Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY Tutu Tutorial...Black Swan Costume

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a super fast way to make a tutu (if you are ever in the need for a tutu) and the things you'll need for a Black Swan costume!! Thought this week would be a good time to post it for those last minute Halloween costumes.

My daughter Kelsie is a senior in college and this past Saturday was their Fall Festival. We went to visit and brought up a few things she needed for some Halloween costumes. She is a dance major and there are several events this week...some for dance and some for fun. The dance costume will be the Black Swan and the fun costume will be Princess Leia. I brought up her light saber from when she was younger. Lol

Here is her Black Swan's not the finished picture with full hair and makeup, but I asked her to send a picture from school for this post. She still looks fabulous.

Black Swan costume tutorial

Come on in and see how easy it is to make...

Here's what you need...

  • 5 yards black tulle...$1.25 per yard at Walmart. Less if making it for a child
  • black ribbon...long enough to go around your waist and tie into a bow
  • safety pins
  • black feathers. I couldn't find feathers, but I found a black feather ornament clip in the Christmas section of Walmart for $1.25
  • black chenille stems. The package of 25 was $1.00, but you only need a few.
  • black plastic mask...50 cents
  • your own black leotard or one piece black bathing suit

Tulle is usually 54 inches wide. It come off the bolt folded at 27 inches.

Keep it folded.

Black Swan costume tutorial

Fold at the top...

Black Swan costume tutorial

Two raw edges at the bottom.

Black Swan costume tutorial

I sewed a straight line of stitching the length of the 5 yards about 1 1/2 inches down from the fold.

Black Swan costume tutorial

That will form a channel for the ribbon.

Black Swan costume tutorial

Cut your ribbon to size.

Black Swan costume tutorial

Pin a large safety pin to the end.

Black Swan costume tutorial

Thread the pin and the ribbon through the channel.

Black Swan costume tutorial

Pull and push the pin through dragging the ribbon through.

Black Swan costume tutorial

Black Swan costume tutorial

From here on, I don't have pictures, because Kelsie put it together herself at school.

She tied it around her waist. Then brought up the raw edges, in 3-4 places and tucked it up under the ribbon and safety pinned it to make it poofy.

She also took a piece of the tulle and gathered it up a little and clipped it to the neckline of her leotard and then added the feathers.

Then she made the crown out of pipe cleaners...aka, chenille stems.

Looks great!!

Black Swan costume tutorial

This is the feather and small piece of tulle pinned at the neckline.

Black Swan costume tutorial

Perfect Black Swan...although she doesn't have an evil bone in her body!

Black Swan costume tutorial

Great job, Kelsie!! Love you to pieces...send more pictures when you can!

Hope this tutorial was helpful, even if you just need a simple tutu for any costume.

Take care,

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  1. That is very clever, your daughter is beautiful!!

  2. I love the costume and Kelsie looks great in it! Thank you for the instructions, so clear as always. With three sons and two grandsons, I doubt I will be making a tutu for a while, but I shall remember it for the future because you never know ...

  3. I really liked your blog, appreciate the great information about Swan Straight Pipe Cleaners


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