Sunday, October 9, 2011

I've Finally Joined The Rest Of The Planet...

"f" is for facebook...and I've been avoiding it like the plague. It seemed like one more thing to keep track of or "do". However, I've created a facebook "page" for Sew Many Ways.

It's not like a regular facebook account...a page is short, sweet and not a lot of extra work at all.

I've added a "like" box over on my right side bar, under my follow section. I'm shamefully begging for likes LOL!!

We'll see where this new venture takes me...probably crazy town.

Trying to keep up with the world,


  1. I'm still holding out but I'm starting to feel the peer pressure!

  2. I have a profile, but haven't learned to navigate yet, and know that I don't have time to get sucked in. Good luck! Maybe I'll run into you over there. :-)

  3. Sorry I can't join you. I am STILL avoiding Facebook, like the plague.

  4. I'll Like you wherever you show up Karen! I just started a HookedOnNeedles facebook page the other day myself and am looking for Likers! You can get to it through a similar link on my sidebar.


  5. Sorry I can't join you either, I had one to keep up with family,,,but got too much for me to keep up and deleted it.
    Enjoy it Karen..everyone will "like" you..
    Julia ♥

  6. Yay!! So glad you took the plunge!

  7. I felt exactly the same way but I gave in too and I am having so much fun ! I'm going to like you there.

  8. I joined up in 2007 as a joke on my grown children and ended up loving it. I don't post as often as I used to but I check it daily in order to keep up with family friends, etc.. it's very helpful in keeping up with the small tidbits of friends and family's lives. Sharing pictures of family all over the country is great!
    I'll "LIKE" you.
    Gmama jane

  9. I tried My Space to keep in touch with my daughter and her out of state friends and I got too many friend requests from old men on the prowl for any available female. Mr.Glen Oaks didn't like it one bit, and it's all I can do to keep up with Blogging and emails.
    I love blogging.
    Warm Regards,

  10. I like Facebook. My family shares pictures of the kids all the time. I don't do much else with it though. But it's the first place I look in the morning. I'll be sure to LIKE you.

  11. FB is a fabulous way to connect. It has been good for my business. One just has to know how to treat it with respect....that's all. I will "like" you for sure.

  12. I still haven't joined and probably never will.

  13. Headed to Facebook to LIKE you there too!!!

  14. I caved earlier this year, mostly knowing that all my friends in TX used it and it would be the best way to keep up with them when we moved.

  15. My adult kids got me started about 8 months ago as a way to keep in touch with my middle daughter who is serving in Peace Corps in Zambia--this way I can see if there is activity so I know she is safe (no activity in a few days, she gets a urgent email from mama--it's totally amazing that she can access her facebook account via her cell phone all while living in a mud hut with no electricty

  16. Hi Karen,
    I'm new to the blogging world, but am trying too.
    You have so many great tidbits of knowledge I've gleaned from!
    I just made a Facebook Page but just cannot seem to figure out how to make a snippet of my blog posts show up on my status with a link to my blog on Facebook. They say it's a good way to grow your following. I too use Blogger so if you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate the input ;) I'm also trying to figure out how to attach a link for someone to send me an email by clicking the button on my blog....any clues?
    Sorry to bombard you with so many questions, but you just seem to have so many awesome tricks up your sleeve.
    Betsy <3


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