Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Early Start On Christmas...

Let me just clarify something right up front...I am never early when it comes to Christmas cards. I'm usually rushing to take a picture of the girls, print the pictures, stuff each card and then get them in the mail . Last year the cards went out on December 21st...technically not late, but not early at all.

Well, this week hubby and I were shopping in Walmart and if you can believe it, they have some Christmas things out. These cards jumped out at me. My husband insisted we get them, because that's what holds me up every year...finding the perfect card.

Look how cute they are...all glittery!

Walmart carries Hallmark cards.

Box of 40 for $11.97!!

The envelopes are cute too and they come with matching seals for them.

Do you know why these cards caught my eye?

They look like this project I made last HERE to go to that post for tutorial.

I see a Santa's belt theme coming on.

My Goal...write out the cards a little at a time each week and have them in the mail early December.

My Reality...I'll be mailing them on December 21st

I'll let you know how I do,


  1. I'm making ornaments for christmas tree, It's not so ealry :)cute christmas vase for a cards :)

  2. Christmas always sneaks up so fast, any early prep is a good idea! The cards look great, love the matching seal on the envelopes!

  3. Only 14 more Saturdays, counting Christmas Eve, before the day is upon us. Fewer than that before the holiday season hits, so get that job done, girlfriend! I am right behind you!

  4. I so understand... My cards tend to go out on the 21st too. No matter what me intentions are I'm always running behind. I put a newsletter in the cards of people we don't see often and thats usually the hold up along with pictures. This year I've already started my letter so all I have to do is proof and cut out excess verbage. Loved hearing other folks have the same issue. ;o)

  5. Those are the perfect cards! Love the colors and you can never start too early. I use to shop throughout the year but then spent too much a I would forget all the goodies I already had (until it was time to wrap!).

  6. What pretty cards! I may have to go to Walmart today. Christmas always sneaks up on me, like it comes every year or something!

  7. Say what you want - I'm still impressed to bought the cards in September. Even if you get them out late you can feel good that you started early. ;)

  8. Those are cute cards for very cheap! I'm thinking the Japanese tradition of New Year's cards fits my procrastination schedule just right, lol! We have a casual family photo taken every year and I write a newsletter--it is a lot of work but our family and friends are worth it!

  9. Christmas started months ago in our house. With 4 Treasures (grandkids) there's never enough time to finish all the projects. I find myself with oodles of projects in different stages but they all seem to come together at the same time.

  10. I start writting our after Thanksgiving. We take our family pic, minus another one this year. My dh writes a little newsletter to let people know what the Mawsons did this past year. I try and get them out the first week of Dec.
    I try!


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