Monday, February 20, 2012

30 Second No Sew Infinity Scarf...For a $1.50

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You read it correctly...30 seconds and $1.50 each. What's the secret? Ribbed Knitting.

I love ribbed knitting for a number of reasons...
  • polyester...washes well
  • cut edges won't fray
  • cuts easily
  • sews easily
  • did I say cut edges won't fray...that's my favorite. No hemming! YAY

Here's the finished infinity scarf...had to take the shot several times. Why? Tile floor plus yellow Labrador dog plus black fabric...not good. Lol

This is one yard of ribbed knit. Regular price at Joanne's Fabric $9.99. I had 40% off coupon, so it went down to $6.00 per yard.
The secret to ribbed knit is it's tubular (not tubular like yay man let's go catch a wave, tubular)'s in a circle, with no selvage edge.
I cut each scarf at 9 inches wide...totally up to you on how wide you want them. I used the grout line on the tile floor for a guide line too.

Cuts easily in seconds.
Four scarves in 30 seconds
 Love it!!
Twisted twice around the neck.

This shot took many, many times. I really needed someone to take it for me, but just me on this one. Too many shots of wrinkled chicken neck, hair I hadn't washed yet, shots too bra on! You know all those early morning things!!
 Here it is long, not twisted.
It really is the easiest scarf to make. Perfect for gifts too.

You could probably make one of these on your way out the door to the party!!

Have fun with the no sew,


  1. You asked the other day what people like about blogs. I like honesty! Your pictures of your scarves are nice but you are willing to say I have a dog, I hadn't just keeps it all real without going to far.
    Fast and fun project. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is just the idea I need. The tutorial is perfect.
    I like it real too!. My hands get dirty when I garden, I make a real mess in the kitchen sometimes when I'm trying to cook and photograph at the same time.
    Good post.

  3. You started my Monday with a smile. I think my daughters will be making these.

  4. Loved the "yellow lab, black fabric" line. I can relate!

  5. You could also make these from old, clean T-shirts. :)

  6. Oh Karen, you had me giggling over this post! Great project! =)

  7. Great post! I have a calico cat who's mostly white. Add black fabric and I get the same result. The scarf is so easy!!!

  8. I love how you keep everything so real Karen! Great idea and so easy, even those people who say they could never do this kind of stuff could do this!


  9. Super cute scarf! I can't believe how fast it is to make and how adorable it is:) Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!

    Karen@Pocket Full of Pink

  10. That is so neat! never heard of this fabric but now I'll look for it. Love your post too, I would not be able to find a clean spot on my floor!

  11. LOL you are too funny! I needed a good chuckle "you know the morning stuff..." and a great simple project...they don't all have to be masterpieces :)

  12. Love it! Too easy. Now I have to go into the fabric store today. It is a very scary place. I always go in with a list and come out with much more....much, much more... :-) And with my 4yr old, it becomes a long trip with "what's this?, what does it do? How? Why?, why can't I touch that?", etc. :-D

  13. This is a clever idea. A scarf can add a lot to an outfit. Best thing is, if you keep your neck warm you don't have to turn up the heat!

  14. My daughter had a scarf like that on the other night - she had cut the bottom of a t-shirt and then had cut "fringe" on both sides!!!! Couldn't believe how cute it was and I would have never guessed what it was made from!!!
    Thanks for telling us that we can buy the stuff, too! esp if you don't have a t-shirt the right color you want to cut


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