Friday, September 14, 2012

Canning Jar Organization Idea...Using Magnets

Hi to all...hope you're having a great day!

You know I have a thing for organizing. I've said it to you before, I think my actual hobby is organizing rather than using the things I'm organizing!! LOL

Well, here's another quick one for you.

I've shown you the French Drain post in the past. Click HERE if you'd like to visit again. I used plastic French Drains, cut them up and use them to store things like yarn, paint cans, supplies, etc. One such thing I store in them are canning jars that hold my buttons.

Here's an update on that...

See in the upper middle section of the wall unit? That's my French Drain section.

A little closer view…canning jars to organize!

Come on in and see...

I keep the canning jars full of the same kind of buttons.

Since they are laying down, I need to know what's in there.

You could just write on the metal top with a dry erase marker or...

Buy a package of craft magnets

One magnet

 and hot glue whatever you are storing in your canning jars.

Now you can see what's in each jar!!

When you are done with whatever was in that jar, just use that magnet on your refrigerator for pictures or notes!!

Quick organizing post...hope this helps,

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  1. Karen, Another absolutely brilliant idea.!! You rock !!

  2. A great idea! I'm new to your blog, so will look back a bit. You are an organizing diva, for sure. Love your storage/work unit. Wow. Thanks.

  3. Ahh so clever..and then to reuse it as fridge magnet.. very green of you.

  4. This is such a cool organizing tip! Thanks for the idea Karen and have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Great idea and I love that you end up with cute magnets afterwards. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for posting this! Your blog is one of my faves these days because I get crafting, sewing, organizing, improving my blog... all in one place! Thanks for making your site so fun! Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing! Kathi

  7. A lot of times I think of you when I am in my sewing room...think about how you would do this or that but I guess I just don't have that organizational skill....but I can sure appreciate yours.

  8. What a fabulous idea. Wanna come organize my sewing space? How and why do you have so many of the same buttons? g

  9. Wow! I love it!


  10. Great idea! It seems that we ended up with a few of these left over as well! Love your inspirational ideas!


  11. This is a great idea. I love it and your all blog :))) Thank you very much :)
    Greetings from Poland :)

  12. May I ask where you bought that gorgeous wall unit? I am remodeling my sewing room and I want that or something similar. thank you

  13. Baby food jars. My dad upscaled the first baby food jars I've ever seen. He hung a shallow shelf over his workbench after screwing the baby food tops to the bottom of it, and then screwed the jars into the tops. He had everything where he could see it, not cluttering up his bench, and he never lost the lid in the shuffle. They are such a great tool, but what if you didn't know you were going to need them until your children were in grade school? Barter. Talk to your friends who are still at the baby food stage and offer to buy the baby food if she will wash the jars and give them back to you. It is CHEAPER to buy full jars of food than to buy them by the dozen on ebay from people who had more foresight, if you consider the shipping. Win-win for you and your friend. Unless you are a little twisted (me) and like your baby banana food mixed with your yogurt. Or baby peaches. Or baby apricots. You get it, right?

  14. I love the organization in your sewing room! Mine is similar! All my fat quarters separated by shade family into stacking containers and labelled, all my scraps sorted by shade family and put in containers and stacked and labelled. My threads are in containers by brand, all large cuts stacked on a shelf, folded identically, lined up by shade family and size, same with vat things. Notions are in containers stacked up, labelled, easy to get to....I don't know how folks functioning most of the sewing rooms I see on blogs. I LOVE your black shelf though! I I've got my fabric in a closet on shelves, threads and scraps are stacked on a dresser thar holds patterns and interfacing and extra supplies and then all my containers of notions are on another shelf and large cuts of fabric are on another shelf (hidden behind a shower curtain to protect from fading).....I like you gave it all in one spot. Well, not ALL...I'm sure you have more! But I love it anyway. Glad to know someone else that sews is as anal about organizing as I am!


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