Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...My Bucket List

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Not "that" bucket list...a Tool Time Bucket List. Although I should put together a life bucket list, just to see what I would come up with.

Well, let's get back to today's list. BUCKETS and what you can do with them...more than just carrying dirt and fireplace ashes.

They come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, materials etc!

Here are just a few ideas for buckets around my house. Some are new ideas and some are older ones that I have given the link back to that earlier post.

Buckets for real plants...they don't leak when watering.

Great for artificial plants too.

This is a bucket of artificial tulips I keep by the side of our bathroom sink...

Cute and serves a big purpose for me. I like to keep my hair dryer handy and always plugged in

Bunch of flowers kept together with wire or an elastic. Easy to take out each time I need the dryer.

Don't have a real Ice Bucket? Use a real bucket. lol

Different sizes will hold more than a real ice bucket...another picture of this idea at the end too.

I had to share this idea again. CLICK HERE for the original post when I used the french drain for my sewing room. Perfect for wine too.

Bucket of sewing trimmings right by my cutting table

Buckets of magazines.

Gift buckets. This is a baking themed bucket. You could do anything in a bucket.

Fill it with newspapers to keep gifts "up" at the top.

Cover with gift grass. That's what I call it. I save this stuff every time it comes with a gift I receive.

Gather your gift items

Taller gifts towards the back...

Fill in with the rest and add a little more grass to fill in the spaces. Add a bow and you're good to go.

Hang a bucket on the work bench for items that don't have holes for hanging.

Buckets from the hardware store come in colors too. I bought this teal 5 gallon bucket for Kelsie's dorm room. I wanted to cover the cover with a circle of wood, foam and fabric for a storage bench idea. Yeah...add that to the "to do" list.

This is a 5 gallon bucket that I did a post on for quilting supplies. You can buy that canvas organizer in any hardware store. They also have insert trays too. Great to carry this bucket to a quilt class or retreat. CLICK HERE for that post

How about a bucket for scrap projects. Handy for carrying to your comfy chair to work on. CLICK HERE to go to that post

or this paint bucket for sewing too. CLICK HERE for that post.

Did you know they sell NEW paint buckets. These are great for time capsules, theme gift buckets, games for the kids etc. Easy to decorate with fabric or scrapbook paper.

Perfect to put together a "Paint Your Face" gift together. Buy all make-up and what nots for the girls in your life.

Nice and roomy inside for lots of goodies.

Don't forget Easter buckets...for decorating your home or an egg hunt.

Little buckets filled with sand or cat litter to hold candles. Great for summer picnics too.

How about a little bucket for all the little ones at the party. Tough for them to carry all their picnic stuff...why not use a bucket.  Add their drink box, napkin, silverware, and little treats or favors for the party

A big black bucket, right?

I see a snowman's hat. Just add a ribbon.

CLICK HERE to go to an older post on how to build a snowman kit.

Than there is the Santa Bucket. Either pant one red or use a red bucket. Just add a black belt! CLICK HERE for that post.

I used an assortment of buckets for a drink buffet for a Christmas party 2 years ago. CLICK HERE for more.

From the same post as above. I used a bucket for a Christmas Tree holder.

and this past year's Christmas I used a plastic bucket for the holder. CLICK HERE for more on that!

There are buckets and buckets of ideas for this post! lol. Maybe you can share some of your ideas in the comments.

I'm wishing you buckets of blogging love for always stopping by.

Nothing better than a bucket of love! Well, a bucket of chicken is good too!!



  1. So much creativity! That was a really inspiring post to read!

  2. Who knew buckets could be so much fun and so handy! Thanks again Karen for all your great ideas. You rock!

  3. Great ideas, I like the metal bucket as a gift box...so cute.

  4. May your bucket always be full! Cute ideas.

  5. What an amazing post! You have great ideas and are soooo creative.

  6. Thanks for all the ideas!

  7. What a great post. SO glad I found your blog last week. I'm working my way through the archives...

  8. You can certainly do a lot with one bucket! Thanks for sharing all these ideas.

  9. I saw a pic of a bucket the other day I loved. They took a black bucket and drilled two holes in it and put a moss planter on top and made it into an adorable bird house. You can see the pic on my pinterest page under in the garden. So cute I am going to make one for me this year.
    Thank you for the plants in the bucket idea. I needed that. So simple and yet I never thought of it.

  10. I'm still remodeling my 1940's house so for right now buckets are full of boring things like paint and nails. I look forward to these adorable buckets in my future :-)

  11. I love this post...and for me, I have never met a bucket that I didn't love :-)!!!

  12. Well, you have inspired me to dig up some buckets and make use of them! Thanks for all of the great ideas. Love your blog btw!

  13. Karen, Thanks for putting all these bucket ideas in one place. i too use buckets everywhere. I use the really big galvanized bucket beside the wood stove to hold fire wood and another by the back door for outside boots and shoes. We made a small water feature out of one complete with fountain!

  14. Love all the bucket ideas, where did you buy the metal buckets, love them.

  15. Where did you get the teal bucket from???


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