Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Paint Craft Bucket

Hi everyone! So glad you could drop by for  visit. Tool Time Tuesday is where I try to find items that can be used in different ways. I find things in hardware stores, automotive stores, office supply stores, my recycling bin etc...the motto for Tool Time is to "think outside the box"! Always look twice at something and make your brain think beyond the norm...like this item below.

I love this Tool Time...Why? It was $2.39 and it's red! After I show you what you can use it for, you'll love it too.

This is a Handy Paint Cup.

A mini hand bucket. It's great for when you are painting or cutting in trim work. Just pour a little paint in and your hand fits comfortably under the handle. Wow...that sounded like a commercial ( I really have no connection to this product...just caught my eye in the paint aisle.)

See that black rectangle? It's a magnet.

 Holds your paint brush out of the paint when not in use. Great for craft painting, not just wall painting.

The metal on the brush sticks to the magnet.

Well, it's Tool Time at Sew Many Ways, so needles and pins stick to this magnet too!!

Great handy bucket to hold hand sewing projects.

I'm sure the handle will fit on some chair arms or hang some where in the car when sewing on long trips.

Holds your hand sewing, scissors, glasses, thread etc. The needles and pins are always there on the magnet and won't get lost.

Great for...
  • hand sewn hexagon projects
  • cross stitching projects
  • jewelry or bead work with the little metal tools
  • the obvious craft paint
Take a trip down the paint aisle...great ideas in there!

Have a great Tuesday,


  1. you are so clever! Every week I am amazed with what you create.

  2. Your post always put a smile on my face...I was sitting there thinking what in the world and when you got to where it was hanging on a chair....the smile appeared....you are soooooooo amazing!

  3. I never miss your Tool Time Tuesday. I agree with Diane you are sooooo clever. However, I am still trying to find that magnetic parts dish at a car store around here!!!!

  4. Oh and RED and WHITE fabric. I can't wait to see My package. I do hope you took pictures of all the packages!

  5. Perfect! You are such a talent and have opened my eyes when I look at things now I see everything differently!! Thanks!!

  6. ...just added this to my shopping list! Have a creative day ~Natalie

  7. I always stick my pins in the arm of my chair...probably not the best idea! :) I should give this a try! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Seriously love this post. And plan to use & abuse this idea!!

  9. Karen that is a wonderful idea. I will have to look for that next time I go to one of those hardware stores. Thanks.

  10. I need to take more trips to the hardware store with my husband!! That paint bucket is great!!


  11. I've never seen that "paint cup" but what a great idea you have. I will be getting one for the hand embroidery I have to do on my BOMs.

  12. Great project - I see some of your red & white fabrics......do you have any updates from the swap, such as what people are doing with theirs? I've yet to decide on something for all my new reds & whites!


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