Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Brick Hangers

Happy Tool Time!! You'll be off to the hardware store after today's post, but there's no work involved in this project. This week's post is about brick hangers. They grab onto the brick with tension. No drilling at all.

These are great for wreaths, pictures, Christmas stocking, and quilts too! If you change your quilts often (when you're not using the fireplace), these hooks can be moved around easily with the size of your quilt.

You get 2 hooks per package for $5.99. I found these at our local Ace Hardware store.

***Measure your brick before you buy them. They come in 2 sizes. Measure the brick that you are hanging it from, because our fireplace was made from reclaimed brick and each one is a slightly different size.***

The sizes are 2 1/8" - 2 1/4" in one package and the package below which is 2 1/2 - 2 3/4".

The brick clip on the left is the way it faces you once on the fireplace. 2 hooks to hang something on at different levels.

The clip on the right is how it grabs onto the brick.

Here is how it works from the back of the package.

Here it is on one of our bricks.

Have a great Tuesday and as always...have fun in the hardware store, they're often better than craft stores!!

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  1. This is a great idea to hang all my Christmas goodies. Thank you for sharing.l

  2. I don't have any brick at my house but I do have vinyl siding and they make those hanger thingies for siding, too!

  3. I sent my DS and DDIL some of those so they could hang their Christmas stockings on their mantle-less fireplace!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know about these and will definitely be shopping for some

  5. OMG! You have made me such a happy girl! As crazy as this sounds we have a brick filled room that I can't get rid of and this is going to make it so much easier to live with. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

  6. These are so interesting. Ive never even heard of them, and living in a brick house, they seem very useful. Thanks for the idea!
    kerri at HollyMuffin

  7. cpecalodKaren, I agree, I could wander areound Menard's for hours and I hate to shop!!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this info. I am putting them on my shopping list!

  9. Thanks for finding these and telling us about them! I didn't know it was possible to hang on brick without drilling~ I can't wait to get these!! :-)

  10. I have these brick hangers and I love them. Wish I would have invented them.

  11. Thank you for explaining how these work. Now I need to go find them at my local store! - Mary


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