Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Framed Pincushion

Happy Tuesday again everyone! Tool Time is a day we make something useful out of something we aren't using, something from the recycle bin, something from the hardware store or from some other crazy place.

This Tuesday is a pincushion from an old frame!

How many old frames do we have tucked away? A lot! If you find one that you like, but it's not the right color...don't forget to paint it to match!

For this project, make sure the frames have the easel on the back so it stands up next to your sewing machine.

You will need...
  • frame with glass removed, but keep the cardboard or cut one to fit
  • piece of batting or stuffing
  • scrap fabric
  • hot glue or duct tape

You may have to trim the card board piece just a little to make room for the fabric folding over to the back side.

Cut batting to fit the size of your cardboard. I folded my batting over three times.

Stack fabric right side down, batting or stuffing and then cardboard. Fabric is about an inch larger than the cardboard all the way around.

Wrap fabric to the back and hot glue in place. You can also use duct tape too. You won't see this part at all.

All wrapped up!

Pop into frame, puffy side going towards the front.

Snap in the backing.

All set for your pins!!

Perfect next to your sewing machine for a pretty little addition.

I was thinking for the frames with several cubbies in them (like the one towards the back of the picture)...they would be great for
  • a different pincushion for different kids of pins
  • a different pincushion for all the different sized needles you have for hand sewing

I have lots of other pincushion tutorials too...click the name below to go to each post
These would make great little gifts for sewing friends, guild meetings or sewing bee groups!!

Looks like I'm on a mission to find a million ways to make a pincushion...we'll see what's next!!

Have a great Tuesday,

ps...if you missed yesterday's post take a peek here and join "The Nester Club"


  1. What a great idea thank you for sharing xx

  2. Easy and lovely! Thank you for so many ideas.
    Greetings from Spain.

  3. Karen, for the multiple opening frame, what about putting a magnet in one, pin cushion in one, scissor pocket in another, etc. That way when you are in your favorite sewing chair you can have it on the table next to you. Magnet for the needle.


  4. This is a super idea!!! These would make nice gifts for fellow quilters, too! Wanda's ideas for the multi-opening frame are great, too.

  5. Even your commentators have great ideas!


  6. A friend made me one of these last year. She also glued a magnet to the frame and attached a needle threader. It made an awesome gift!

  7. I LOVE this idea. Thank you so much. My son is moving out soon and I will get my own sewing room finally and this is going to make a great addition to that room.

  8. Another neat idea from Karen...
    Good job!!!

  9. Great idea! And love the colours!!

  10. That is a totally awesome idea! Love how it stands up...right there where ya need it. Very clever!! Gonna try it...

  11. Another Spanish comment: I love all your pincushions! I think I am going to make some for Xmas, thanks for sharing your ideas!

  12. I love your idea. I had to stop immediately and make one. Now that I have a great pin cushion I can resume browsing. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Karen your blog is a delight and an inspiration! Thank you so much for this tutorial and all your tutorials and ideas. I love the framed pincushion idea. Great for gifts as well as for myself.

  14. This is really nice classy and just fun idea. Nice one here. Thanks for the post! this is a for sure must do up.

  15. I love this to bits so I have made one too... and linked back to this post.... in case you would like a look.....
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea


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