Monday, August 8, 2011

Super Cheap Polyester Fiberfill...

Hi Everyone...some of you may remember when hubby and I went to Ikea last fall. Click here if you want to read all about it. It's not like reading Gone With The Wind, but it has cinnamon buns in it. LOL !!

On that trip, we bought 2 pillows for 99 cents each. Yes, 99 cents!! My original thought was to buy them for pillow shams on our bed. However, we have used them to sleep with. They are the most ridiculous pillows ever. The fiberfill is bunched up and separated, but for some reason we love them. You can mold them any which way to fit your neck. We've tried all the expensive pillows too....down feathers, memory foam etc, but these are what we use.

Ok, focus Karen...that isn't the point of the post.

I was lying there in bed thinking...this is polyester fiberfill, just like the kind we all use in crafting. 

The pillows are 13 ounces of fiber fill for 99 cents. That ladies is the cheapest crafting fiber fill ever. I just looked online and it can run from $2-$13.00

Uses for pillow stuffing...
  • stuff handmade children's toys
  • pincushions
  • Christmas ornaments
  • cut the bed pillow down to a square and sew the edge up for a square pillow form. Those forms are expensive
  • pillow sham forms
Here are the dimensions and info I found on their site.

Product dimensions
Length: 20 "
Width: 26 "
Filling weight: 13 oz
Total weight: 14 oz

Length: 51 cm
Width: 66 cm
Filling weight: 365 g
Total weight: 390 g

Unfortunately you can't order the pillows online. If you live near an Ikea or any store that sells cheap pillows, check them out.

Shop for fiber fill with a "Sew Many Ways" mind...thrifty!!

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  1. Thanks for this tip! We are travelling to an Ikea for a shopping trip soon. I'll check them out.

  2. I like to purchase the white twin sized sheets from IKEA and use them as pillow backs. Since they are already hemmed around the edges, they make creating an envelope closure extra easy!

  3. Gee.....what a great excuse to go back to IKEA. We have one 45 minutes away in Tampa. I go with a list - hahahahaha.

  4. you can never have too many reasons to go to Ikea ! Thanks for the tip. I LOVE Ikea for LUNCH to !!!!

  5. that would be "too"
    That's what I get when I look at Word verification while writing my comments.
    I include typos for free you know

  6. Definitely need to spend more time looking at things differently! IKEA is over a 2 hour drive for me in Phoenix. But I love when I get the opportunity to get up there. Now I have something to be on the look out for.

  7. I love IKEA. I recently purchased the wire basket system for my fabric stash. The whole thing with 4 drawers was $20 (plus $7 for the top). At the big warehouse hardware store, the same unit was $61. I can buy 3 basket shelves for the price of one ;-) Yes we love IKEA.

  8. I love never know what you'll find!!

  9. I have yet to be in an IKEA store, but I keep hoping. We are nearly a hundred miles away and our trips to LA take us in another direction. One of my daughters has practically furnished her condo from there. Love the hint for the pillows.

  10. I live by an Ikea....I will buy pillows on my next trip there. Thanks for the great advise.


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