Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Idea...Heart Bookmark

Hi everyone!! Thought I would share a post I did in the past for this heart bookmark. I don't usually repeat my posts, but Valentine's Day is 2 weeks away, so I wanted to remind you of a quick and easy gift idea. I have new followers too, who may have missed this post.

If you make these ahead of time, they'll make great gifts to tuck into any Valentine's Day card.

The tutorial only takes 3 squares of fabric and a heart template.

The original post has lots and lots of pictures to make it extra easy for you.

Maybe this could be your Super Bowl sewing project, if you're not into the "big game"!!

CLICK HERE..for the original post!!

Happy sewing,

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  1. Thanks thanks !It's very nice!!!!

  2. Great idea! I constantly loose my book marks, so this is perfect for me :)

  3. I "am" into football - wish they had football year round. HOWEVER, I "do" sew during most of the games. Thank goodness for "reply". LOL

  4. Oh thank you!
    This is a great idea! I think I'll make it for myself :) A love gift to me :)

  5. As one of the new subscribers, I am grateful you shared this fantastic idea.

  6. I made one from your post last year - it turned out beautifully! Nice clear instructions and very easy to make. Thanks again for the tutorial.

  7. What a cool idea and a great gift idea. Think I will make a few of these for my grand-daughters.

  8. Hope you don't mind that I plugged your post on my blog and directed folks to your blog. Someone sent me here and I am enjoying your blog so much that I have been sending others here too. We love Tool Time Tuesday.

  9. I just found the old post and made a few of these this past week! Super easy and useful.

  10. This is sooo cute! I wish I read more actual books! Making this might convince me to leave my ereader at home for a while!

  11. Very cute,too bad it wouldn't work on a nook...
    TY again for the apron,gave ti to the hubby today,he Loves it!!

  12. I made these! Everyone loves them! Thank you for the idea and pattern!! Here is a photo!


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