Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Credit Card Case

What does Home Depot and Vera Bradley have in common?...Crazy Karen at Sew Many Ways.

This is my credit card case and was inspired by...

this case that belongs to my daughter Courtney.

The only thing they have in common (because mine is far from a Vera) is this type of screw.

Here's my screw!

I found these "binding post" screws at Home Depot for 98 cents a bag. One screw set per bag.

The smooth part goes through your item and then the...

threaded part screws into the smooth tube and secures the item together.

Smooth middle with 2 flat screw ends to hold everything together. I used the 1/2 inch size.

Now, to put together the credit card case.

You'll need a package of name badge holders.

They come in vertical...(I used these)

or horizontal shape.

For the outer case, a plastic of some sort is more sturdy. These are plastic place mats, plastic note book covers or a plastic file folder.

Cut your plastic a little bit larger than your name badge holders and mark the center of the hole.

Punch with hole punch on both pieces.

Put together the front plastic, the name badges and then the plastic backing. Push the longer of the screw parts that is smooth through all parts.

Now screw in the threaded short piece until it's flat and all the way in.

That American Express card is one of the fake ones that come in the mail for advertising, so don't worry!!

If you are just using the plastic for the outer case, cut the corners so they are rounded.

Now, let's add some fabric.

You will need 4 pieces of fabric a little bit larger than your plastic pieces.

This piece of fabric is the one that will show on the front, so if there is a design center it on the plastic.

I hot glued all four sides.

Then I took another piece, that was cut to fit exactly, to cover the raw edges.

This side is the inside of the cards case, but glue down carefully, so it doesn't fray.

You can also use Mod Podge on the whole piece to seal and protect the fabric.

Mod Podge is a glue and sealer all in one.

Click here to go to an earlier post I did about other ideas for name badges...pictures, fabric swatches etc..

or click here for all name badge ideas I've done so far...

I love hardware stores...if you've been following Tool Time, I know you love hardware stores too!!!

Happy Tuesday,


  1. I love it! I'm off to get the bits needed to make it. Thank-you so much.

  2. It would be great for business cards you need to keep handy as well

  3. This is brilliant! There are a lot of women in my family that are going to get these for Christmas. I bet these would be great for "Grandma's Brag Books"!

  4. Fantastic! I love that you find these things in tool shops and they can be used for crafting, I wouldn't know which type of screw to use. Bookmarking this fr later!

  5. This is really COOL! I am wondering if you add a sheet of foil if it will keep the credit card scanner people from scanning your credit cards.. little theives!! But I so love it!! I have one of those alumi-wallets, but it isn't as cute as this is.

  6. Cute idea and so inexpensive to make.

  7. How DO you come up with so many fabulous ideas?!?

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  8. Love the Credit Card Case! I make stocking stuffers for our daughters and friends and am always looking for new ideas. The case is terrific! Merci beaucoup!
    Helen (Nanci's Private Teacher)

  9. Great idea Karen! This is a very useful gift idea.

  10. Another great idea! Thank you, Karen. I see these as quick stocking fillers or tokens of appreciation for Christmas. Add a gift card and it would make any teen happy ;-)

  11. Oh that would be good for all those cards from stores that I have and cannot find when I need to use them. I only have a couple of credit cards so no need for a big case for them.

  12. Love these. I have all my "extra" cards in badge holders already, and have been intending to do covers like ones I have seen at Target, just have not gotten to it. Thanks for making it even easier!

  13. That's just what I needed!! Thank you for the idea, it is fantastic!
    Greetings from Spain.

  14. Great detail in this tutorial! Good job! And a wonderful gift idea!

  15. Very clever! I have the Vera Bradley version and I use it for my membership cards, discount cards, punch cards, and so on.

  16. Karen, I just love this... definitely on my to do list..
    Thank you for all your hints, just used your tutorial to attach 'pages' to my blog..xx

  17. LOVE THIS.....this will be my next retreat gift!! They loved your ring tags to mark scissors and rotary cutters I took last time and I know this will be a huge hit!

  18. Very nifty and useful project!

  19. Annie adznsmom@yahoo.comSeptember 21, 2011 at 12:27 PM

    Those screws also look just like the screws used in scrapbooks! I am always having to buy larger ones to expand my books and they are not cheap at the scrapbook store! Gonna check them out Thanks!

  20. Very clever!!! Look forward to Tuesdays just to see what brilliance you have been up to!

  21. You can get those posts in the scrapbook section of arts and crafts stores. They're used for extending scrap books so you can add more pages.

  22. Oh wow! I have been trying to figure out a way to make something like this for months, but never thought of using the badge holders. I will be making one of these very soon. Thanks for posting.

  23. Karen, You are AMAZING!!! Every time I visit your blog I am impressed. I just decided that I am going to make your blog my home page so that I don't miss a thing.
    Thanks for inspiring me,

  24. Thank You! I've been looking for these posts, but never knew what to look for and couldn't explain them right to the people in the hardware department.

    Nice card holder tutorial too.

  25. OMG!I took your idea & ran with it. I needed a way to keep patches organized for a someday charm quilt. I used 1.25" binding screws (100 for $11 online)& instead of badge holders I'm using 3"x5" 4 mil zipper bags with hang holes. (1,000 for $22 online). I'm just using covers cut from the translucent flexible cutting mats--I can see what colors are in the "book". I can get 40 patches. So easy to see by simply fanning open the "pages". Big problem solved! THANKS--Doris

  26. I have just come across your wonderful blog with all the amazing recycling ideas. Thank you so very much for sharing all your inspirational ideas and tips. I feel like I've stumbled across a treasure trove.You rock!!!

  27. This is cool! thanks for sharing this :)

  28. Just found this on pinterest!! LOVE it. I want to do it for all my saver/discount cards!! And I LOVE the B/W Damask fabric!! I need that, too!! Thanks for sharing.

  29. great tutorial. I want to make this. now but stores are closed will try to tomorrow. Thanks

  30. That is such a great idea ! Thanks for sharing !

  31. I could browse through your organizing tutorials all day...great inspiration, great ideas!! Now will you come over and organize my fabric, please!?! ;)

  32. Great tutorial! And what a fantastic idea!! Thanks for sharing! :)


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