Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Tile For Labels

Happy Tuesday everyone. If you've read any part of my blog, you know I love to organize and label everything. When I see those organizing boxes or containers in the store, I love the little metal plates or frames that hold the label for what's in the box.

However, I usually make my boxes or containers from recycled things...I still like them to be labeled though. You can buy those little frames, but they are expensive.

Here's my solution!! TILE...I found this sheet of glass like tile in the clearance section for a $1.23 at Home Depot. However, the regular price is $4.97. Not bad either way for 66 tiles. ( you just counted didn't you? Lol )

These are rectangle...perfect for making labels. I also bought the square version of these a while back. CLICK HERE for the post on how to make magnets out of them.

Aren't these pretty...very glossy and shiny. They come in a ton of colors and textures too.

The tiles come on a mesh backing of one square foot...when you are using it for tiling. However, we are crafting here!!

Just pop those babies right off that mesh.

You see tiles...

and labels...

and now you see pretty tile labels!!

They are also great for writing your own with a marker. Wipes right off if you want to change it.

The type of glue depends on the surface you are gluing the tile to. You can use hot glue, Gorilla Glue, E6000 etc.

Let's see how we can use these.

Labeling fresh herbs...

Nail polish bin for my daughters...actual nails and screws for me!! Just add a little hammer.

Makes those cheap plastic bins a little cuter.

How about your pantry...label food, snacks and baking ingredients.

and this one is my favorite...magazine holder tile.

Remember I made these out of old cereal boxes? Painted the sides black and Mod Podged a strip of fabric on the front.

 CLICK HERE for that post.

You can also add the handle to the box too. You know I love my pipe straps for handles.

These are pipe straps found in the electrical section. They hold up conduit pipe on walls or ceilings. I use them for handles on everything. Very cheap. I think 10-12 for $2.75.

Take a trip down the tile isle...it's fabulous, especially if you're only buying one sheet verses 400 square feet of it!!

Happy Tool Time,

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  1. I love this idea! I was looking at these tiles yesterday, but they weren't on sale at my place. :(

  2. WOW! That's thing outside (or inside) the box.

  3. Thinking. Not thing. Not liking the auto correct on my devices.

  4. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this....I am pinning it...genious genious genious AND a little OCD but that is why I like you!!!

  6. OMG...you are amazing with your ideas. I can never think outside of the box like you. I'm going to HD & Lowes today. Thanks!

  7. What a great idea! Pinned it!

  8. Fun post! I like those kind of tiles, too. I like to feel them...kind of like a worry stone! Smooth and pretty!
    Always clever ideas, thanks so much.

  9. This is really clever. Thanks for the idea and taking the time to share.

  10. i was just in the middle of writing a comment and no idea what happened to it...so if it shows up....sorry!
    I absolutely love this idea for labeling...I think it is very sophisticated and am going to use it when i get my new work space this summer. I will be able to go in the week before i start back to work (i get summers off) and will be able to make it my own! I love to label everything so that anyone stepping in to do my job knows what is where (with instructions within). Will also be using the tiles to label my pantry and sewing room!! oh the possibilities are endless....and when that is all done...who knows what, but my DH better watch out.....he has a work room...hmmmmmm LOL

  11. What a FABULOUS idea! I am always looking at those hardware/home improvement stores whenever I go with my husband and look through a crafter's eyes. I'm a recycle/upcycle/repurpose (or whatever they call this now) kind of gal myself.

  12. What a great idea - LOVE it - you always come up with the most creative things :)

  13. So clever! Thanks for sharing such a simple but lovely idea!

  14. Karen, I love all of these ideas and cannot wait to try them. Very clever. And I passed up some of those tiles on sale at Lowes. :( We buy from Lowes because they give a military discount and our Home Depot does not.

    I also read and save all of your blogging instructions. They are so helpful and easy to understand. I am preparing to start my blog and I am a true blue newbie beginner. :) thanks for all the help. Take care.

  15. LOVE this! What a great idea...so many possibilities too. Thanks!


  16. Great idea for labels! Love it! I so look forward to your blog each day. I'm amazed at how I look at everything around the house now and think of ways I can re-purpose it for something else after seeing all your inspiring ideas. Keep 'em coming!

  17. I've admired those tiles, but thought I had no use for them. Now I know I do! I love how you create functional, beautiful items for not much monetary output. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  18. You are amazing! Wow, I wish I had your creativity. But I don't. So I"m super glad I found your blog!

  19. That's very clever! I just love those tiles and maybe I can beat everyone to our local Home Depot and pick some up ;) Thanks for sharing!

  20. I was at Bunnings [ a large store like Home Depot ] yesterday... so today I read your post on the glass tiles. They are just what I need to put on the plastic bins in my sewing room. Thank you.

  21. I saw these on clearance a couple of weeks ago...I hemmed and hawed over them, and finally put them back since I couldn't justify buying them without a purpose. Darn it all! I should have just gotten them! LOL! Next time I'll know better and ask myself...what would Karen do with these?

  22. You are so clever. I pride myself on being inventive, however you will always win "Inventor of the year".

  23. Pretty cool...and elegant. I love "borrowing" your ideas. tks Marilyn

  24. Fabulous as always! I love Tues. because its tool time! Thanks

  25. I LOVE Glass tiles. I don't have any in my home yet, but this is a great way to start.
    Thanks for the great idea.

  26. Found your blog through Nancy at wyomingbreezes.blogspot.com. Love your glass tile labels!

  27. I wish I lived inside your head...you have amazing ideas! I love this one, thanks for sharing.

  28. Thanks for the great idea. Just back from Home Depot, bought the tiles and gorilla glue; now I'm off to label everything....

  29. I love this idea.It really different and amazing.This is the best magazine holder tile.It look so attractive.

    codice sconto

  30. Wow cooll idea
    thanks for showing
    Saphira from M√ľnchen - Germany

  31. This is great Karen! I am also from RI! I just found your blog and I am loving it. I have a lot of reading to catch up on. Hope you check me out over on my blog too!

  32. nice idea thank you very much



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