Monday, September 13, 2010

A Trip to Ikea...

My husband and I had a great day on Saturday...believe it or not he suggested a trip to Ikea. This Ikea in Connecticut is an hour away and we've never been. We spent 4 hours in there. They are a smart company though...they have a restaurant in there. Their motto must be "feed them to keep 'em shopping". It worked!!!

We came home with a new sisal rug for the family room. It's about 7' x 11' for only $149.00!! This is Hallie who made a new home under the coffee table on the new rug as soon as we laid it down. She started to pick at it like it was a scratching post, but I sent her running upstairs when I screamed at her. She came right back though...hasn't picked at it since.

These are a few other things that we didn't need, but the price was right. Little juice glasses, apple slicer, cork hot pads, candles, tin containers, mini cupcake papers and finger puppets. (The puppets are for a future post, so stay tuned!)

I also purchased a little adjustable chair for my new sewing table (which isn't finished yet...more to come with that too. You can see a little peek behind the chair there)

Oh yeah...they also sell hot cinnamon buns on the way out of the store. I guess they think we needed a sugar rush to make it home. They are $1.00 each or 6 for $4.00. Couldn't help myself. There's only the 2 of us at home too. What was I thinking. We each had a low fat frozen yogurt ice cream cone for the ride home and left the buns in the back of the car. Too tempting to have them up front.

I looked at the label when I came home. Yikes. What was I really thinking. Do you see the serving size? HALF a bun. Who on this planet eats HALF a cinnamon bun. If I ate the whole thing it would be 480 calories and 14 grams of fat. "IF" I ate...not if. I already did. It was yummy!

They're big too.

Also bought my first jar of Lingonberry Preserves. Should have bought more of this. It's now my absolute favorite. Just thought of something. How bad would it be if I spread some of this on a cinnamon bun? Maybe we shouldn't have gone to pants aren't going to fit any more!

Have a great day,


  1. We have Ikea over here (the Netherlands), so it would be very nice to do a ttt with stuff from Ikea, than I can find here too. The buns look delious.

  2. So glad you made it there!! Maybe we should meet up for an Ikea trip some day! Love that store. And I am in agreement, the cinnamon buns are to die for, big and delicious and you can't beat the price. Now you just have to go for a very, very, very loooooonnng walk!

  3. just a tip... at the exit, where you bought the lingonberry preserve, you can also buy frozen swedish meatballs and a packet to make up your own gravy to go with it (with cream.. yum...). Try out the meatballs in the restaurant and the sauce. If you like it.. buy the meatballs, the sauce and the lingonberry preserve. All you now need is some potatoes and veg! (although it won't do so well for your calorie count! lol!)

    Another tip. If you join their ikea home scheme (it's free, it is a card they scan each time you are in store) you get free coffee in the restaurant through the week and some meals much cheaper.

    From a seasoned ikea go-er...

    1. Oh those meatballs and the sauce is amazing. I served them at a fancy smancy ladies luncheon and everybody thought I was amazing. My little secret.

  4. We enjoy a trip to Ikea too! Have not had the cinnamon buns though. Afraid to let that Genie out of the bottle!

  5. Sounds fun! There were no Ikea stores when I lived there!!!! Where in CT is it located????
    Still no Ikea stores in Argentina.
    OMG I miss cinnamon buns!!!!! You are making me feel hungry!!!! I´d better go have a toast.....sad...!

  6. We took our first trip to Ikea a week ago, but we went to the one in Mass. My nephew furnished his whole apartment for under $1000! We got some things for Julia's room and I bought glasses, too. We passed on the cinnamon buns, but my sister bought some. Pete opted for the Swedish fish.

  7. Wish we had cinnamon buns at our Ikea. As we leave our Ikea, they have $1 hot dogs and 50c ice cream cones. Who can resist a 50c cone?

    The Ikea Swedish meatballs are very very very yummy and I love the lingonberry jam too.

    Can you tell that I'm a fan of Ikea :-)

  8. In Canada, people who visit Ikea all the time are called Ikeaholics as the store is addictive. I love the preserves and yes the meatballs are great and so reasonable.
    we have Ikea here at the cottage as it comes in boxes so it's easy to transport by boat.
    I have "wine" glasses that the kids use, $1.00 each and they never break...strong glass and the kids feel special.

  9. Ikea is tons of fun! I never go there without finding something that needs to come home with me.

  10. Ikea is great. I wasn't there since I moved to states. But now I think, I need to talk to David, that we NEED to go there lol
    By the they carry fabric over here too?

    Oh by the way.........Did anyone try ALDI? The veggies are so cheap there and the coffee is unbeleaveable. We go every month to stock up our coffee
    Hugs Gunda

  11. I'm a gigantic Ikea fan :) You can never get out of there with just one's way too fun for that!

  12. Hi!! How fun!! Lingon jam on a cinnamon bun!! No, no!! You need a class i scandinavian way to eat!! This jam we eat with meatballs and potatoes. This is a dinner jam!! Not a bread spread jam!! If I go out in the woods now, I can find those berries, and I can make jam. Autumn berries...... I think you easely can make cinnamonbuns from sckratch too. Then you know what you eat!! Take care!! Anne:-), Oslo, Norway

  13. I have never been to one, figured I would have to drive out of state;) I have that problem with my cats and rugs, need to do some rehooking again.


  14. One more thing to try at Ikea is their Lingonberry juice which is served in the restaurant and can be purchased in a concentrated form. Very tasty!

  15. hi, you are too cute. has ikea just arrived there...we have made use of ikea in one way or the other over the last 37 yrs. i remember my daughters bedroom furniture came from ikea. that was some 30 yrs ago. i still have the desk but converted it to a cutting table. boy they sure have come along way with there designs. i'm sure now that you have been there you will be back. try the sweedish meatballs for lunch or their quiche and salad with the berry sauce.mmmmmm yummy and its just 10;45 here. can't wait to see what those finger puppets and your new sewing table turnout. take care...

  16. We love the Lingonberry preserves! They're my daughters favorite.

  17. En Ikea se encuentran muchas cosas utiles y de buen precio. La que está feliz es la gata con su tapete nuevo. Besotes

  18. We have an Ikea about 10 minutes away and I do my best to stay out of it because it's all so tempting and down right useful. It seems now that summer is winding down we've all started to take a look at our I meant to tell you yesterday, I love your modge podge table. I would have never tried that but now I think I just might. snowball quilt top is finished. I'll be posting it tomorrow. It was sure a fun project...what's next. :) Patty

  19. Karen, lingonberries are big in Wisconsin, and they're yummy on most everything! I always bring some home to Iowa - the juice too. I also like grape jam or jelly on cinnamon buns. Donna Wheeler

  20. Hi Karen,
    I live 5 minutes from Ikea in my city... and it is funny to see you can buy the same things staying so long... Next time have a look to the fabrics!! sometimes you can find very interesting things...

  21. I have not been to an Ikea store but have purchased online. I might have to go in person just for the cinnamon rolls - they look delish. But after seeing the calorie count, I'm glad that the closest one is several hours away - lol! All kitties love sisal.

  22. There was a super-huge IKEA in NJ. When we lived there, we never went to it. Maybe it's just as well.....I don't need any of the fattening stuff they seem to sell there. LOL (And I don't need much in the way of furniture or household stuff, either. Now...if they had good buys on fabric, that might be a different story! :)

  23. I just discovered your blog-love it! I live about 45min north from said IKEA. Love it!! I have never read the cinnamon bun label-OUCH! 1serving=1/2 a bun!! but you did have some low-fat yogurt-they cancel each other out!

  24. Karen I wished we had an Ikea store
    close enough where I could go see
    what it's like. I had never heard
    of one until about a year ago. From the looks of things I would
    enjoy shopping there. Those cinnamon buns look good but I have
    never heard of the Lingonberry perserves. I am sure it is good.

  25. One thing I love to do with ligonberry jam as well as my homemade cranberry applesauce is to put a spoonful in my morning vanilla yogurt. Wonderful!


  26. LOL! Great post! I had a cinnamon bun on my last trip to Ikea before I even started shopping. Love their Swedish meatballs too. Quite a shopping experience!

  27. I am so glad you had a nice day at Ikea! It is so overwhelming sometimes!

    Those buns are big! :) Who cares about the serving size!

  28. I have never been to an IKEA. It's on my list of places I seriously want to go!

  29. I LOVE the lingonberry jam. I buy it by the case!

    Hope you have better luck with that chair than my son did - it no longer goes up and down. Of course, it might have something to do with the fact that he's 9 and was constantly playing with it, up, down, up, down...

    I'm surprised you didn't buy any fabric!

    FYI, sisal is what they use for the cat scratching posts, lol. Maybe you could get one of those cat houses that are covered in carpet. Wouldn't that be ironic?

  30. My GO! came today and I'm so excited to play with it. But I'm motivating myself to get the quilt top off my design wall first (see my blog.) Thank you so much!!!

    Oh and I LOVE ikea and LOVE the Lingonberry preserves. Yum

  31. If you ever go back during the warm the cinnamon buns first...go back to car and leave them in the car...go back and shop...and when you get back to the car, it will not only smell like a wonderful bakery, the buns will be warm and gooey...just perfect for the ride home...heavenly!
    They really are the best...and I have tried many buns from many sources ;)!

  32. My indoor cat uses my sisal rug as as scratching mat too! The rugs should come with warnings for cat owners!

  33. I have driven by the IKEA store for years thinking the furniture was modern and not to my taste. I have changed my mind. My DH is converting the dining room into the quilting studio. He is using several different sized Expedit Book Shelves and an Effektiv cabinet. I'm storing my fabric in boxes called Flort, 2 dots over the 'o'.
    I use to worry what my guest and family would think, now I feel true friends and family understand my passion.
    Keep quilting and you will live a long & happy life.
    NW Houston TX USA

  34. Love the chair!I'm in the process of trying to find a chair for my sewing room. My husband and I just finished painting the sewing room.
    Ikea has some shelves that I am going to buy to put my fabric on.


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