Friday, September 27, 2013

Quilt Show Pictures...Part 1

Last weekend my friend Tina and I had so much fun on a 2 day quilt show road trip. On Friday, we went to a great quilt show in Connecticut and then Saturday we traveled to 2 more quilt shows in Massachusetts and Rhode Island with two friends, Ellie and Erin, from Tina's quilt guild. We had the best time. Thanks ladies for a great weekend!

I took so many pictures, I needed to break it down into 2 posts. Today, I'll share the pictures from the first quilt show in Connecticut. The show was at the New England Air Museum and was organized by our friend Jackie from Canton Village Quilt Works.

The show was fabulous!!! The quilts are hung in the air museum, so the backdrop of the planes is just amazing. Not to mention, you can bring your husband with you too!!

There were so many beautiful quilts, these are just some of my favorites! I took pictures of the quilts and then the description cards to give credit to the quilter. If you are the owner of one of these quilts and do not want your quilt posted here, please email me and I will definitely remove it for you.

 First up, and I'm so excited to show you, is my friend Tina's quilt!!

It's her Emerald Selvage Spiderweb Quilt!! So amazing...

Come on in to see more...

She used the selvage edge of all her fabrics that she's been saving for the spiderwebs and the border.

She was famous too! Had her own paparazzi taking pictures of her!!

I just love signature blocks and this quilt is one of my favorite patterns.

One word for this quilt...ADORABLE!!

Love this Halloween quilt. You can do this pattern with other holidays fabrics too!!

The black fabric in this quilt is amazing. I love the scrappiness in combination with the black.

I have a pile of t-shirts from my daughters and this quilt is such a great inspiration for me. I love the quilt blocks interspersed with the t-shirts.

This quilt was absolute favorite with the fabrics and quilt blocks.

This is another beauty...this won the View's Choice Award!!

This quilt just makes you smile. Such a happy quilt.

This is another of my favorites. The colors and fabrics are incredible.

Love this Christmas quilt. Another great pattern for scrappy quilts.

I love this log cabin variations.

Love this pattern and the colors...awesome!

This quilt was gorgeous in person. Pictures do not do this quilt justice.

This was the Dear Jane category...I'm green with envy with all of these.

The 1930's fabric was so cute!

The workmanship just blew me away.

This chicken quilt is so darn cute.

and this one is too!

These last 2 quilts are from the vintage category.


and last but not least, my favorite block of all time...the hexagon.

Love, love, love this quilt.

Hope you enjoyed the show. I'll have another post tomorrow with a few more quilts.

Take care,

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  1. Just stunning! I am truly in awe and respect of the talent and perseverance shown to complete these quilts with such precision. Wow.... (hear hands clapping from over here?? Thank you so much for taking the time to not only photograph but share the photographs of these beautiful quilts. I think if I were capable of doing such work I'd never want anyone to touch it! LOL!

  2. WOW!!! What a fabulous show. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  3. Thank you so much for taking us to this exhibition. So many nice quilts. But I love the green spider web with the selvages and the scrappy one with black. And of cours the Dear Jane quilts.

  4. What lovely quilts! Thanks for sharing Karen!!!

  5. Nice quilt show photos. Looking forward to seeing the rest that you have.

  6. Oh my gosh, Karen. You have solved a dilemma I've had. My mother inherited some quilt blocks when her mother passed away. In checking with a cousin, it was felt that her mother, her aunt and her great-aunt, among other unknown female relatives, did the original piecing of these quilt pieces during the 1930's. The cousin remembered times when they would sit in the back sun room at Aunt Tillie's and do piece work, as well as darn socks and mend clothing. She did not remember working on the blocks my mother had, but she might have.

    Three years ago, mom was cleaning and found the stash of quilt blocks. She handed the bag to me and said, "You're a much better sewer than me. Maybe you can do something with these." They are all hexagons. Occasionally, I'll take them out of the bag and try to figure out how they go together, give up and put them back in the bag.

    The very last quilt, that has to be the pattern they were following. Mom thought it was called "Garden Walk" but I think it was the "French Bouquet". I have wanted to finish this quilt in honor of my grandmother, great-aunt and great-great aunt who did the initial work. Now I know how to.

    Thank you, Karen.

  7. Great quilts--amazing workmanship! Thanks for the peek into the show...julierose

  8. Now this would be the ideal vacation for us! My husbands loves old planes and I love quilts!! I follow Tina's blog too. :-)

  9. Great Quilts! and thank you for taking such great pictures along with pictures of the descriptions. Wonderful inspiration!

  10. Ohhhhhhh...qué preciosidades!!!!!!!!

  11. magnifique exposition ! que de merveilles ! bravo et surtout merci pour le partage qui nous permet de voir d'aussi magnifiques réalisations !

  12. Amazingly beautiful.
    You cannot even pick out a favorite -
    they are all so unique.
    Lovely pics !

  13. thank you for taking me along on your trip! i really enjoy looking at all the wonderful quilts. you take good pictures! i like that you included pics of the tags. again, thank you

  14. Absolutely AMAZING! Thanks for taking us along! I can't wait to see what other treasures you have found on your weekend away!

    I could NEVER do anything so intricate, but now I have the inspiration to make a simple block quilt. My husband passed last year and I saved his clothes. I am going to use those for the fabric along with my wedding gown to make a crazy quilt to put on my bed. Hopefully I will actually get it done.
    Thank you so much!!

  15. Such a fun way to spend several days....envy!! They are all beautiful, but some are absolutely breathtaking! And the hand Thanks for sharing.

  16. Beautiful creations! Thank you for sharing these incredible quilts! They are inspiring, but at a much higher level than my quilting abilities. Perhaps someday....

  17. Wow, I do so wish I lived in the States and was able to visit shows like this. You girls must have had a great time. The antiques are wonderful and the skill of the other quilt makers is amazing. I love the Dear Jane, I have the pattern I just haven't been brave enough to start it. I also have a half finished hexagon quilt which I lost heart in because it started to come to pieces and was supposed to last, like an heirloom lol. I will eventually finish it. Thank you for the show, I will look forward to tomorrow's post. Kind Regards Mandy Currie.

  18. I was at that show last Saturday and had a great time. I'm glad that you enjoyed it too.

  19. Thank you for sharing, you saw some fab quilts!!

  20. SPLENDID ! look at the complexion, it's so amazing !
    i love this post !

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