Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Recycle and Organize With Crisco

Welcome to another Tool Time...it started out over 2 1/2 years ago using items from the hardware turned into cute useful items for you and your home. However, TTT has branched out to recycled item, things from the automotive store, office supplies, etc. The basis of Tool Time now is pretty much...look at anything and think outside the box!!

Well, here is a recycled box to think outside the box with. The box is from a package of Crisco which is a solid vegetable shortening used in baking. I don't use Crisco very often, but I do use the butter flavored for a pound cake recipe that is a family favorite. When I do use it though, I spend the little extra for the pre-measured sticks. Just cut off the amount you need....like the way sticks of butter are pre-measure.

The bonus for the pre-measured sticks is that they come in little plastic boxes!

3 sticks each come in a plastic box sealed in foil. The box are about 6 inches by 2 1/2 inches. You also get 1 cover to protect the one stick that you've opened.

Great to store so many things with the cover.

 All sealed in and spill prove.

After you've collected them for a while, they're great for just about anything...

Perfect for office supplies in your desk...

Sewing items that would normally be lost in the drawer...

Or how about items in your bathroom drawer...(and yes, I did search the house for red items so the pictures would match and look pretty. I think I need to seek help LOL!!!)

Other uses for these little boxes would be...
  • organize your button collection by color
  • crafting beads
  • nails and screws for the work bench area
  • use the covered box for games pieces in a board game
  • mini jello molds for kids
  • snack container for kids
  • start your seedling plants

I know there must be so many more ideas...maybe you can add a few of your own in the comment section!

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Wow I wish that cookies were here in Spain! So useful!!

  2. WHY have I been recycling those containers all these years?? What a great idea! thnx

  3. The colour matching of the items would only be obsessive if you went out and bought the red items for the photo shoot.lol
    This idea is great! Except that to collect them I would have to bake cookies and when I bake I eat them! And I am trying to lose weight!
    Thanks for the great idea.

  4. Just what I need to organize my sewing drawer...thanks!!

  5. I love saving containers...I buy Feta cheese and they come in these great plastic bins, I have used them all over the house for putting things in!! Great idea!

  6. I love those little containers as well. I also save the oval shaped containers NesQuik comes in. Lately the little cups of yogurt we have been eating comes with a topping in a clear lid, so when your done you have a white little only about 1.5 inches tall with a clear lid on it that sticks another 1/2 inch or so. I need something now to organize all my recycles until I can use them to organize something. My husband tells me I have a problem, I tell him I am saving us money, so then he shushes.

  7. That is a lot of crisco! I love how you take something ordinary and find extraordinary uses for them. :)

  8. I keep my completed hexagons in these containers.

  9. I have got to start saving my containers more... fabulous idea!

  10. Another great idea from Karen. How do you do it? Your dreams must be recycled. LOL.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Packets of Schmetz sewing machine needles stand up very nicely in those containers.

  12. Great idea. I use these all the time for cookies. They'd be great for leftovers.

  13. Cute idea Karen! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  14. I wish we had crisco boxes here in England!

  15. I save them for my hubby to use with his slot cars. He loves them.

  16. I used to watch my nephew everyday when he was at the baby food age and it came in little plastic containers with lids like that! I still use them for holding bobby pins and safety pins in the bathroom and office supplies in the junk drawer! Love this idea!

  17. You can also use this same concept with the plastic gerber baby food containers for a smaller version or varied sizes, if needed!

  18. More containers that I already save (mine for make-up organization, but soon to move on to other drawer organizing!). You mentioned something about trash therapy in one of your posts...not needed since you actually *use* the recyclable materials, lol! Love all your ideas...a woman after my own heart!

  19. Since you have one in your drawer filled with Q-tips, all you have to do is pop the top on and you have a travel Q-tip container for the overnight bag!

  20. Great idea! I use velveeta cheese boxes too. They are sturdy and you can decorate them.

  21. Have you tried velcro dotting those to the drawer? I velcroed my little bins. Love it! No more sliding around or wiggling at all!

  22. I found your website a few months ago while looking for ideas for my would be craftroom (which is on the making now) and fell in love with your sewing room. Now I come back to it and find so many great ideas for regular packaging (which I do all the time) that people throw away daily and love it even more! Now I have proof to all my friends that (1) I'm not crazy, (2) I'm not alone & (3) it works for more for others too!

    1. Great idea! I am guilty of saving Velveeta boxes. They are so great for organizing drawers. Very sturdy.

  23. You don't need any help! The drawer did look beautiful with all the matching colors. All the more inspiring!


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