Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sew Darn Crafty Party...Week 29

Hello everyone! A great big THANK YOU for all your thoughts and prayers for all of us on the east coast. Irene is here and she's a doosey! This is a very quick post, because our power just flickered 3 times while writing this post this morning.

Hope everyone stays safe for the remainder of all of this.

If you'd like to join in the linking party today, it would be great to see what everyone has been up to! Thanks so much for always linking up such great projects.

Take care,

If you're new to Sew Darn Crafty, then grab a cup of something tasty, sit back and join in on the fun (starts Sunday and lasts all week long at Sew Many Ways).
  • "Sew" for anything to do with sewing,
  • "Darn" for anything to do with knitting. I always think of darning to do with knitting, but in my case "darn" usually is similar to the word I say when I mess up crafting!!
  • Let's not forget the word "crafty"...that can mean just about anything we do to create.

So now we all know what Sew Darn Crafty means, let's explain a linking party again. I subscribe to a linking service, which provides the ability to link thumbnail pictures on my blog. The picture is a link that other bloggers provide to share their projects.

Two things can happen at a linking party...looking and/or linking
  • you can be greatly inspired by wonderful projects, ideas or vacation pictures (looking) and/or
  • you can share what you've been up to (linking)
If you want to be inspired by all the great ideas...just click on a picture and it will take you to that post from a wonderful blogger willing to share her thoughts and ideas.

If you want to link to the party...see the directions below.

So let's get going...

Sew Darn Crafty is all about YOU!! Show off your projects, share a tutorial, show us your vacation pictures, share a family favorite recipe...share anything. Not only does linking inspire us all, it also brings lots of new people to your blog for a visit. Click here for past parties and lots of inspiration

Easy steps to join in on the fun...

  • link up to the specific project post, not your whole blog. Makes it easier to link right to that post and not  search through all your entire blog. To find the http address to a specific post, just click on the Title of your post.
  • link as many projects as you'd like...old or new
  • anything, sewing, knitting, crafts, organizing, remodeling projects, vacations, parties etc...
  • visit other links to share some blogging love! You know we all love comments!
  • grab a Sew Darn Crafty button for your blog (on my right side bar) or just link to the party in your post.
  • the more we share, the more people will join and then there's more inspiration to look at!
  • linking is open til Saturday night, so plenty of time to join in
  • just click the "click here to enter" button and follow the easy steps

Have fun linking up! Don't forget to come back and take a look at all the great projects during the week,


  1. Karen, thank you for hosting!

  2. Thanks for hosting. Have a great week!

  3. I'm in awe of of your talent!
    Thank you for sharing your creative thoughts with us.

  4. I just love your sew darn crafty parties. I check many of them out and learn so much. It is so extremely generous of you to share this site with everyone. You are amazing!

  5. Karen my thoughts are with you. Hope everything turns out o.k. I know what you are going through.

  6. Do you have any recycling ideas for this: 14 inch square plastic coated wire panels that hook together to create cubes for storage. The panels are sturdy, but hooked together, the cubes are not very sturdy. Any ideas before I toss them?

  7. Karen, wanted to say Hi and thank you for the crafty blog party. I think I was googling for a sewing blog party and I found yours. Thanks for the inspiration and all the love. Blessings Terri

  8. Karen, First off I am so glad you are ok. Irene was devistating to so many. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all that were affected.
    Now I am new to your Blog and love the Linky parties. I will have to participate for sure.
    Thanks and take care.
    Dee B

  9. Karen, sorry but I have to correct my's DEVASTATING NOT's late here...sounds good anyway.

    BTW I really like you Blog so far from what I see. I will make sure to tell others to visit.
    Dee B


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