Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Mosaic Tile Magnets

Happy Tuesday everyone! We're off to the hardware store again...in the tile department! Today we're making glass magnets, but I'll have other projects with these tiles, so stay tuned this week or next week. I think these would be great for jewelry too...but I have to experiment first!

Mosaic tiles come in different sizes and styles. These tiles are glass or at least they look like glass to me. They are clear, with a backing on it that has the color that shines through to the front.

The tile comes in sheets that are 12 inches by 12 inches. These tiles can cost any where from $4.00 on up. I paid $4.00 for one and $8.00 for another.

However, if you take into consideration that there are 144 small tiles on each sheet, the cost for each tile is 3-5 cents a piece. Now that's a great price!!

Here's a close up...they are so shiny and smooth.

Here is a close up the blue gray tiles.

All the tiles are on a mesh backing to keep it in one piece. It's easier to place the tile on your kitchen back splash or in the bathroom in one large tile verses one by one.

However, we're crafting...not tiling the kitchen, so pluck those tiles off that mesh and let's get started!

Each little tile is about 7/8 of an inch square. Perfect for so many projects.

Here's what you'll need to make the tile magnets.
  • tiles
  • magnets dots found in any craft store
  • glue...I used E 6000. Really bonds to tile. Hot glue pops off.

 This is the glue and the magnets that I used.

Simply glue one magnet to the back of each tile and let dry. DONE!!!

Use the magnets on any metal surface. They'll hold up messages, love notes, reminders, report cards, pictures, patterns, instructions etc...

Great for your refrigerator too.

A whole set of these would make great gifts too. Just package them up in cute little baggies with your children's school pictures or a special  message and the pictures are ready to go up on the refrigerator with a very pretty magnet.

Look for more tile crafts soon.

Have a great day,

Don't forget to visit my Sew Darn Crafty Linking Party...so many great projects or maybe you can join in on the "Make a Gift on the 25th Club"!!


  1. great idea! curious what else you'll come up with! :)

  2. I like tiling too, but right now I'm into sewing Bags for my first show...wish me luck over at Mel's Cabin Designs...I follow you...

  3. I just started following you last week and I couldn't wait to see what you had for Tool Tues. I absolutely love this idea! I just had my backsplash done with tiny mosaics and I have a boat load leftover. I was thinking coasters but, I will be making some magnets today :)

  4. You did it again! I love your creativity. This is a great idea and so cute.

  5. Karen I like your idea and look how many magnets you can make out of one block of tiles. I'm thinking Christmas, birthdays hummm. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Those are great, Karen! I've always loved the tile aisle. Now I have a good reason to visit again.

  7. now that is how to use up left over tiles when you re-do your kitchen!!! And they would match too!!

    And if your not re-doing anything like that, it's a great reason to think about it!!
    "Honey, let's re-do the kitchen. I need to make some magnets!!"
    Think it would work??

    If not, this is a great idea anyway!! I really like it!! (enough to re-do my kitchen!!)

  8. Thanks for the great project. Great for little gifties!

  9. Oh I love this idea! I bet if one were to look around at the home improvement store and find one with some of the tiny tiles missing, you could get it at a better price, too :-)

  10. I love this I have been making them with the little circle rocks you can buy in the decor section but this is so cute too! Thanks!

  11. Karen, es una idea fantástica y muy útil. Tienes una imaginación genial. Un beso

  12. que lindo

  13. Love tool Tuesday! Great idea with the tiles.

  14. My favorite color is green- but for some reason, I just love the little brown tiles- they look like frozen root beer!

  15. Promag magnets do rock! And they have a good website. LOVE your inexpensive tile magnets, so classy, great for a gift.

  16. that's super fun-want to know something funny? we have extras of those in the back of the car (it's what we chose when we were building our house!) tfs a way to re-use our leftovers!

  17. Gosh, you are SOOO clever! Love the labels and these little magnets :)


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