Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let's Share Some Blogging Love to a New Blogger...

We've all written that "first" blog post in hopes that some day someone will read what we write, enjoy our pictures or share in our joys and sometimes our sorrows. Blogging is a scary adventure at first...computers, what your blog looks like and what will I write about.

Then you did it. You've pushed the "PUBLISH" button and it's out there for all to see. YOU are out there...your thoughts are out there, your ideas are out there and you hope someone will connect. You hope!

Well, bloggers need other bloggers. We need to encourage, support, visit and especially connect. I had an email from Jeanna, from the new blog, Slammin' the Screen Door, who just published her first post. She emailed to let me know she mentioned me in her post. Such a sweetheart. She is from Florida, married and has 2 wonderful kids. She loves to sew, quilt, scrapbook and so much more.

I'll let you get to know her on your own, but let's give her a little (well, maybe a lot) of blogging LOVE.

You can click HERE to visit her blog...Slammin' the Screen Door. Don't you just love that name. Brings you back to when you were little. I can hear the door now!!!

Good luck Jeanna!!


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  1. This is very kind of you Karen! I just know I am going to LOVE the blogging world...I already do as a Follower. I'll be checking back here for inspiration.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. So sweet! I am officially the first follower on Bloglovin'. :)

  3. Karen you are a sweetheart!!! I still am so appreciative that you featured me on one of your blog posts a long time ago so that others could find me. All it takes is one kind word. Jeanna already has more followers on her first posting than I had after 4 1/2 years of blogging...that is until you mentioned me and then suddenly I had a lot of followers. So thank you Karen for all that you do for everyone in blogland. We learn so much from you about blogging and you are so sweet to give a shout out for others too.

  4. That's lovely of you to do that. I've just started my new blog and your tips and tricks helped me set it all up. So thank you for that :)

  5. One of the best things I like about your blog Karen is your willingness to help others. Your kindness just shines through your blog. I can tell that we would be good friends in person. Thanks for the intro to another blogger.

  6. I'm heading over to give her some love, right now.
    xo Kris

  7. I have been blogging for almost two years and you are right its scary! I try hard to make it entertaining or informative and yet sometimes get something off my chest. I often wonder if anyone besides my husband is reading it and try not to feel badly that others are too busy. To me its like writing a letter to a dear friend and sharing your life.

    1. Hi...I tried to email you back or stop by your blog, but your profile isn't public, so no one can see your blog at all. I hope you make it back here to see this note.

  8. Cute. I'm poppin' over.....

  9. Not only does it bring me back to childhood door slamming days, it brings back memories of my parents yelling "either in or out!" I love the name of the blog. I popped over to say hi. Thanks for the heads up, Linda
    ps heading to an overnight orientation at Salve Regina for my daughter in a couple of weeks. It's an overnight so my husband and I will be staying in Newport while she stays at the school. Looking forward to it!

  10. Well, that was fun! Jeanna has a great writing style. I popped over to leave her some love...I can relate, having just started my paper crafting blog in January of this's like jumping into the deep end of the firt you can only doggie paddle, but then you get the hang of it and before you know it, you're swimming! I'm really enjoying how "connected" your blog is, Karen...just thought I'd let you know.

  11. As a new blogger myself, I just love that there are people out there to support us! I feel like there's so much to learn and it can be overwhelming. I think having a regular "share the love" post would be wonderful! I've followed you for quite some time and it's always great to find new bloggers!

  12. Thanks for sharing the new blog. I started following her today.


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