Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Recycled Six Pack

It's Tool Time Tuesday again. The place where we always think outside the box...a box of bottles actually. This is a box carrier from a four pack of root beer, but a six pack of whatever would work great too. It would hold more!

A little side note about this week's Tool Time. I found this root beer carrier on my desk in my sewing room with a little note attached. The note said..."Tool Time idea?"  The note was from my daughter Kelsie. I guess the "save the trash disease" is spreading in our house. Thanks Kelsie for leaving me some inspiration to think about!!

The carrier is great. It's small, light weight and has a handle...

and has 4 or 6 compartments to hold lots of things.

Now to make it pretty...paint it, glue on fabric or scrap booking paper.

I went for the speedy dry paint idea! I did this an hour before leaving for work Monday morning. If you plan this correctly, you can coordinate the color or design to match any occasion!!

Now for the ideas...

Picnic utensils

Condiment carrier...ketchup, mustard, relish, hot sauce, bbq sauce etc...

A place to hold all your glues...

Office supplies...

Mini toolbox...

Hot glue gun supply carrier...

Scissors and rotary cutters...

Remote control caddy...

I'm sure there are so many more ideas for these. If you can think of any, share them in the comments. We always love to hear from you!!

Remember...save a lot of these and then decorate them to the occasion.
  • Birthday parties...each guest gets one filled with party favors and candy
  • Fourth of July party...each guest gets one filled with their own picnic utensils, napkin and a package of sparklers
  • Valentine's Day...each compartment filled with a tall thin goody bag of candies and love notes
 Have fun with them...they're easy to work with and they're FREE!

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Like mother, like daughter! A bunch of great ideas for that carrier...wonderful.

  2. Great idea. I wanted to buy such a thing for my hobby supplies, now I can make one myself.
    The only thing is, we don't have sixpacks here. We buy ear in crates. So I have to go to shop...

  3. very very clever & useful...thank you much for sharing! :)

  4. My cousin did this years ago to carry the baby bottles to the babysitters each day. Fun ideas.

  5. Hi Karen, thanks for the red/white blocks, I really like them all(though some are multiple, the rest is still beautiful). Just a note: you forgot to send me selvages :-)

  6. I've used this idea for picnic and backyard gatherings for holding tableware and napkins. The carrier is from an Estee Park brewery we enjoyed during the wonderful adventures we had discovering the Rocky Mountain National Park. Good memories making good memories :-)

  7. You are so funny! I can't believe you do all of this and work too. I guess you don't get in much trouble. Great idea by the way.

  8. You think of everything lady jane!! Love it:)

  9. You are so inspirational. Thanks.

  10. Karen. You are so funny!!! You can take anything and make something fantastic!!!

  11. Your daughter leaving you the soda carrier and a note cracks me up--BTW, what a great idea for a gardening gift bag filled w/a pair of nice new gloves, some seed packages, a pair of pruners and some small plant tags and maybe a gift card to a garden center!

    Gail :)

  12. I have one from Ikea that I use for my paint supplies. I took it apart, used contact paper to make it more durable and put it back together. I have my brushes (I inserted a plastic cup to catch moisture after washing them, stir sticks, can openers, tape and even putty and putty knifes. I have it all in one place!

  13. This would be good for spray paint cans too.


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