Saturday, December 7, 2013

Make Your Own Glittered Pine Cones...

Hi everyone…I've been busy all week decorating getting ready for my big Christmas party next weekend. When I'm finished with the whole house, I'll post my annual Christmas House Tour.

For now, I wanted to share an easy project to make your own glittered pine cones. I wanted another natural element for my sugared fruit tree and I knew I wanted pine cones. However, the tree is sparkly an plain pinecones wouldn't do, so off to the store I went. I couldn' find just glittered pine cones. There was always something added to the decorative floral pick…some little ornament or flower or a colored ribbon. I just wanted glitter pine cones.

So I decided to make my own…

If you missed the sugared fruit tree post, you can click HERE

glittered pinecones

Come on in for the "how to".

You can collect your own pine cones in your yard or buy a bag of the cinnamon scented ones like I did. They were 50% off at Michael's Craft Store, so I only paid $2.50 for the whole bag! They add great smell to the room. You'd think they would be over powering, but they aren't

I had the rest of the supplies, but you'll need…

  • pine cones
  • floral pick…sticks with wire already attached to each one
  • spray glue
  • glitter. I used carrara marble glitter. It's a super fine powder that looks like sugar.

glittered pinecones

Here's a floral pick. These are great to keep on hand for some many other projects.

glittered pinecones

Wrap the wire around the base of the pine cone, in between the layers.

glittered pinecones

These picks make it so easy to add things to any decoration…along your banister or railing, in a centerpiece, in your tree etc.

glittered pinecones

This is the spray glue and glitter I used.

The floral pick makes a great handle for spraying the glue, but definitely use plastic disposable gloves when doing this or your hands will be sticky. Goo Off helps remove any residue if you do get some on you!

glittered pinecones

I sprayed each pine cone in a deep garbage can and then just sprinkle the powder on. No mess to clean up.

This glitter comes in a salt shaker style bottle, so you don't waste any.

glittered pinecones

Add as much or as little as you'd like.

I added the pine cones right to the tree. I didn't even let them dry. I'll find out later when they're stuck to the branches!! Lol

The glue is a light spray, so it does dry fast!

glittered pinecones

They look so pretty in the tree…like they have a sprinkling of snow!

glittered pinecones

Dried hydrangea, sugared fruit and glittery pine cones…I think that's enough!

glittered pinecones

Easy project to add a little sparkle to your Christmas decorating!

Have fun,

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  1. Very very pretty! My daughter recently got two bags of the cinnamon pine cones and you're right, they are not overpowering. I think a bowl of these sparkly pine cones would be so pretty too. Thanks for your idea sharing, as always!

  2. Glittered pinecones were the first ornaments I made with our children when they were little (now they are 37 and 36) and just yesterday I added those same pinecones to the Christmas tree.

  3. Have not tried the spray glues, but am glad to hear from someone who has. They are very pretty & not overdone. Just right! thanks

  4. Love this project!

    xoxo Zoe

  5. Hi Karen, Thank you!!! This is going to be my must make for this festive season!!! If I can find some pine cones that is!!! Super festive idea and so easy to do!!! Have a great week!!!

  6. Very nice post, I make glittered pine cones and give them as gifts quite often and have been searching for a very fine glitter dust didn't think to look at the Martha Stewart products. thank you


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