Monday, October 31, 2011

Blog Buddy...Clicking Around a Blog

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone has a spooktacular day!!

Today's blogging tip is just about "CLICKING" around a blog. There are some things a blog does that new and not so new bloggers may not know about...for the blog visitor or the blog author.

did you know that...
  • if you happen upon an blog on an older post, you can go to the most recent post by clicking on the blog "TITLE" or the "HOME" button.
  • if you run your mouse or cursor over something and it highlights, underlines or changes's a link to something else, so you can click on it!
  • if you go to the bottom of a post, you will find the word LABELS. There will be one or several words related to that particular post. If you click on a word, it will bring you to all the posts in that same topic or theme.
  • Click around on your Dashboard too. If you click on the Design button, each section of the blog has it's own "edit" button. You can change things around and experiment. For example, in the design section of edit layout, you can click on the edit button under the "blog post" section. In there, you can change so many how many posts show up on the first page, what the date looks like, do you allow links, add labels etc
  • Click the "Settings" many sub tabs too.
  • if you are having a hard time seeing a photo, you can click on it and it will enlarge on another page.
  • if you click on the TITLE of a post, it will bring you to just that post and all the comments will be underneath to read all at the same time.
  • clicking on the TITLE will also give you the specific web address or url for just that post. That's what you use for linking parties or linking to just that post.
  • In the comments section, if you click on the person's name, it will bring you to their profile page and their blog. Great way to meet new people.
  • On some one's profile page, if they have their town, state or country listed under location...did you know if you click on the state, it will bring up all other people who are from that same location!
Ok, I could go on, but you get the point...CLICK, CLICK,'ll find so many new things.

If any one wants to share more "clicking" tips...leave them in the comment section!!

Have a great day,


  1. Thanks for continuing to provide blog tips. I use most of the ones you posted today; however, I did not know about finding others from the same state or area. Thanks.

  2. Great info Karen! I never clicked on the city in someone's profile, so I went to yours and clicked on New England...guess how many? 11,000! Wow, that's a lot of people who put New England as their location! I'll have to check what I put for mine and see how many there fun!


  3. I knew all these things except the one about clicking where people live in their profile. Thanks, that's relly cool to find other bloggers from the same areas.

  4. Love all the tutorials. They have helped me in getting started with my blog. Thanks for sharing!


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