Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tool Time Tuesday...Washer Toss Game

or for this post how about Tool Time Tosser!
Welcome to another edition of Tool Time Tuesday...where we always think outside the box and we usually do our thinking in the hardware store!! Thought I would switch it up a little for all the sewing projects I've posted lately.
You all know I love my pvc pipes from past projects, but when I saw this game is the stores for $30.00 - $60.00, I almost fainted. I found this picture below online. It's a picture of a Washer Toss game. Oh my gosh, pvc pipe and washers in one...right up my alley. Love my washers too!

Here's how I made our Washer Toss game for about $6.00. (less if you don't buy as many washers as I did) You will need 2 pvc parts that already come in this size and you will need metal washers found in the hardware section. I wasn't sure how many washers each team needed, so I just bought 6 for each team. I spray painted 6 washers red and left the other 6 metal. These washers are about 30 cents a piece.

You can find this section of the pvc pipe in the plumbing section. I think it was $1.30 each. You need 2. They are about 4 inches high...

and 5 inches across the diameter.

Now you will need two containers. The real game has 2 wooden boxes which you can make, or you can just find two of the same things around your house.

How about 2 Rubbermaid containers, like the ones I used below. The object of the game, as I've read online, is to have the containers 21 feet apart. Each team or player gets a set of washers. They each take turns throwing the washers into the box. If you get a washer in the box, it's one point. If you get it in the pvc cylinder, it's 3 points. The first team or player to reach 21 points wins. There maybe different rules for the game, so it's easy to check it out online under washer toss game rules.
If you want it to be a permanent game, you can glue the pvc tube to the container with Gorilla Glue. Hot glue seemed to pop off this plastic container.

You can also use 2 cute wicker baskets. I think this is just adorable for family picnics.

When the game is over, you can store all the parts in the basket.

You can also use sturdy gift boxes.

This set would be great for the 4th of July!! Great colors.

Hope you get a chance to make a Washer Toss Game Set for yourself. It's great family fun for all ages. Wow, that sounded like an info-mercial. Sorry about that!
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Have a fantastic Tuesday,


  1. I absolutely love the hardware store too!! I love to cross stitch also but depending on the project, hate the crease the hoops leaves so what I did was purchase a long tube of pvc pip for about $1.50 and 4 90 degree corners for $.51 a piece....I can now make a couple different size square hoops with a little blue tape to hold the fabric....LOVE IT!!!

  2. Good idea....bet you hated to leave your GO cutter to do anything else this past week. LOL

  3. What a fun game to play! :o) Love how everything is from the hardware store!
    I hope you are having a great week.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  4. I haven't bought games in years. Fun idea for the kids on a rainy day.


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  6. Very cute idea. I know the kids would love it.

  7. Do you remember what size washer you used?

  8. Yes, I've thought of making that game too. So easy. Thanks for your ideas.

  9. Karen that's a good game for all
    ages and so easy to make. We just
    made a game called sequence. ":O)

  10. My brother and SIL got this game as a wedding gift and it is fun! My boys loved it. Thank you for showing me how easy it will be to make! It is kind of one of those "Aha" moments!


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