Monday, March 5, 2012

A Comment That Touched Me...

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Blogging...why do we do it? There must be hundreds of individual reasons why we each blog, but some things that come to my mind are...sharing, inspiration, connecting with others, making friends etc.

I think most of us start out in the blogging world by reading other blogs. Then we "lurk" for a while...stopping by and enjoying each post, but not really making ourselves known. Then it happens...we open a blogging account to becoming a follower on blogs and the opportunity to comment. Comments are what make the blogging world go round. Comments equal connections.

Then some of us take the next step by starting a blog. Now "WE" want the followers, the comments and the connections for our own blog. We write that first post, then the next. We share and take time...lots of time...writing tutorials, baking recipes, sharing thoughts and pictures, but we need that "connection" to others to make it all feel worth while.

About 2 weeks ago I did a post on Your Blog Likes and Dislikes...CLICK HERE if you want to read that post. It was very popular with 111 comments. I just received another comments on that post a few days ago. Most people don't go back and read comments that are left on an older post, so I wanted to share it with you today.

This comment was left by Daryl from the blog Patchouli Moon Studio. The letter that she wrote touched me so much, I emailed her and asked if I could share the comment and her blog in a post.

Here is the comment she left...

"I stumbled onto your blog and I pretty much agree with you and the comments posted about what makes a good blog. I have 2 blogs and after 5 years, I rarely received any comments at all from anyone, except a personal friend of mine, that I finally just recently turned off the comments altogether. I found it depressing that no one wanted to say anything to me at all. I see so many blogs that have so many readers that comment that I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting any,so I just decided that I was doing my blog for me first and if I had no place for comments then I couldn't get depressed about not receiving any. I do have an email button so if anyone wants to ask me something or comment that way they certainly can contact me.

I feel like I do pretty much all the right things that were mentioned by you and others on my blogs and I've done so from the start. I see blogs that are too cluttered and try to sell way too much and that is a huge turn off for me. I have no online store so I have less clutter on my blog than most blogs. So many blogs are created as a business to sell something or link to their online store and if they don't have a reason for me to return to their blog then I don't.

I had a tutorial blog that I just recently deleted too. I only did tutorials on that blog because I thought it would be a good thing. Well it was time consuming to create even the simplest tutorial, and I had so few hits on that blog after a few years, and no one made a comment that I wondered if anyone even cared at all? I decided if I wanted to do tutorials I would do them on my blog and not a separate blog as maybe that was the problem?

I find too that most people tend to be what they call "lurkers" where they visit a blog but never comment or even sign up to follow the blog. I have so few "followers" that sign up on my blogs. I know people look because of the counter I have, but I guess I don't know what makes some people follow a blog and not follow another one, except for the reasons stated by you here and by others, which like I said I feel like I have been doing all along. Oh well,I blog because I enjoy it. "

We've ALL been there at some point...waiting for a comment or a click of the follow button. What does it take? Like Daryl says..."I don't know what it takes for someone to follow a blog and not follow another one".

Sometimes I thinks it just takes a chance. A "chance" meeting of someone, a "chance" for someone else to share, a "chance" click that leads to another click and there you are on a different blog. We all just need a "chance".

Well, here's my chance to share a new blog with, so Daryl can have a chance to connect with you through her comments.

CLICK HERE to visit Patchouli Moon Studio. OMG you will not be disappointed. Daryl is a Jane of all Trades and a Master of them ALL. I went though her blog and let me tell you, she does it ALL.

She quilts...

Hand quilts

Decorates her new sewing room...

Sews beautiful bags...

Makes her own baskets...

Lots of mug rugs...

and boy does she knit!!

She MADE this!!...

and this cutie.

She even dyes her own yarn...

I could go on and on, but you will see what I mean. Fabulous!!

Go for a visit and get lost in her blog. I told her to open up her comment section again. I know all of you are the best blogging friends ever and will not disappoint.

She better get ready!! LOL

Ah, blogging. I love it. A new friend and new inspiration...nothing better!

Take care,


  1. Wow....she does so many different things. Thanks for helping me find her blog. I'm following

  2. I added her and enjoyed looking through her pics. Will enjoy looking at whatever she posts in the future as well. I am a new blogger I suppose....been doing it steady now for a little over a year. I only have 28 followers and wondered myself why I have so few followers and how do I get more. But then I decided not to worry about it since the blog is mainly for me. I enjoy the few comments I get on some of my posts...they are ALWAYS so friendly and encouraging. I am sorry that Daryl didn't get more comments of her own but glad she decided not to ditch her blog all together. *smile*
    I myself can be a lurker, however I will post if the blog particularly strikes me such as this particular blog did. *smile*

  3. Thanks, Karen! I don't ever remember seeing Daryl's blog listed on any blog lists. Stuff like giveaways and Linkys go a long way in attracting readers. It worked for me! Thanks for asking her to publicize her blog.

    I am still annoyed that I can't subscribe to the comments. I wish I could read more of these. Maybe you could give us a little tutorial of where to write to complain about this unnecessary change that blogger made. How about it, Karen> :):)

  4. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I kind of feel like she feels, but I have added her to my list, and I will comment. Bless you.

  5. Thank you so much for giving us all a new, wonderful place to visit! She is so talented and I've added her to my favorites. Florence

  6. Thanks for introducing us to Daryl. I am following her now aswell. I understand exactly how she feels and so glad that she didn't give up completely.

  7. You're right! This sounds like a wonderful blog. Thanks for introducing her to us.

  8. I popped over to look at Daryl's blog and she is a very talented woman. I would love to have that new sewing table. Now here's my take on leaving a comment on her blog. It took me 3 tries before I could finally read and re-create the words on the verification unit. If it takes more than one try to leave a comment, I usually move on. The new verification add on from Google is a nightmare.

  9. Thanks for the link over to PMS. Great place...talented lady!

  10. The same as Daryl and Kristi; I also haven't got many followers (13)and been asking myself on how to get more. I think I'm just not interesting enough....
    The blogs I follow myself I will post a comment if the topic speaks to me or if I see that there are no or few comments... because I know how it feels to get a comment.
    So, for Daryl; your not the only one! And for you; your a sweetheart to speak out for her!

  11. Thanks thats a thoughtfull posting, and it had to be said.
    Often it is a coincidence to find new blogs, sometimes it helps to start a giveaway to get known. I found may blogs this way.
    and it is nessesary to write many comments to get some...
    I´ll visit Daryl blog right away, great that you tols us about it ☺
    Liebe Grüße
    Bente - Germany
    -love my followers too and comments in every langues!

  12. PS: I forgot to mention, that it is very helpfull if blogger´s adds the bloglist into the sidebar. I think it is a great gadget!

  13. What a kind, generous thing for you to do this! I went over and checked out her blog, and it is lovely!

  14. I'm glad you shared her blog with us.
    She makes beautiful things. I'm going to check out her blog right now.

  15. Yep, it's hard breaking into the blogging world, I agree! You did a very nice thing for her Karen:)

  16. Karen, you are very kind to help out Daryl. I will check out her blog!

    I admit, I am a lurker. I have also been thinking of starting a blog but when I read Daryl's story and some of the other comments, I wonder, does the world need another blogger? There is a lot out there and finding your voice and passion and followers is not always easy. Kudos to all of you who are doing so!

    I pledge to be less of a lurker and comment more.

    Keep up all the great work.

  17. You are a sweetie Karen. I think a big part of blogging is finding 'your' people. They are out there, it just takes time to find and accumulate them! Commenting on the blogs you love is a great way to find folks as similarly interested people will follow your comments back to your blog. If they are 'your' people then it will just take one look and they'll be hooked! Popping over to Daryl's blog too...

  18. I think I am one of those...what do you call them...lurkers. I usually don't comment since I figure it makes no difference what I have to say or think. I suppose it does!
    I don't have a blog, but every once in a while I will have an empty email inbox or no notifications on Facebook....there is a silly Sesame Street song that runs through my head when that happens, "Somebody come and play, somebody come and play today...."
    So silly. I will take the time to leave comments. Thanks for your thoughtful post!

  19. THANK YOU KAREN! I am overwhelmed by all the comments I have received (so far) on my blog as well as the comments posted here too. This is amazing and I am speechless. I cannot thank you enough Karen. Who knew you would even post my comment on your blog? Who knew after you posted it, that I would receive such a tremendous response as I have received? All I can say is WOW! Thanks to everyone.
    ~Daryl from Patchouli Moon Studio.

  20. Thanks for sharing this with me I have some of the same concerns about blogging.

    Have a Blessed Day,
    Patricia aka Mamaw

  21. Thanks for the link. I can really relate to Daryl as I do my blog for my own enjoyment and not to sell or link to giveaways.

  22. Know how Daryl feels. I've a camping blog and after years and years rarely get any comments. I envy all the "Crafty/Talented Mommy" blogs I follow for all their followers. May be someday but until than I'll enjoy all the great stuff I learn from bloggers like you and Daryl.

  23. Karen, your post this morning was very touching! I've been thinking quite a bit about blogging in recent months. I've attempted to figure out why I continue to blog, after all it's been almost 6 years since I started my blog. You hit the nail on the head this morning - it's the chance connections (friends who are an integral part of my blogging family)

    I hope Daryl will make lots of chance connections who will become friends.

  24. Wow .... that was nice of you .. I added her ... I just started up a new blog too ...

  25. I feel Daryl's pain. Over a year and two blogs later, I do. I recently had sa blog reader contact me by PHONE (I know very old school right?)to ask me if one of my blogs ever got me any new Creative Memories customers. I told her NO. That was my original intention, but it didn't work that way. I have a few hundred followers on that blog but they are all other consultants. AND...they thank me for the time I take to share my tutorials with them. It ends up that in turn, I'm helping their customers more than my own. I won't stop writing that blog tho. because I'd make my scrapbook designs anyway and it's more fun to share them. That blog is a labor of love. My other blog has about 30 followers (it's about quilting, crochet, knit, sewing and recipes). On that blog I recently did a post about how people read blogs. In fact Karen, I commented about you! in that post and linked to your blog. I wrote that post in hopes of discoverong what makes blog readers tick. I didn't get any comments to let me know. I have no intention to stop reading or writing my blogs ( and regardless of the small population of readers that come my way - I agree with Daryl. I blog for me.

  26. So sweet of you! I think there are a lot of us who wonder why no one reads our blogs. I love being able to look back on mine and see how much I have accomplished - plus it helps me remember when I made a certain project because I can just find my post and know exactly. I think in the end, most of us do it for ourselves anyway (though we do love getting comments and new followers).

    I do have to say that there is nothing sadder than doing a giveaway and not having people respond. Been there, done that.

  27. I would think people just don't know about her blog. There are SO many today and I know of only a few. I generally find new ones by following a link on someone's blog about blogs they follow. I figure if I like their blog, I will like blogs they follow.
    Also sometimes, for us newbies, it can hard to figure out how to leave a comment.
    Just my thoughts...

  28. I read blogs by email, I do not have a blog. I have tried to leave comments all the time on blogs, but most times I do not have enough info on my identity to leave a comment. Of course I do not find this out until after I took the time to write a comment. Evidently those bloggers only want to hear from other bloggers, so they do not get to see my comments.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Sorry for the previous comment -- I had to do a spell check. :)

    I know what you mean about comments as a "pick me up" or a "let down" -- it happens to all of us one time or anohter. It is what drives us bloggers to do more, create more and post more projects. Just someone to say "yes, I like it" -- does wonders. Last year I even went as far as to include a "like" reaction button near the comments link (kind of like we have on facebook) hmmmmm thinking that if viewers didn't have time to leave a comment they would click the "like" button to let me know YES, Tracy I like it! Yes, I even did a post about it -- but the "like" button didn't work either.
    I agree with one commenter here on this post that said that the blogs that host give-aways seem to get more comments and followers. :(

    As for me there are several followers that I have that will respond to my "email" feed that is delivered to their inbox each day after I publish a blog post -- just to tell me how much they enjoy the project, ask a question or just to say "hello" -- that works for me too.

    Sorry such a long comment but wanted to agree and let you know I will be visiting Ms. Daryl and will try to leave more comments.

  31. You, Karen, are just the sweetest and most thoughtful person ever. I love this beautiful act of kindness you did for her!

    I have a blog I've been writing for 6 years and only 1000 followers. And I see others in the same genre get to that within a year and the people comment TONS. It's amazing to me too with my 3 people who comment. I don't know what it is that makes some people have blogs like that because I'm very interactive. Some people can post one line, or one pic and there are 60 comments and I think WHAT????

    Anyway! Just wanted to share that Daryl is not alone and I have also MANY times considered turning off comments so I'm not so hurt.

  32. This is really an interesting theme. I'm from Finland and we have so different culture of sewing/crafting blogs, they are far less commercial. I love to follow creative bloggers, but have also noticed, that starting with commercials gives you stress to blog more often and that often makes the content change slowly shallower. At least to me those give-aways are boring to follow, I prefere nice pictures and original ideas, even about very small things. And I don't often feel like commenting to very crowded blogs, it's just a row of wow's and oohh's after one another. But if something touches me, cheers me really up, then I usually try to leave a comment. I agree with one earlier comment here, that Blogger's new verification makes commenting pain...
    I started to blog for myself and I also try to continue it for the same reason, because I'm only relaxing kind of sewer, working full time outside of home -mother, who has time only about once a week in the middle of the night on Friday evening... Earlier I felt that I lost my crafts, gave them away as presents before I had a chance to take a photo and so on. I forgot what I had done. I even first started a Word-journal of my sewing, with comments to my own record about the pattern, own ideas of the fabric and how I could improve it. But it has become more meaningful after I had guts to share my small things to others. There are several other people who are interested in doing modest things like I do and don't have tons of time either. And it seems I can give some inspiration to others, just like I get inspiration when searching through blogosphere. It is great, but I also admit, that I really would like to have some more comments as well. I have about ten or more usual commenters who say nice things every now and then, but in the statistics I see I have around 40-50 readers per normal day, maybe 75 when I post, and on best days after there was a link from Aparment therapy DIY (wow, I thought to myself) there were hundreds of readers per day but not one of them commented, although I see this one picture of mine spreading also in Pinterest.
    Now that I have written this far I have decided to start to improve my own behavior. I guess I need to give myself homework to give a couple of nice and real and thoughtful comments every week to some posts that touch me.
    Thank you, Karen. I'm a new reader here, I had to start to follow when I found some amazing and original organizing systems of yours. And I pinned one as well!

  33. I am following Daryl now too; what a sweet thing to do!
    Knightly Knitter
    and Nonna Rose's Kitchen

    Love your blog!

  34. Some blogs I don't comment on because they have such an odd configurement to do so. I don't have a blog, I just read them, but some require you to jump through a hoop to leave a message. One of my favorites doesn't have a way to conveniently leave a message.

  35. That's so nice of you to feature her blog. You are a good friend already. :)

  36. I'm going over to Daryl's right now - thanks for letter us know about her! I know how excited I get when I get another follower. And, each comment I get means so much. So, I understand her response completely! o:)

  37. It is sad to hear so many say that they blog and no one reads or comments. I don't blog but have created my own "blog" just to keep track of all those that I read. I like that I know which blogs have new posts that I need to catch up on. As far as adding new blogs, I don't actively search for new blogs but if there is a link or post that gets me there, and I'm inspired by what I see, I will add it to my list. I'm headed out to check on Daryl's blog.

  38. This is very interesting to me because I'm so new to blogging myself. Before starting my own blog I have to confess that I rarely left a comment. I just didn't think it mattered what I thought about anything. Now that I have a blog of my own and eagerly look for those comments for myself I realize how selfish I was to take what others had to offer without giving any feed back. Feedback is the only payment I can make for the enjoyment I receive. I apologize to everyone whose blog I so look forward to reading and pledge to do better from now on.

  39. I agree with Patricia and feel very selfish along with her - I have only recently really gotten more "into" reading blogs, due in large part to Pinterest, but I rarely comment. Why? I agree with Suzan, the Google verification thing is huge pain. But that's not totally it. Most of the time, it's because I don't think I have anything to ADD to the conversation. I guess I look at comments more like a forum - if you get a ton of people posting "Yeah, me too!" on a forum, someone is going to come unhinged. So for me, it's a mindset of - do I have anything to ADD to this - and if I don't, then I don't post. It's really up to me to change that but I'd say that your hit counter is probably more validation than your comments box. Of course, that's me speaking as a relative blog newbie. I have had about 4 blogs total, written all for me. :) Perhaps that a "bjournal" instead of a blog? LOL!

  40. Thanks for sharing and giving a fellow blogger a chance. :)

  41. Karen, what a beautiful post. What a beautiful thing you have done. Such inspiration for such a lot of people. xxx

  42. I have added Daryl's blog to my reading list. I don't follow blogs because I'd rather just keep the list in my right sidebar and read it every day. I started blogging just for my own sanity, and I only have 15 followers. That doesn't bother me a bit. I do it for myself and if readers enjoy my posts, I'm glad. I'm always happy to get comments, too.

  43. Good night Karen.
    Really. There are good comments that make our day, I'm very happy for you.
    I'm very happy too on Friday I will go for USA, I arrive in Las Vegas and Los Angeles for a week, you have any suggestions for me??
    Thank you

  44. Thanks for sharing Daryl's blog with us! I'm following her now too!
    Have a wonderful day!

  45. Es usted una chuchi, mis hijas dicen eso de alguien muy muy dulce.

  46. Karen, I was deeply affected by your kindness to Daryl. Thanks for encouraging her to keep on blogging and thus encouraging the rest of us too. =)

  47. I love how bloggers help one another. You have made someone feel very good about herself. I hope your Blog Yard Sale catches on. I think that is also a wonderful way that you are helping those of us who do not have the following that you do. It is giving us exposure that we would not have otherwise. I put something on there and was surprised there were not more, but I think it's a great idea. Thanks, Karen.

  48. I haven't been around for a while as I was just too busy with other stuff. I did find I loved reading blogs so much I didn't have time left for sewing. So I decided I could still read blogs, but not as many and as often as I did. Thanks for doing what you do!

  49. ah this makes me sad I hardly ever leave comments. I do not have a blog and some times can't even figure out how to post comments. The verification seems simple, yet some times will not work.
    Thanks you for this, love your blog

  50. Good day to you my friend. I needed to give you a quick note to express my thanks. I've been studying your blog for a month or so and have picked up quite a lot of good info as well as enjoyed the way in which you've setup your blog. I am attempting to setup my own blog but I feel it is too general. I want to focus more on specific topics. Being all things to all folks isn't all that it’s cracked up to be. Many thanks.

  51. Karen, you are a true Blog friend. I feel the way most that commented do. I love to visit Blogs and participate, but I don't like when someone tells me that I HAVE to follow not only thier Blog but everyone that is part of their team, Facebook, etc and then go back to their Blog and let them know, they have 500 Team members...exaggerating a I am not trying to condem anyone by far. To each his/her own. I like it simple...if I like your post and want to participate in Blog Hops, the rules must be followed, I know. I just don't want/need "Blog candy" that bad. For example, Robyn of My Pink Stamper always states you Do Not have to be a follower of hers or any of the Design teams Blog, but would love it if you do. You have a choice of who you want to follow in order to participate and have a chance. I do understand why some Blogs have the MUST FOLLOW rule and I will follow those I like, not because of giveaways. Don't get me wrong giveaways are great. Thanks to all of those that can do giveaways. I recently won a giveaway from the Flowerdisco and was thrilled. Again, I did not have to be a follower, but am...she's talented.
    I don't like the Word verification either and thanks for your hard work getting these messages out. I will stop now and go visit more Blogs. I really Blog for fun, but it's fun to visit so many talented people and let them know how much I love their creations...thanks.
    BTW...I went to Daryl's Blog and found it amazing. She is a talented lady. Thank you for letting us know about her.
    Have a great day!
    Dee B

  52. Hi. I just learnt about your blog and I love it! I will visit too the one you recommend, I like to visit new blogs every day.

  53. Hi Karen, I found your blog through PinkBlingCrafter, and I am so glad that I did. I live right over the RI, MA line in N. Attleboro. I have also been married for 24 years(well it will be 25 in April) and I also Love Daryl. I just became a follower of your blog and hers. I think that we all feel like we are alone on here sometime or another. I have about 7 of my faithful followers that leave comments, read my ridiculously long posts, and generally care about what I do, and post. Then there are my other 200 and some odd followers that are faithfully there, when I have a challenge, and give away something, and then they disappear, until the next time that I have a challenge, and have a great prize, but that is alright, because when it is all said and done, I know that the next day when I turn on my computer, and click on my blog that they will be there my faithful few, who don't care what I am giving away, but care about my DR's appointment, or the fabulous paper that I got on sale. Thanks again for sharing about Daryl, and caring enough to make a difference. Karen♥

  54. Hi Karen,

    Thanks you for posting about this. I think you are very brave about this blog because I haven't heard anyone mention anything about this since I began in 2008 or 2009. Every time I get a new follower I cheerfully go to my husband and say, Hey I got another follower!!! I never thought of it as calling it depressing for not getting comments or getting so few... but it sort of is sometimes. But like Daryl said now I only blog when I feel like it and not to feel like I'm pressure to put up a blog. I do sometimes apologize to the followers for not posting in a long time. I'm also a culprit for not always commenting but I try to when I'm not behind on things around the house and or kids or if I'm extremely in love with a project I'll leave the tab open with that blog so I can come back to it when I get a chance.

  55. Fabulous post. Thanks for letting us know about this talented lady. I love to discover new blogs and see other creative people out there. :)

  56. Thank you for sharing this fabulous blog! I have a blog but rarely post on it as it takes too much time away from reading other peoples blogs. A good blog to write would be one about Etsy, how to get an account and more importantly, how to get followers and buyers! I have two items listed and haven't done much to try and generate business. Of course I have a real Interior Design business that keeps me busy so don't have time to contribute to blogging about quilting. Thanks for your interesting posts and trying to help others. Moon's blog is amazing and she is certainly talented.


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