Monday, June 11, 2012

NYC Disney Audition...

Hi everyone...hope you had a great weekend. I've been so busy this past week with lots to share. I've been working on pulling my sewing room apart again, redecorated the waiting room at the dental office where I work (major before and after pictures) and we had a quick trip to New York City last Wednesday for my my daughter Kelsie's first real dance audition...and it was for Disney!!

Kelsie will be a junior in college this coming fall. She is a dance major and wanted to see what it would be like to go to an audition. The Disney audition was for their Holiday show in Disney World in Florida. It's her dream to work there!!

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the day. We drove about an hour and a half to Darien, Connecticut and then took the metro train into Grand Central station. It was a fast day, but we hit some of the hotspots of the city and took the afternoon train back out. Here are some highlights...

One of our favorite shows...Mad Men. Kelsie needed to take a picture on Madison Ave!!

Time Square...My daughters Courtney and Kelsie in the middle, Courtney's boyfriend Courtland on the left and Kelsie's friend from school, Leora who also tried out for the audition. Hubby had to work, so we took lots of pictures for him to see.

Sad faces right after the didn't make it to the next round of the Disney audition. They knew they wouldn't be able to perform in the Disney holiday show, because it runs from October through December and they are both away at college during that time. It was just a great experience!

So they danced in the street! Lol

Empire State Building...


New York Public Library...

Still dancing in Time

M&M store...

millions and millions of M&M's

Hershey's Chocolate store...

 Kelsie loves her chocolate...

Biggest Reese's Cup ever...

Rockefeller Center...

Outdoor dining instead of ice skating...

St Patrick's Cathedral...

Heading back home...

Absolutely beautiful inside...

It was a fast and exciting day for all of us. Kelsie had a great experience and we saw some of the sites in the city. We'll be back I'm sure!!

Have a great day,

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  1. NYC is an amazing place, I lived in that area for 35 years and now I am in the Midwest. I wish her luck with the audition.

  2. I truly enjoyed all of the pictures. What a smart thing to go and try out just for the experience....

  3. Thank you for sharing your trip. This was my first time in NYC !!!

  4. Wonderful to see and hear about your family. Thanks for all the pictures of the Big Apple.

  5. Great pictures! Love to see them all...I never have been there.

  6. What fun! And what a lot of chocolate. The Disney audition might not have worked out but at least there was chocolate for consolation!

  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You are so fortunate to live that close to NYC, that's only a dream for me :) It looks like you had a great time!

  8. Wow - what a fun time! That was a great idea to just go and do the audition with no expectations (or need) to win! Loved the pictures! I've not made it to NYC yet but hubby keeps saying he's going to take me some day :*)

  9. Looks like you guys had a great time!! I'm sorry Kelsie didn't make it to the next round. :( At least it was a good experience for her!
    Love your pics..I've never been to New York before!! One day, it's on my bucket list!

  10. Frank Sinatra is suddenly in my head: "Start spreading the news. . . ." I'm a country girl at heart, but I love visiting the Big Apple! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  11. Looks like you had a great time! My girls have been there, but I have not...yet. Maybe someday.

  12. New York is on my list of places to go before I die. Looks like a fabulous trip and what a great experience for the girls to audition!

  13. Looks like a lot of fun! Brave girls just to go try out for the fun of it, so adventurous. I really need to make it to New York City someday.

  14. What fun! Sorry about Kelsie, but I'm sure something will open up for her. Loved the pics of NYC!

    1. What a great day, and great experience for your daughter and her friend! I love NYC!!

  15. Wonderful photos! Has your daughter considered the Disney College Program? My son is currently working there in merchandising at the Magic Kingdom. His dream is to work there after graduation. He has learned lots since January. His college did not accept the hours as an internship, but he has had wonderful experiences. Google Disney College Program for more info.

  16. Thanks for sharing all your photos. It's so great to see new places and I have never been in NYC. It feels a bit like I have now!

  17. I enjoyed your NYC pictures. Glad you and your family had a wonderful time.

  18. Disney has a very large college intern program, where students go and work for a semester. Your daughter should look into that.


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