Monday, October 10, 2011

The Nester Club...Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

My nest was full for a little bit this weekend. If you want to join the The Nester Club, click here to read the first post. You can also click here to read all the posts for The Nester many great comments too. You might find some one in your same "nester" situation!

It is a long holiday weekend here in the states, so both our daughters, Courtney and Kelsie, came home for a few days. Love them to pieces and love it when they're here. They left last night, so the nest is empty again, but we did a lot in a few short days. We had a big dinner at home, stayed up late watching tv, sewed, colored hair, went out to dinner etc...

One project we did was make the girls new scarves...I found fabulous silky fabric at Walmart for $1.50 a yard. It's great!!

Here's the TIP...use your tile floor for
  • squaring up fabric
  • measuring
Here's the fabric laid out on the tile floor (Annie the dog helped). See the "cut" edge from the store? Nice and straight huh? Lol !!

Line up your selvage edge (the finished edge of the fabric) on the horizontal grout line of the tile...

Here is Kelsie, my trusty assistant, pointing to the vertical line.

Use the vertical grout line to cut a straight line.

Here it is all cut away and straight!!

Now to measure.

I roughly needed 2 yards per scarf. Each tile on my floor is a little less than 12 the grout. Just count over 6 tiles for 6 feet or 2 yards!!

See Kelsie cutting way down there to the right using the grout line again?

Just sew a hem on the 2 cut ends and you're done...INSTANT scarf! I left the selvage edge alone, because it's already finished.

Here is Courtney modeling the scarf. Kelsie wasn't "picture" ready yet!!

Courtney said...please don't take a picture of my face...

Sorry, couldn't resist...too pretty!

Here is some extra Nesting Club FYI...

Courtney had a gift certificate to the Red Door Salon. She wanted to color her hair red! Her hair is brown, but auburn hair is in our family, so it wasn't a scary step.

This was the best picture showing the red...isn't it pretty? The shadows are blocking the full red though.

$90.00!!! It was $75.00 to color it and they automatically add in the tip! Thank God for gift certificates or she would have NEVER done it.

Here is Kelsie's hair we colored this weekend. She wanted to color over old blond highlights she had done at a salon a long time ago. She wanted her natural dark hair back...

Here's the before with older high lights..

Here's the "after". Looks good huh?...$7.00 from a box!! Beautiful! Next time we need a front picture too.

Here's the box...only took 10 minutes!

Medium Brown #21...

What happened in your Nest this weekend?

Have a great day,


  1. Isn't it fun when they come back for a visit?! Both girls' hair looks great! Beautiful scarf at a great price and great tip on using the floor. Now I want to put down new flooring. LOL! We have the same problem with our Walmart - the ladies haven't a clue how to cut. We used to have a quilter there and she cut straight and true...miss her. Our nest has been full for 2 weeks. I'm feeding a cowboy crew for 2 weeks and they always eat me out od house and home.

  2. Lovely scarf! I color my hair, too. When I worked I had it done, cut and color for about $80 plus tip. When I went to my stylist in her newly opened salon right after I quit my job - $275 for a cut and color plus tip!! Wowee!! I now use the boxes. Since I do it by myself, there are sometimes that I miss some spots but for the most part I'm happy to pay the $6-10 for a box.

  3. That's a great tip for straightening the silky fabric. I desperately need to color my hair! Maybe tonight. I use a $7 box, too. Light reddish brown.
    It was a quiet weekend here. Julia & Pete went to an Octoberfest party. I cleaned my sewing room and started working on a UFO that I unearthed.

  4. Tile floor tip was a great idea!

  5. I had an empty nest for a while, but my daughter got laid off and she and her kids moved back in. Can't wait for the nest to be empty again. I miss my sewing room. Love the floor tile measuring. Use what you have is always good advice. I don't color my hair, but if I did I would use a $7 box. lol

  6. love the tips and I love Annie! We were nesters for a while and then middle son moved home...*sigh*....there went the clean house and our guest room. We'd turned his room into my craft room!

  7. Great tip on using the tile floor as a guideline for cutting. Your scarves are so cute!

    I'm an empty nester...and was able to repaint the guest room this weekend...all by myself:)

  8. Oh my gosh, how helpful is this info. I so will be doing this tip. The scarf turned out wonderful. Have a good one.

  9. Love the tile floor tip and the scarf. We will see both our kids tonight to celebrate my husbands birthday... Love family celebrations : )

  10. I am so jealous! Your Walmart still has fabric?! They took it out of ours years ago! The girls have gorgeous hair. As are they. I used the box hair color for ever till I got cancer & they told me it was "accepted practice not to color when on chemo"! I still have a box from 7 yrs. ago. Wonder if its still good? :)

  11. FYI.....Most of the "silky" or polyester type fabrics can be torn and you will get a straight edge from selvage to selvage. Just snip about an inch into the fabric and tear. The only time it doesn't work is when there is stretch, a lot of metallic threads, embellishments (sequins, etc) on the fabric.

    I used to work at one of the large fabric stores - this is how we were trained to "cut" those type of fabrics for the customers. We always had straight edges. :)

  12. This weekend it was I who flew the empty nest, I descended on my son and his family for a couple of days with the Grandies. It was a busy time we played trains ( oh my burning knees),and football,we had time on the jumpaline(trampoline)and played hide and seek grandma got into trouble for not hiding in the same spot twice (no one told me you couldn't change hidey spots) lol then it was back home and the peace and tidiness of my empty nest got to love that....

  13. Love the quick scarf and the lovely daughters...lucky you.

    I had my nest to myself (as I almost always do)except for my dog, Dash and my three chickens, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks. We just hung out and grazed all's true.

  14. The scarf and daughters are lovely! I like the dog too. Empty nester here. My daughter and family live almost 2,000 miles away. She just had her first baby. I sure wish I was closer to them. Some days I can just barely stand it. We do enjoy our empty nest most of the time though.

  15. Well my nest has been empty since last February when my youngest got married. We did have my son and daughter -in-law for a couple of weeks in September, before they left for Singapore for 18 months.

    But this weekend my husband left for England for most of the week...really empty, not liking this a bit....two of my girls, one with my 7 week old granddaughter came over for movie night tonight, so glad they live close!!

    I really should go to bed...but it is so hard without the hubs...

  16. Love the tile tip, thanks.
    My daughter, her third year in college go to UTEP in El Paso discovered Skype this week. We were FB IM, and mentioed Skype. Told her what to do, next thing I know she was calling me. She discovered it thursday and alreasy called twice. She also Skyed her brother in PA. Love Sykpe!

  17. Well, My oldest got married last weekend and is on his honeymoon. He actually moved out before his wedding and since then...
    Well, let me just tell you that when my youngest and final son moves out its really going to be hard. The only good thing to come out of all of this(there are more good things) is that I finally will have the sewing craft room I have been dreaming off. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Its going to be black white and a little bit of pink thrown in. Just finished painting the room today. The furniture will be next. Can't wait to show some pictures of it all.

  18. What a smart thing to do! And your scarf is beautiful. Thanks for this fantastic tip.
    You know, just last month I decided to go back to the salon to color my hair again. But I forgot the cost! Being on a tight budget, I think I'll have to go to the box again.
    Have fun--


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