one thing I really hate is bad spelling, I don't mind obvious typos as they happen to everyone but repeated mis-spelling in a post that makes me scream!

  17. I love pictures. more pictures to understand the tutorial specially...I am not a kind of person of writing blogs only...
    I love music but not on blogs, it distract your attention from the main blog ...
    Word verification is always a hindrance for me
    I love if you people come and visit me and tell me how you find my blog
    Hope you will enjoy a visit at
    With love

  18. Great question and great comments. Since I'm an " older" blogger I cannot read white lettering on black backgrounds. My eyes simply won't allow it. I've had to unfollow a couple of favorites for that reason. I've also quit commenting on blogs that have word verification for the same reason. The cute/fancy cursive type fonts are another reason I wont follow a blog - or using all italics. Its just too hard to read. I don't mind at all if you do the approval thing before publishing...that keeps out the spam for those of you who get spam. I keep the sound off on my computer so I don't have to hear music. Like everyone else I love pictures but if you have tons of pictures on your sidebar plus pictures in your post it takes 40 forevers to load so I skip it. I love having funny family stuff interjected but if you're doing a family vacation post tell me up front so I have the option of moving on. Thanks for a chance to say all that out loud without directing it at any one blog! Blessings, Marlene

  19. I love blogs. But I usually open all the ones with new posts together, so when they have music it DRIVES ME CRAZY!! Sometimes I have to unfollow them.

  20. I agree with every one of your dislikes - especially the music and the wordy blogs. Short posts that can be read quickly and good pictures are my favorites, along with humor and cute pictures of pets.

  21. I like it when a blog doesn't use too many different fonts, too many colors of fonts or too many sizes of fonts. It is hard to read.

    I also like it when the right side is justified for the printing. Centered printing is hard to read.

    I really like at least one photo per blog entry - makes it so much more interesting. Actually I don't read blogs that never have photos.

    NO MUSIC!!

    Like blogs that are positive, an occasional grumpy day can be overlooked but too many and I don't read that blog anymore.

    I don't mind the advertising that a lot of blogs have but don't like them in the body of the blog posts - makes it a little confusing at times.

    Agree with all the other points you made.

    Reading all the comments to check and see if my blog has the "good stuff" and avoids the annoying stuff.

  22. Great post. No you don't have too much red. I like the clean white, black, red thing you have going on.

    Agree with everyone about the music - soooo annoying!

    I recently turned off the word verification thing too. Hate them - half the time when I enter it I mess up and have to enter another one.

    I have been wondering about the "clink to read more" vs. showing the entire post. Thanks for the input.

    ~ robin

  23. The blogs with dark or black background have been deleted from my Blog list, just takes too much effort to read 'em.
    Lots of chatty paragraphs.
    Pictures that accompany tutorials.
    A friendly feeling that a friend had just come over.
    Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials - an occasionally a pattern on PDF.

  24. Photos are a must on ANY post: they make the post more personal. Blogs with black or dark backgrounds are eliminated from my "to read" list, as are blogs with "excessive ads." Be honest, who wants to read a lot of advertisement?

    Music? I hate it on blogs, but if the person comments on my blog frequently, I will visit their music enhanced blog with speakers muted.

    I detest word verification - spammers usually target older posts, so a blogger can easily moderate posts that are older than 7 days. Removing verification makes a blog more friendly.

    Tutorials and tips are great on any blog!

  25. Dislikes: Number one dislike is music--it is presumptuous and intrusive.
    Posting often but with just a sentence and a photo.
    Word verification.
    Little paragraph spacing
    Too many adds in sidebars
    Poor grammar (your for you're etc)
    A blog that is humorous and personal
    Lots of photos
    Subject headings to aid in searches
    Snazzy header to draw me in
    Upbeat in tone

  26. Love pictures, and close ups of details. Sometimes pics don't enlarge when you click on them, but when they do, I love that!

    I don't like pictures that have been so enlarged that they encroach on the sidebar info, so then you have words over pic. That's too big! Do a preview before posting to make sure.

    I like light colored backgrounds and dark lettering, in fonts that are readable, not funky!

    I don't like crazy patterned backgrounds with lettering that melds with them, so you struggle to read it. Ugh!

    Music with! I'm trying to read!

    Lovely, pleasant instrumentals.... YES!

    Sailor's mouth profanity....NO!

    A well-chosen expletive....ok, but not too many!

    I like sidebars with favorite blogs lists......I check those out when I have minded folks I figure.

    Favorite blogs lists should be the LAST thing on the sidebar. Don't make me search and search through a mile long sidebar to get to your profile, or follower button.

    No word's so annoying!

    Love it when links work! There's a verification button for them, but I think some folks don't bother, and they should.

    Advertising should be on the sidbars, not within the post itself. It's so hard to find the actual post within the ads.

    Thanks for letting me give my two cents!

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  28. I enjoy reading your blog daily. You give so many great ideas and useful info.
    My favorite blog elements: Tutorials, photos, simplicity, labels, giveaways, blogs followed, recipes, profile story.

  29. --I don't like music, but, I keep my sound off 90% of the time
    --Word verification many times is hard for me to read and I have to attempt verication several times.
    --I like paragraph seperations. Lots of sentances all run together, and I get attention deficit.
    --Fonts...they can show a bit of the blogger's personality. Sometimes they take me a bit longer to read. If the post is interesting, I will read thru. I like to vary the color and font of my words every so often for emphasis.
    --I LUV pictures...any way...any how
    --I do like seeing pictures of the bloggers because, as Karen said, it helps me to connect to them. But, I wasn't sure if a real pic of me would be conflicting with the illustration on my blog?
    --I don't mind reading about people's personal life once in awhile. Again, it helps me to get to know them. But, too much
    complaining or negative, then I just don't read those posts.
    --It is easier to read dark letters on light background. But, I don't mind some variation. I do not like dark backgrounds with light letters.
    --Not crazy about advertisements on a page. But, I understand that some could use the income. I will read a post from these blogs, if the post has some fun/good information.
    --I do labels on my blog...but, rarely read thru those on other's blogs
    ---okay...TMI, right? sorry I got too wordy..and no pictures =)

  30. I love sewing and decorating tutorials, and plenty of pictures to be sure I'm understanding the directions. Not a fan of music usually mute my computer if there is any. Not a fan of animation blinking while I'm trying to read or extra large heading borders that take forever to down load.

  31. I love pictures, but not music.

    I like some personal info, sort of like a coversation.

    I love & really appreciate tutorials & free patterns, but would really like a "print this post" feature along with it.

  32. @ Donna - you referenced the blogs with dark background and light lettering...

    If you have a minute would you look at mine to see what you think. I am pretty new to blogging and don't want to start off on the wrong foot.

    Thanks -


  33. Love this topic!
    I like blogs that are legible, white background, black easy to read fonts. Some color text is ok.
    Everyone should have a home button at the top of there page & definetly NO music- I am usually already listening to my own.
    I do not like word verification, too hard to use while on my phone or ipod. I do not use it and I have never been spammed.
    I do not mind some family & friend info thrown in, I think it helps to get to know others and to see what you have in common.

  34. Sounds like most of us are on the same page (or maybe it would be site in this case ;o)!
    *Love pictures and tutorials!
    *Forget the music!
    *Talk to me like a friend. Let me into your personal life a little.
    *Dark background w/ Light text is a no-no!
    *Too many graphics that slow down the site, or crash my computer will cause me to say bye-bye to your blog.
    *Too many words, long paragraphs, and too few pictures cause us to lose interest... We are part of the ADD culture aren't we?
    *Humor is a must! We all like a good laugh at life's little quirks, or our imperfections.

    Thanks to all of you who take the time to share your life with me each morning over my cup of coffee before the twins wake up and the whirl-wind begins. It adds a little sanity to my life!

    Tina - Little Yellow Cottage
    Bend, Oregon

  35. I agree with most of the comments already made, but I'd like to add that if a blog has too many posts on each page, it will take forever to load. It's better to have about 5 posts per page. The reader can always click on older posts to read more. I also don't like centered posts. That's very hard on my eyes. I like BIG pictures. I think I'm in the minority on that, but I don't want to click on every picture to see it. Thanks

  36. After reading these posts . . . I guess I'll turn off the music on mine. Didn't realize it was so annoying.

    I like the diversity in everyone's blog. No two are alike.

  37. I have to chime in here about music on blogs. I don't like it at all. I know that I could just turn of my speakers, but it's more than that. The time it takes for the audio player to load makes it way too long for the blog to load as well. I usually opt out and move on.
    P.S. I think your blog is just right!

  38. Not into the music, love lots of pictures. I love it when there is a tutorial, God bless those ladies who help us more ignorant! I like full posts. I like archives that go by year and months rather than the key word thing, (I miss so many good things when they are like that). Keep it to one Font and mostly one color of font. That's about it. As always a great blog post!

  39. Not into the music, love lots of pictures. I love it when there is a tutorial, God bless those ladies who help us more ignorant! I like full posts. I like archives that go by year and months rather than the key word thing, (I miss so many good things when they are like that). Keep it to one Font and mostly one color of font. That's about it. As always a great blog post!

  40. I love a nice clean blog with maybe only one single side bar for links to other blogs and ads, buttons, etc.

    I do not like music on blogs as it slows down my computer.

    I do not like to fancy of font or black background with white font as I also have a hard time reading it.

    I don't care for having to put in the security code letter as they normally take me several tries,although i have seen some that are simple and even one that just had a box to click that said "check here if your a human". and that was a great feature.

    I scan most my blogs daily from my google chrome home page- and I really don't care for the ones without photos, the ones where a quick post that pertains to nothing about the blog, and are sent via their phone just to let everyone know they are shopping or taking the kids to school or what not.

    I like blogs that stick more to what the blog is about rather then adding to much personal stuff, like what they ate for dinner last night, etc.

    I love blogs that have links to other good blogs, share tutorials or free patterns, and have photos. I don't read the ones who's posts get to long. I want to scan blogs quickly, pick up tips, see new inspiring ideas, and get off the computer and go create, not spend all day reading.

    I probably could go on, but this is getting to be to long in itself.

  41. Like: When every post, no matter how much text, includes at least one photo.

    Things You Wish Would Change: Too heavy/too high resolution of header photos. They take forever to load.

    Remove the music. It makes nighttime blog-reading STARTLING.

    Blogs with advertising. It lessens the friendliness of the blog.

  42. I think your blog is just perfect! It's not flashy so that one gets distracted. It's easy to navigate and not hard on the eyes.

    One thing I dislike about a blog:
    Voila!- Seems like all the blogs I read are using it over and over and over again. Its alright sometimes but.. really? 100 steps to make that and Voila? That is not the bad part though. It's the misspelling of it. I have seen Wall-a, Wah-laa, Viola, Wuh-lah... grrrr.
    So glad to have that off my chest. Its been irritating me for a while now.

  43. Blogger's new word verification is awful. If you're worried about a bunch of SPAM, moderate comments instead of making your readers jump through hoops.

    I love blogs with tutorials, pretty pictures, recipes, humor, babies, pets, etc.

  44. Things I like on a blog:
    - pictures
    - a short story
    - tutorials (especially on how to take good pictures!)
    - plain white backgrounds with black type - much easier to read (set over a picture on the sides is fine but I'm here to see what you have to say. Make it easy!)
    - paragraphs. They're so much easier to read
    - linky parties

    things I'm not crazy about:
    - the new word verification. (The old, one-word verification was fine but what was Blogger thinking when they changed it? I've eliminated mine.) It's easy enough to delete spam quickly
    - music - I already have some on. Once yours comes on, I close your page
    - details of your illness - there are some things that should remain private and we don't need to know.
    - the phrase "I can't show you the project yet, but...." If you can't show me, don't mention it until you can
    - no-reply bloggers

  45. Good idea to share ideas - although unless a blog is intended to generate business, it's such a personal thing that, really, whatever the blogger wants is what is best. I don't think people should feel restricted in how they can present their personal space.

    Now - one thing that I *really* appreciate, as I like to read many different blogs:

    IF I must type in a verification word, THANK YOU to those who have it on the same initial post page, where I can simply tab down, type in, and return. No second page to wait for opening, no having to move to my mouse to click on additional spots. All that extra verification motion really adds minutes to the reading experience as we're clicking through the blogs, and I suspect it deters many commenters from taking the time to connect. :)

  46. Great post. First I'd like to say I enjoy reading your blog! It's so informative. I agree with a lot of the comments.

    Music has to go. I love music, but when reading the posts it can be so annoying.

    I center my posts, but it looks like I will have to change that.

    Very dark background hurt my eyes. Definitely having pictures is a plus!!

    Love reading all the comments.


  47. I agree with everything you said, especially about music! Most of the time I have the sound on my computer muted for that very reason. I love pictures, and good point about including pictures of ourselves, something I am very bad at!

  48. First off...I LOVE your blog. I am always inspired by it. My favorite blogs are the ones that inspire me. And I am amazed by all the talented bloggers out there. It's an awesome community!

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  50. Great idea! I want to read everyone's responses but I'll give my thoughts first.

    I love your blog setup and that's why, to me, it's always an enjoyable place to visit. I tend to be wordy so, I don't think you are. I think a busy sidebar is just a fact of blogs now a days and if a person really needs to look up something from it it's there. I don't usually like a lot of pictures loading up but I have to admit I've clicked on the blogs you follow because a picture was interesting. You might have too many posts on one page because you don't put the bulk behind a link/cut but it doesn't bother me because I have fast internet :oD I can't say you put too many pictures in a post because you normally have one per step, which is very helpful, and i've never really noticed before. If you had multiple for the same step or thing, then I would say it's too much. For example,I noticed on your chicken feeder tool time post, the last three pictures were a bit much but on the other hand they illustrated a cute scenario so you have this story within a tutorial. They might have followed the rest better if you hadn't posted a new picture of the project after adding pins, scissors and then the bow and instead showed one picture complete and in use. Then again, I have an internet connection that can handle so many pictures so I'm probably not the audience you need input from and it generally doesn't bother me. Is that a wishy-washy enough critic or what?

    In general,I don't like when a blog loads up full posts and it has lots of pictures(more than 2 big or 4 small). This might stem from me coming into blogging after using Live Journal where the general rule of etiquette was to put everything after the first picture under a cut or link. I don't like it when people have music, videos or animation that automatically play. I like the text to be clear and not run into pictures or other elements. I like any kind of pictures, mine aren't perfect. Wordy posts with explanations, thoughts and where they would go forward from what they did instead of criticizing their own work. I love blogs where people are passionate about sharing what they do, when they are, it's interesting and it shows no matter the subject.

  51. I love your blog! It's just right, not too much red. I also enjoyed reading about the likes and dislikes in both your comments and the comments you have received.

    I agree with the music issue, right now I have my sound off, but I would love to be able to listen to my own music on my computer while I read blogs and with music on some of the blogs I read, it's just not possible.

    I also agree with the dark background comments. I tried that once and a blogging friend let me know how hard it was for her to read so I changed that quickly.

    Because of today's comments I'm going to change from word verification to moderating comments. I'm glad to know how others feel about that issue!

    Another thing that also has irritated me is when some one is profane, crass, or overly hip. Do these people really talk this way? I like to read blogs that are just a nice conversation, but maybe I'm showing my age on this one!

  52. so, this turned into my post on your blog...LOL (Sorry...)

    Your blog:

    Nope, love it and the way it is set up. The "uniform" pictures/buttons/tabs make is super easy to look through!
    Nope, white background is great, red pops but is not overwhelming.
    Not for me, but that is probably dependent on what the reader is using
    Yes, THANK YOU!
    In my opinion there can never be too many pictures, I am VERY visual, LOL
    Yes, it seems recently the Word Verification has been ramped up and is super annoying, as most times it is hard to read at least one of the words. (I don't hold this "against" a blogger, but I sure love when it isn't there. Before the ramp up my opinion was that I didn't like having to wait for it to pop up in another screen. I will happily go back to that at this point...LOL)

    Here are my responses to your thoughts on blogs I visit...

    Full view posts are awesome.
    LOVE labels, SERIOUSLY.
    Also not a fan of music, I know I can mute it, but it does add loading time and often there is no consistency on the volume that pops out at you.
    More pictures, the I said, very visual here
    I don't mind lots of words, but yes, they have to be broken up or I get distracted...
    I love when blogs/profiles have a picture of the person. I know my profile has one of my pups. I should change that
    Hate black/dark backgrounds. VERY hard to read. Recently unsubbed to a blog for dark dusky blue background with black writing. Loved her stuff but just too hard too read.
    I also love (LOVE) being able to see where people are from.

    My additions:
    I do not like blogs that self promote more (like 5 times more) than creatively post. I get the need/desire to make money and that blogging is time consuming. I just don't like personal styled blogs that constantly bombard you with "go to my etsy...", "check out my shop" and throw a creative post in once in a while. In point, I do not currently have any in my reader :-)

    I love when I get a response when I comment. Don't always want/need one, but occasionally it is great!
    (I realize this is very personalized) I love when my "favorite bloggers" have a Pinterest and show it. (I might have a small Pinterest addiction going on. maybe. LOL)
    I also love when the "popular girls" (LOL!!) show mistakes or rough pictures to prove they don't always do it perfect, even better when they show the fix.
    I like humor to come through. I like the blog to be "real" so family/friends/kid posts are fine with me. Another case of "getting to know you".
    I LOVE when you can click on a picture and it enlarges, makes seeing detail so much nicer for old eyes...LOL

    Random thoughts, slightly related: Blog hops: I would love "leader" to post daily to remind my pasta strainer of a brain that it is going on.

    Quilt a longs: everyone should (LOL) scream about them. a lot. I never seem to find them until they are well underway and Lord knows I am going to fall behind so I sure don't want to start there...LOL

    All of that said, I love your blog. :-) I have never been "annoyed" when reading your blog. It is one of my very top favorites! Love the content, the navigation, the layout. Just SUPER!!

  53. I love when bloggers include what is going on in their lives. It makes them feel closer.

    I love looking at projects from the beginning through the end and hearing about the entire process.

    I love reading blogs from other countries and learning about their way of life.

    I don't like when bloggers take my ideas and then make them look like their ideas.

    I really don't like when someone follows my every move on every single blog or social site and comments about everything I say. Makes me feel like I'm being stalked.

    I don't like - and will not continue to follow a blog if I can't read it and see the photos in my blog reader.

    I find it irritating when a blogger clearly does things just to increase their number of followers. Tacky!

  54. Too many words and NO pictures is what bothers me the most. I think sometimes I tend to not use enough words myself. I don't mind the music, but I agree that it takes much longer to load and sometimes I will also give up and leave the page before it loads.
    I don't like super busy backgrounds on someone's blog because I find it just too distracting.
    I find the word verification thing completely annoying and I don't really see the necessity of it, but I will still usually leave a comment.

  55. I agree with pretty much everything you had on your likes list. The simpler the better, as far as I'm concerned. Blogs that are too cluttered are visually overwhelming and I tend to get outta there as soon as I can. I also prefer to see the entire blog post rather than having to "click here". Another thing that kind of turns me off is the sponsored posts where people review products (and I assume are rewarded for their endorsement). I don't read blogs to be bombarded with advertising, although I guess it is inevitable that some would try to make money from blogging...

  56. I agree with most of what has been written here....
    especially DO NOT like music
    and NO dark backgrounds w/light lettering..can't see them very good.
    pictures are important to me and personal stories....
    I am headed to mine right now to make some changes...thanks for a good post..

  57. First off I love your blog layout and reading it. You're always full of great tips and ideas. Now here's my take on Likes and Dislikes
     Dislike Music. For a while I didn't realize there was music on some of the blogs because I generally have my sound off but when I did hear the music I made sure my sound was off. It was sorta distracting and didn't like the music.
     Like - Full view blog. I don't like it when you get a partial read then you have to click to go to the full post
     LOVE pictures...good ones or not.
     Not fond of word verification. I moderate my comments and the crazy spammers via anonymous comments go into the blogger spam tab that I can go in to moderate in case its a valid comment.
     I hate it when I can't reply to a comment because they don't have an email listed or attached to their account.
     Love tutorials
     Not crazy about advertisements on a page. But, I understand that some could use the income.

    I try not to be wordy on my own post but I know I can be. And my blog list I follow keeps growing because I'm addicted. Texas Gal

  58. I love blogs, for the most part. Especially yours!
    I like humor, personal stories, mistakes, bloopers.
    I like reading about what your thinking was when you chose to do something, and how you'd do it differently another time.
    I like lots of pictures, especially in tutorials or recipes
    I don't mind stuff in the sidebar, but tend not to look at the sidebar much.
    I *don't* like music.
    I like inspiration, I like learning something.
    I like it when you give me links to other interesting blogs or sites.
    I like the personal stories too, I like hearing about what's happening in your life. It's like sitting down for coffee every morning with some nice friends.
    I don't mind word verification, if it's easy to read...which most aren't. Sometimes I can't even make out what the word is and end up not commenting.
    I like it when the blogger occasionally responds to my comment.
    I don't like fancy fonts...too hard to read.
    Light print on a dark background is also hard to read. There's one blog I love, but the print is yellow on a black background. Waaay to hard to read. Had to unfollow that one. :(
    I like labels, in case I want to research the topic further.
    I love seeing what other blogs you like. It's a good way for me find new ones to follow.
    I like posts that aren't too lengthy.
    I don't like it when a blogger just posts a photo with one or two sentences. Better to wait and post something longer later.
    Or when they say here's a sneak peek, and then don't talk about anything else. Boring.
    I definitely don't like busy backgrounds....too hard to read.
    I do NOT like partial posts. I don't like clicking around more than necessary. I'm a one-click kind of gal.
    Mostly I use a reader....and generally unfollow blogs that don't give me the whole post right off.
    I love lots of pictures. Did I mention that?
    Did I say that I especially like your blog?

  59. There seems to be a general consensus on many of the likes and dislikes.

    A few things I will add (I started with 'a couple of things' but it grew!): I don't post pictures of myself or even specific info about the town I live in for my own peace of mind. I don't have a nefarious past and I'm not in the witness protection plan, but sharing enough that makes me recognizable to a "total stranger" makes me uncomfortable. I didn't even use my first name on my blog for the first 4 years until a friend's comment 'outed' me.

    Another thing is about those lovely pictures. I agree that pictures are almost always a must - but it's frustrating to see uncropped pics. If you're showing me your new matroyshka doll, I really don't need to see the whole table it's sitting on and the sofa in the background. This diminishes the impact of what you're trying to get me to focus on and takes longer to load.

    If you're doing a giveaway, don't require that an entrant be a follower. I know this goes against the current model, but it comes across as just a way to fluff your numbers. If you have interesting content, I'll follow you without any incentive.

    Since I use an RSS reader usually I do NOT go back to see if you've responded to my comment on your blog. When I receive comments on my blog, I respond by email when possible.

    Oh! And a NOTHER thing! FACEBOOK. Don't assume that everyone has drunk that koolaid. If you're having a giveaway, don't exclude non-Facebook users from playing, and don't give Facebook users extra points. If you have a wonderful tutorial or lovely picture to share, don't tell me I can find it on your Facebook page. It's exclusionary and (uh-oh, here I go) offensive.

    Hmmm. Seems time for me to put a sock in it and let everyone else have their say!

  60. Love pictures ... I'll admit I don't read posts unless there are pictures to draw me in (except for yours of course!!!)
    Hate music ... how can you check up on your favourite blogs at work if music comes on ... hahaha
    Don't like having to open a post to read the rest ..... I want it right there
    Word Verification ... don't like

  61. Well, I love all these comments about likes and dislikes and I agree.

    no music
    break up paragraphs
    yes to pictures
    have interesting content on subject, life, or humor
    love an easy conversation in own voice
    word verification is not for me, but I'll still stick around to comment sometimes
    Yes to reply to comment, otherwise I will reply in my own comment section. Thanks Karen for letting me know about this a while back.

    So that said, how do you add labels? I'll check to see if you already have that tutorial. And, what makes a good tutorial process?

  62. I pretty much feel the same way about blogs I visit. I had music on my blog for a bit when I first started out. Then I read that it wasn't cool to subject everyone else to it, so I got rid of it. So glad I did. Too many words just makes my batty. I must get ADD when I see a wordy post, because usually I can't get through them. Black background + white letters= major headache. If I really want to read it I copy and past it into a blank text document so I can get through it. Then I delete it. Kind of a pain. Love pictures. Can't get enough of them. I have friends who only want words and skip over the pictures. I guess it just goes to show that we are all different!
    I love some personal info thrown in there, so I can get a sense of the person behind the blog- and a picture of the actual author is a must.

  63. I like a full-page view, pictures, personal stories along with other content, tutorials, tabs for topics (recipes, tuts, etc.)paragraph breaks. Plain ol' black for font color.

    I prefer a type large enough for easy reading. A 14 pt. Arial seems to be about right for my aging eyes. I don't like curly/fancy fonts. Not a fan of music.

    I like to see the creative backgrounds and headings that people use. I think of blogs as a way to express ourselves and our creativity so you could say there is no right or wrong way to lay it out.

  64. I love pictures, stories about people's lives, tutorials. Don't like music or blogs with black grounds. Don't like having to search for the blog amidst the ads, and don't like ads that flash different pictures.
    I love it when the blogger is older! Like me!

  65. Loves: pictures, tutorials, humour, eloquent (non rambling) posts, easy to navigate sites. I prefer white backgrounds as they seem less cluttered and are easier to read. I like hearing personal stories but within reason - and preferably the amusing ones! I will forgive anything if the story is fascinating or funny. I love the very friendly atmosphere you've cultivated here at your blog, Karen.

    Dislikes: Music, posts that are truncated in my reader (I unsubscribe), posting filler (crappy) posts just so the writer can post everyday.

    I'm also not a fan of giveaways where you have to tweet or facebook like something. I see why it's done, but it just gets to be a bit too much to do. I'll leave a comment but stop there.

  66. Love your blog. I, too, dislike the music (even if I like the songs). Some of it startles me with the volume. I prefer "whole" entries instead of the "click to read more" ones. I also have a problem reading some whose backgrounds contrast too sharply with the font. I remember one before Christmas that had used green & red. It was so hard to read & painful. It is also difficult to read some of the word verification.

  67. I just found your blog yesterday. Where have I been??

    My biggest pet peeve is music. Absolutely despise it.

    And what is up with word verification lately, as in this week? Two words, neither of which are readable. Ugh.

  68. I have to agree with most of the other comments here - especially regarding the music! I hate the music, scares me to death... haha and my dogs sometimes!

    As for backgrounds, I have to have high contrast background, the dark background with light letters, as I am going blind and too much white glares and I cant see the words, however I have a button I can push to fix whatever site I am on, so I honestly dont know HOW a lot of the blogs are originally set up :)

    Pictures I love, but too many or too large really slows the whole process down! Especially with tutorials, when they are needed :) I would prefer to be able to click on a small or medium sized pic to enlarge than to have a bunch of huge pics slowing me down.

    OH - one of my pet peeves is blogs with no clear dates or tags! I dont want to subscribe to a blog who only posts once a month or something but you cant tell because there arent any dates.

    And you are absolutely wonderful with your blog, I am one of the ones you helped to fix so that can email back! Thank you so much for everything - and for setting such a wonderful example.

  69. I am with you when it comes to music on a blog especially when the music doesn't start rightaway. If it does, I'll immediately X out. It's worse when it starts after you start reading a little something interesting then it started to blast. What a turn off!

    Another thing I don't like is when I try to leave a comment. Some blogs just let you type your name and email address, and sometimes a visual code. Yours asks for somesort of identity. If I don't have a google account, I can choose Open ID (whatever that is), Name/URL, or Anonymous. However, some other blogs only have a choice of Google account or OpenID. Why is that? So if I'm not into Google or have a blog somewhere, I'm not allow to voice a commment? Strange!

  70. I concur with everything you mentioned.
    There is only one blog that has music I can handle and that's because it is very soft and low.
    I can't read dark backgrounds either, my eyes are old and after working on a computer all day I just need something easy on the eyes.
    I prefer easy to read fonts as the cutesy ones are too hard for my old eyes.
    Also I prefer a font size that is normal and decent.
    I do not appreciate foul or crude language and will never return if I find it. I also do not appreciate disparaging comments about any particular group of people. I quit following one blog because of the writer's remarks about fat people.
    Love photos of any kind, but especially if you are describing something you made or built. Not that fond of videos, just a personal preference.
    Give me some way to search your blog, labels work well, dates not so much.
    I like the pop up comment boxes and don't mind the word verification, from a blogger's pov it is sometimes necessary. I had a horrible time with people leaving links to nasty sites until I add the word verification.
    I prefer to see the entire post on the page, not half paragraphs I have to click to finish reading. Sometimes it's a new to me blog and I will scroll down and keep reading, you can;t do that on a click for more page.
    I like additional pages for certain things, like putting all the tutorials on a page or all your best recipes, etc.
    Back when I had dial up some blogs would take forever to load, especially those with the blinking and animated gifs, I can actually say I hate animated gifs on a web page of any sort, unfortunately I have to put up with them on Yahoo mail.
    Everyone has typos, but there is spell check-use it! Bad grammar and using the wrong spelling of a word is a huge turn off too. There, they're and their have different meanings as do sells and sales. Makes me wonder what they teach in schools anymore.
    Definitely show your personality, you can without going into detail that would put your family at risk. One blogger doesn't ever show full face on photos of people and her photos are lovely. Use nicknames for family if you need to but we want to know a little about them and you.

  71. Haha, I found a couple of typos after I posted. So sorry.

  72. Hi, Your blog is excellent. I love blogs about quilting most of all. But,I wish bloggers would correct spelling and grammar errors.I love family and pet references. I love pictures. Please leave politics and religion out of quilting blogs, unless to promote equality,fairness and tolerance. Humour is a draw for me. A well-placed salty word here and there? Well,I will laugh. This is a great topic.

    easy to read
    clear pictures with good lighting
    links to resource or product page
    about me pages

    - MUSIC on blogs….I'll use my iTunes if I want music while I surf
    - dark or cluttered backgrounds
    - hard to read fonts through entire blog posts
    - word verification
    - too many ads in sidebar including lots of blog awards -- create a separate page for that.

    Your awesome post has inspired me to ask my own viewers some of the same questions…THANKS for the inspiration!


    Here is the link….

  74. I like clear easy to read backgrounds and text colour. Black is best for text and I like light pages. Love photo's but like to have a few words about the photo. I sometimes feel that I am too wordy. I like blogs that "keep their opionions nice" but respect the right for them to discuss ' difficult' topics or events. Love tutorials and sharing of what people are doing, with links to other blogs if needed. Oh I have said way too much..sorry. love your blog!

  75. haha! I love that you said something about white letters on a dark background. It bothers my eyes and I thought I was the only one!
    I love how your blog looks but honestly I read it in google reader so don't see the layout anyway.
    I agree about the music part too... I mute my speakers when I surf.
    And yup, I agree about word verf. too. I always spell it wrong. They trick my eyes. I must be getting old! haha

  76. I, too, love pictures. I have stopped reading blogs that seem to mostly be promoting fabric lines or their own for sale merchandise. I am not one for LONG posts unless it is a tutorial or really interesting family stories. I like to be inspired, entertained, and to feel like I am getting to know the blog writer.

  77. Wow! So many thing to think about. Many of your comments I share. Word verification is a pain but I understand the need for it. I have seen sites where it asks what animal is in this picture and then you just click on the button by the multiple choice option.

    Music is not my choice because lots of time I'm reading and my husband is sleeping. Quiet is important.

    I love the variety of posts that you offer. Everyone is different. I would love to at least know the state people are blogging from as you state.

    Giveaways are nice but I think one entry per person is sufficient. You can ask me to check out the vendor, follow you, etc. but one entry is best.

    Thanks for asking.

  78. I wish more blogs had a search function. Sometimes I go back to look at something I saw before and can't find it, or someone has referenced something on another blog but linked to the current page instead of the specific post. It's impossible to find the entry.

  79. i havn't been bloging long so i have no ideas i will just read your comments

  80. there's a blog I love that has a little video ad playing on the side bar; can't stand it! Love short, clipped sentence blogs, but can't seen to work that into mine...
    going to go change my avatar to my picture now. It's not just your suggestion, but I find myself looking more closely at the ones with people to look at!

  81. I hate people who are wordy, I love lots of pictures. I do not care for the sites that have gone all commercial one me, I love the down home look.

  82. I am new to blogging and just love your blog and all the information you have to share.

    I don't like the new type blogs that start out on the home page and in the middle on the far right margin it says "swipe me". I find them very confusing once I have done the swipe.

    I have chose not to put any ads on my blog, as I don't appreciate them on other blogs, and those that have too many, I close it and move on.

    I'm glad that there are readers who like any kind of pictures. I post with pictures, but I don't have a fancy camera like some of the more popular blogs.

    I keep most if not all of my personal life out of my blog, unless it relates to quilting. I save it for Facebook.

    I don't like having to do more than leave a comment to enter a giveaway. If I want to follow you I will, not to get a giveaway.

    I really like links if something is referred to it in the post. This is something I still need to learn.

    Thank you for this post!

  83. Most of what others have already said, I agree with.

    Especially do not like, blogs that take more than one click to load or even with one click have to wait while it loads through 3 or 4 stages, music, dark backgrounds, funky fonts, too many words with not enough white space or pictures, spelling erros, fine print that is hard to read, and my most pet peeve is posts that say click here and then never show you where to do that.

    I do like pictures, details, personal information (not harmful to family things), tutorials, pdf patterns, uplifting not whining, blogs with print or share buttons and especially posts with the whole thing visible, not those that show a sentence or two and then have to click another place for more.


  84. I don't have old eyes, but I still don't care for white font on a black background. I like to see recurring features (like Tool Time Tuesday) up at the top rather than in the sidebar. I like humor, tutorials, and a conversational writing style. I don't mind "thank you sponsor" posts, if they're brief, infrequent, and not the only thing blogged about that day.

    Word Verification hates me. Nobody can misspell 15 different words in a row.

  85. Lots of pictures, no music, hate the word verification especially the two word ones with a white and black background, I CAN'T SEE IT. I like a white, clean background, easy to read. We all collect bling down the side, so that doesn't bother me.
    This has nothing to do with the look of the blog, but if I ask a question about something in the blog, I would like an answer. Everybody's busy, but polite is nice.

  86. Oh this is so simple......

    Above all, writing with a sense of humor is the most enjoyable reading.

    Not everyone has the same taste in music so a 'mute' option would be greatly appreciated.

    Tutorials are so great! Just as great are other ideas expressed by people in their comments....the more, the merrier!

    Try as I might, pale, pale grey or faint yellow type on a white background or white type on black because it strains my eyes. A nice,combination with enough contrast for comfortable reading lets me stay and enjoy the company.

    Mysteries are great for quilts but why write a blog about something personal that you or a family member has been going thru while keeping the reader guessing about what that was is like a power failure at the end of a good movie!

    Our culture has become very 'self-protective' while advancing so fast technologically. I don't offend easily and it bothers me when people feel they have to protect a photo of their creation with a watermark or the person who loves that idea so much has to give copyright credit. If I'm not claiming something as my own why can't I just share it with someone and say "look at the great whatchamacallit I saw on a blog or on Pinterest? Isn't this a neat idea?" In the days of many community/school/church craft fairs (dating myself to the 70s & 80s here)when you had an original idea you had to make the best of it the first week out cause next weekend it was going to be on a lot of other craft tables. Imitation is the best form of flattery....blah, blah, blah.

  87. I like your list. It pretty much says what I would say. Very interesting to read what others have shared.

  88. I'd like to add two more thing to my dislike list.

    First, leave off those things that follow the cursor. Words, stars, whatever. They are SO distracting!

    The second thing is learn the difference between their, there, and they're.

    Thank you for letting us all vent!

  89. Only three:
    3. The verifications words to prove I am a human. Half the time I can't post because I can't read them well enough to type them correctly. If you make it too hard, then why bother?
    2. Not being able to enter a post under Open ID. What good is my Gravatar information if I can't get the Gravatar up there with my comment?
    And my number one pet peeve...
    1. The inability to receive your new blog posts via email. Simply put, email verification is the easiest and most expedient way to receive a new post. I don't like having to join some cutesie "connect" ring (Google etc.) or set up for RSS feeds just to know what you are doing. There are a bunch of fabulous quilters and sewists using these, and I personally just don't have the time to try and navigate three different sources, on the off chance you may have done something brilliant!

    Glad you asked, and I hope I wasn't ranting too badly. ;)

  90. A NOTE ON ADDS. I have read several people's comments about adds on the page. If you are using Wordpress and you are on a FREE account, then there will be adds. (Do other "free" blog accounts do this?)

    I was running my WP page for two years before I realized that they were doing this to me! I found out one day when a friend asked me about I product I was promoting via an add, and did I get a commission from a purchase via said add. The answer is an emphatic "NO!"

    If I really love and use a product I will tell you about it and why I like it. But rest assured I don't get paid for it.

    Don't know if your service is adding advertisements? You can check by logging out, and then visiting your site. ~ Lynda

  91. Since I'm new to blogging - I appreciate everyone's comments. I will agree with just about what everyone says about the "cons" on some blogs. I have found some great hints from everyone and will apply to my blog.

    I am guilty of not having a picture on mine because that just happened to be a picture that I had downloaded. I will make sure to get that corrected soon!

    Thanks to everyone & I LOVE this blog!!!!

  92. Blog land
    What I Like
    Quick loading
    Clear fonts
    Tabs at the top that let me navigate to files of pictures, tutorials, recipes, ect
    Humor and honesty and a little it of pain and anger when its due
    I kind of like the blogs that load quickly with a picture and a paragraph and I can decide if I want to go on and finish reading that post or topic…
    I like the side bars that include the blogs of others with name of blog and the heading of the moment.
    You can find it here inserts in the text or the blog names so I can find the reference you are making.
    What I don’t Like
    Pages that take forever to load
    520 different things on the side bar…
    Free stuff if you friend me on face book, you tube and baby needs a new pair of shoes blog.
    Difficult to print recipes or patterns..all though that could be more my problem then the blogs.

  93. I don't blog, I follow you by email, and have for some time. I've participated in a swap, and although I haven't had a chance to use my red and white squares yet (new grandson!), I promise I will! I'm a very visual learner, so I love pictures, and tutorials, but don't like more noise. I'm from Kentucky. I like personal stuff, just not too much. Love the red. Don't mind the word verification, just like I don't mind if they check my ID when I use my credit card. I love to write but couldn't possibly do it every day. I truly admire those of you who can, and who can interest me enough to keep me as a follower and have me COMMENT!!

  94. I think the main problem I run into with blogs is the backgrounds they use. I love them - they are so pretty - but I can't read the print.

    I don't like music because I'm usually listening to something else or don't want to bother someone else in the room

    It's hard to have too many pictures, especially for a tutorial. Sometimes it does take awhile to get through a post, but when that happens I just go straight to the blog and get out of Google Reader.

  95. Things I love:

    Sense of community
    Clean layout with white background
    Short paragraphs
    Real -- sharing of good news and not so good news
    No music
    Small header pix that don't take forever to load and take up half the screen
    Not too many ads -- particularly not on both sides of the blog.
    Too much "stuff" -- buttons, ads, etc.

    Things that I'd like to do be better on my blog:

    Make sure my posts are relevant and interesting
    Figure out how to make the buttons on right all the same size and lined up
    Post often enough to have something of interest but not so much that it's not worth scanning

    As an aside, I think you are great example of what's right with blogging! Jan

  96. Oh gosh, here's one that will make me stop following a blog asap: cutesy name calling. Like "Hey Dolls!" Or animal names. There's a blog that I would love to read because the content was right up my alley but I could NOT get past the horrible animal names the author used to introduce every single post. It turned me off so badly I unsubbed. I know several friends who unsubbed as well, and I wish one of us were brave enough to just tell the girl! She's probably very sweet and just doesn't realize how completely annoying that habit is.

    Other than that, no to music, no to black backgrounds, yes to lots of pictures and some humor thrown in.

    Mostly though, I try to cut every blogger I read some slack. After all, blogs are personal journals. Sure we're choosing to share them with the world at large, but in the end, it's someone's personal space. Worrying about too many rules or how the reader will take/react to something spoils the fun in blogging.

  97. Great points. I don't like it when I can't find "archives" or when people don't list the archives on their sidebar. Sometimes I remember a post that for instance was around Valentine's day last year. I could go to it much quicker through the archives than in other ways. Thanks for listening!!!

  98. I need the font to larger than 12pt, my eyes are getting older and it's a pain to read small fonts, the same with small pictures. Might as well leave them out if they're too small. I like stories about daily life as well as quilting (my main interest) and I don't dig music.
    I like to see design process,tutorials and recipes not just finished projects.
    I like a clean look without too many graphics and side distractions and I'm learning how to achieve this for myself so these replies will be very educational for me. Thanks for your blog by the way - it's great!

  99. I too love the pics, not a fan of the music. I am usually listening to my own...or perhaps silence at my house if I am lucky.

    I like a touch of personal. I also think you are right - black background, white letters are very hard to read.

    I also don't like when comments slam the writer - gosh, if you don't like what you read - move on. If you don't like the style of the blog - move on. After all, we are all different.

    I think you blog is entertaining and informational. I am still relatively new at this and happy to read your hints, etc.

    I don't label - never thought about it...maybe something I will start doing - sounds like most people like them.

  100. If the blogger is telling everything anyway, why just say "United States" for where he/she lives?
    Why can't bloggers leave their blogs alone? Why do they have to keep changing everything around? Makes me crazy when I have to search for something as simple as the archives.

  101. I would like to know how to put a "follow me on pinterest" sign on my blogs

  102. Thanks for this post and caring what people think in an effort to make it better.
    I am new to the blogging world...but I agree with most of what I am seeing.
    I love when I can easily find past posts, especially tutorials and projects!
    Thanks, too, for the link about making sure our email is showing.

  103. I love how you have the ability to get people talking so nicely about potentially hot-topic subjects.

    I love your blog and like everything just fine.

    BUT my pet blog peeves in general are

    1. partial feeds (because I read in Google Reader)
    2. when I do click over, dark backgrounds
    3. no sense of the person writing
    4. perfection (i know this seems weird but I want to know I can relate to you and I am not perfect)
    5. music
    6. the ones that pretend to be a normal person commenting so you visit and then there's nothing but ads everywhere. ugh!

  104. i think you said it all on your comments about what you love/dis-love about a blog...
    i would add when a side bar is too busy it takes away from the post itself.
    i also love when something is referenced, that there is a direct link to that something.
    and i am all about the simpler, the better. a clear, easy on the eye blog is one i will come back to time and time again.
    don't really mind when i have to click on to see the 'rest of the story'. it allows more looks at what else is on the blog.
    thanks for the post. i had visited before, but it had been awhile.

  105. I really intensely dislike:
    1) music (although thankfully this seems to be a waning trend!)
    2) partial feeds - I read most blogs in reader and so many of them these days have a partial feed. I will click through to read your blog IF I can see what you're posting about - if not, I'm probably not going to click through

    Those would be my big pet peeves, and then a follow up would be really messy blogs that have way too much in the sidebars etc (the side bar should NOT run longer than the length of the posts you show on your front page!!!)

  106. Thanks so much for bringing up this topic. I am trying to start my own blog and I know what I like, but it is nice to hear what others like and dislike!

  107. I definitely don't care for the music on blogs. It takes too long to load and I'm usually listening to my radio anyway.

    Love the tutorials with lots and lots of pictures, that's really what got me subscribing to blogs in the first place, all the wonderful things I can learn.

    I proofread for a living so I definitely love to read. But even I would much rather read short paragraphs, short sentences.

    I love labels, too, so I can find related posts.

    I enjoy all the playful fonts but not light letters on very dark or black backgrounds. Some bloggers like to scan very busy prints - fabrics and papers - as backgrounds. All of these are just too hard on my age 50+ eyes!

  108. This may sound a little mercenary, but I like to feel like I am 'getting' something from the blogs I follow - inspiration, information (recipes, tutorials, hints and tips, genuine recommendations for products/services), the feeling that I am not alone (this particularly applies to mommy stuff) and maybe a new perspective on the world or something in it.

    I haven't come across either music or white text on a black background but I would hate both.

    I have no problem with bloggers making money out of what they do - I'd like to make money out of my blog one day too (still haven't actually launched my blog yet...) But I don't want to be sold to and I expect the bloggers I follow to have enough integrity to only endorse products they would personally use.

    I love personal stories (although I appreciate not sharing EVERYTHING) and like to feel like I am traveling along side the bloggers on their life journeys. One food blog I follow posts every day - great, interesting, honest posts about restaurants, holiday destinations and things she has baked, but there is no consistency to her posts. On Monday she has a post about a trip to Canada and on Thursday she's in New Zealand. Apart from the almost impossible ability to get to and from each place and enjoy the delights in the timeframe I can tell by the photos that she was actually in Canada last (Northern Hemisphere) Summer and was in New Zealand just before Christmas. I want to feel like I am traveling with her, baking with her but when the posts jump all over the place I feel disconnected. I am thinking about unsubscribing because of this.

    I love blogs. I've only discovered the blogosphere in the last 6 months but in that time it has inspired me so. very. much. Thanks!

  109. I stumbled onto your blog and I pretty much agree with you and the comments posted about what makes a good blog. I have 2 blogs and after 5 years, I rarely received any comments at all from anyone, except a personal friend of mine, that I finally just recently turned off the comments altogether. I found it depressing that no one wanted to say anything to me at all. I see so many blogs that have so many readers that comment that I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting any,so I just decided that I was doing my blog for me first and if I had no place for comments then I couldn't get depressed about not receiving any. I do have an email button so if anyone wants to ask me something or comment that way they certainly can contact me.

    I feel like I do pretty much all the right things that were mentioned by you and others on my blogs and I've done so from the start. I see blogs that are too cluttered and try to sell way too much and that is a huge turn off for me. I have no online store so I have less clutter on my blog than most blogs. So many blogs are created as a business to sell something or link to their online store and if they don't have a reason for me to return to their blog then I don't.

    I had a tutorial blog that I just recently deleted too. I only did tutorials on that blog because I thought it would be a good thing. Well it was time consuming to create even the simplest tutorial, and I had so few hits on that blog after a few years, and no one made a comment that I wondered if anyone even cared at all? I decided if I wanted to do tutorials I would do them on my blog and not a separate blog as maybe that was the problem?

    I find too that most people tend to be what they call "lurkers" where they visit a blog but never comment or even sign up to follow the blog. I have so few "followers" that sign up on my blogs. I know people look because of the counter I have, but I guess I don't know what makes some people follow a blog and not follow another one, except for the reasons stated by you here and by others, which like I said I feel like I have been doing all along. Oh well,I blog because I enjoy it.

  110. Very interesting Posting, thanks to you for bringing it up!
    I´d just change my blog outfit totally,
    would be great if you´ll vistit an take a look.


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