Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sew, Sew Saturday...Great Quilting Table and More

Hi one and all!! Welcome to another edition of Sew, Sew Saturday...the place for sewing tutorials, tips and tricks. Are you having a Sew, Sew Saturday today? I hope so.

Today, I wanted to share a new friend I made...Marguerita. She emailed a little bit ago saying someone shared my blog with her and she noticed I was from Rhode Island. She lived in Connecticut over 30 years ago and went to the beach in my funny!! She now lives in Alaska.

She noticed from some of my Tool Time Tuesday posts that we would be best friends shopping in the hardware store! She shared an unbelievable video with me, that she made, about building up your sewing table to fit around your sewing machine...with foam insulation boards. I asked if I could share it with all of you!!

The idea is fabulous. The foam board insulation fits around your machine giving you a completely flat surface for your quilt or sewing to rest on. Nothing drops off or sags from the sewing machine plate.

Here's a little picture of her table (used with her permission), but the video is the best!!

You can click HERE for her table video...

You can click HERE for her other YouTube many great ones.

You will get lost with her tips and tricks. One of my favorites is using the metal arm that holds the plug from inside a toilet bowl ( new one of course...let's not go crazy with Tool Time by stealing one from one of the bathrooms in your house!! Ok, maybe, if we're desperate...all in the name of sewing, right? LOL.) She uses it to guide cone thread up from a coffee cup up to your machine. Genius!! It's on the video.

Enjoy her site.

Thanks Marguerita for emailing and sharing your sewing table with me. See you in the hardware store!!

Have a Sew, Sew Saturday,

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  1. Well Im definitely curious now. Off to check out her video. Thanks for sharing & have a great weekend!

  2. That is awesome! I already have a table like that, so I'm halfway there!

  3. Yes, Marguerita is amazing isn't she? Wait until you try her crazy quilt techniques!

  4. Karen, thank you for your kind words about my cheap table. I still love it after 6 years and I make new ones with every new sewing machine (I love rescuing the old ones, cleaning them up and sewing with them).

    I feel like we'd have so much fun if we met in person, probably talking non-stop for 12 hours. You've made me remember the old clam shacks on the way to the beaches (yum!) and the sound of the breakers on a stormy day.

    If we ever went to a hardware store together, they'd have to throw us out at closing time, we'd be having too much fun!! Wishing you the best, Marguerita

  5. I saw that video several years ago. Incredible idea.

  6. Marguerita is awesome and her quilt as you go books are fantastic! Way to go M & K the hardware girls.

  7. Thanks Karen,
    your blog is fantastic, always so much to discover here, love it ☺
    And you know what, I really like what Marguerita shows, so I´d just order one of her books *smile*
    Wish you a nice sunday,
    liebe Grüße
    Bente in Germany
    I like to QuiltBlog ☺

  8. oh me to on loving the hardware stores. That would be a total blast and LOL at them throwing you all out at closing time.
    Man I just love your idea!!!! That is just really really cool. We closed in our front porch which was never used to make me a much NEEDED sewing room. I have really enjoyed it and I love this idea and it can be folded up and put away when you're not quilting. SO COOL! ONE DAY and I do mean one day I do plan on doing some quilting. I have never really pieced a quilt together after sewing ALL THESE YEARS. Been sewing since I was a very early teen and am now 55. So yeah several years and wayyyyy past time to piece together a quilt. Hubby and I made my sewing tables. I found 2 nice size pieces of formica cabinets for 15.00 and bought them. They turned out really well and is so nice to be able to sit down and sew without having to move everything around.
    Anyway love love love this idea!! oh yeah, I to have sit at the kitchen table too many times sewing. Nope not the best place to do that. You wind up so sore the next day you can't hardly move.
    You can see my sewing room on this link and there are several more posts about it in March of that same year. In fact it's STILL a work in progress.

  9. Thanks for sharing this blog with us. I must do this to make my table more egonomically correct

  10. I saw this same video and thought she had a really cool idea. Only I haven't been able to find the styrofoam insulation that she used.


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