Sunday, July 10, 2011

Join my Make a Gift on the 25th Club... name is Karen and I am a proCRAFTinator. There...I said it. Every Christmas I have the best intentions to make gifts for people, but never finish or I am sewing on Christmas eve.

Well, not any more. I am starting a club and would love it if you can join me. The club is called...

 "Make a Gift on the 25th" 

For the next 5 months...July - will start, make, complete or continue to make one gift on the 25th of each month. You can start a new project of your own choice or finish one you've already started. If you can't do it exactly on the 25th of each month, try to participate during the "week" of the 25th. Having a designated time and day will help eliminate proCRAFTination.

This is our button for our Christmas crafting. Seeing this on your side bar each day will help remind you to stay on track to get the job done!!

To add a button to your side bar is easy...
  • First, copy the code under the button at the top of my side bar. Place your cursor at the top of the code, left click, highlight and drag until you reach the bottom
  • right click and then click COPY
  • go to the DESIGN section of your dashboard
  • click "Add a Gadget"
  • click HTML/Javascript
  • put in a title for the button
  • then right click and PASTE in the code into the box (sometimes you have to go back and copy the code again)
  • click SAVE and you're done

There's plenty of time to get a few gifts done. If we all band together and post our progress, it will keep us moving along. Let this Christmas be the one where we can enjoy the few days leading up to the holidays and not have our heads buried in our craft rooms trying to get things finished.

Raise your right hand and repeat after me...

My name is______________ and I will not proCRAFTinate any more. I promise to "Make a Gift on the 25th" and I will have a relaxing holiday this year! LOL !!

Share this with your friends...I think we all can use a little push now and then!

Have a great day,


  1. This is such a great idea, love it! I definitely need a kick up the bum to get everything ready this year! Thanks for starting this, off to gather some ideas!

  2. I loves it! I will definitely be trying this! Maybe along with helping me get ahead for Christmas, I'll actually start MAKING things again!! Stupid job, it's taking up too much time!

  3. I'll definitely be joining in on this fantastic plan!!

  4. With 9 grand kids I am so late getting started. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. What a super idea Karen!! I am always wanting to start early making Chr. gifts each yr. and somehow end up always waiting till the last min. it seems.

    Thanks a bunch!


  6. Oh my my this is a wonderful idea...... since it doesn't look like the lottery idea is working out very well for me. lol You come up with the coolest ideas, thanks once again.
    Vicki R

  7. You come up the neatest ideas!

    Just a teensy bit of background...8 months ago I had a stroke followed my an MS episode that left my right side paralysed, and I spent Christmas in the hospital - practically no Christmas at all as you can imagine.

    Last evening while struggling through making what used to be for me a simple throw pillow I discovered that I can make a napkin using one hand fairly easily. I'm really excited about this!

    And now with your Christmas gift making idea in place I figure I should get at least 5 sets of napkins done! Guess what everyone is getting for gifts this year? ;-)

    Thanks so much!

  8. Hi. My name is Chris and I am a proCRAFTinator. And since you've left us with no WAAY out then I'm joining your 'Make a Gift on the 25th" club.

  9. What an excellent idea, Karen. I'm in!

  10. Count me in - great idea - will put your button on my blog to remind me

  11. This is a GREAT idea! I will have to try to remember to do this.

  12. This is a great idea Karen. Thanks for sharing. I have spread the news, taken your button for my blog and blogged about it to others too. However when it turns the 25th are we to blog on our own blogs about our gifts underway or share on some spot on yours? A little confused on this point. It is a little sticky sharing everything on your own as you don't want friends and family to see their own gift before xmas!! Any suggestions re this one? :)

  13. This is a great idea. I decided at the beginning of the year that I was going to make everyone on my Christmas list one gift, no matter how small, just one little thing. Well, I can say I am a Procraftinator! I only have 1 finihed and with my list in the 20 person rabge I can safely say I won't do it this year! Guilty! But on the other hand I have been making tons of things this year so I feel accomplished!

  14. Love it! Got a button over at and have blogged about it as well. Hope to get lots of neat gift ideas. Thanks again for this great idea!

  15. Yes, this is a super idea, I also always plan to make handmade gifts and then the time is gone! You do have some of the best ideas of anyone I read!! Would love to sign up, Thank YOU, Melody A.

  16. Consider me joined thet club! Cool idea! Just won't be sewing presents, cause I simply can't sew, people wouldn't be too happy *grin*. Great idea!

  17. Great idea! We all need a little incentive to organized for Christmas. Count me in:)

  18. I love this idea! I don't have any gifts planned at the moment, but I am working on making things for my 3rd grandbaby due in December.

  19. I would love to join but most of my crafting is for my grand-children and I can never wait until Christmas to give them my gifts. So they end up getting something store bought under their tree.

  20. I already do something for Christmas on the 25th of each month (make a master gift list, organize addresses for card mailing, make a card or decoration, etc), but half the year has passed and it's definitely time to get cracking on gifts. Count me in!

    I am reading this and laughing on the inside, this is sooo me. One year for Christmas I was making my older brother a pair of hawaiian print shorts, Christmas morning they were not done so I wrapped the pattern cover and a scrap of fabric.
    We are going on a quilt retreat, leaving at the end of this week and I have been working feverishly to finish the little gifts I want to make for everyone, little embroidered (machine) drink mix bags, I was up until midnight last night pounding on snaps, I have 18-19 to go, embroidery is done but assembly is not.
    I once made a sign that said worlds greatest procrastinator!!

  22. Hey Karen, I found you on Pinterest, and had to come say HI.... Your blog is awesome girl. This idea you have, it's FANTASTIC, I have a very very very bad case of ProCRAFTination too, lol.

    I am happily following your blog now, there is just so much to see, and I can't wait to check out all your recycling projects, YAYYY!!!

    I will be back to grab some buttons, including your party button so I can join in every week.

    I'd also LOVE to invite you to check out my weekly parties. I would be so happy if you linked up any of the fabulous project you are working on.
    Stop by anytime to say hello!!!
    Hugs, Bella :)
    **AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After Any projects, recipes, diy welcome.
    **PARTY PLANNING TUESDAYS** @ Euro Style Cakes. Any party planning tips, decorations, invitations, recipes welcome.

  23. Count me in too. Maybe by the 25th I'll have an idea or 2 to start. It would be novel not to have to be quilting every night in December, or Christmas day for that matter. Selina

  24. Count me in! I've already started my list, and can't wait to get going on it.

  25. Karen, this sounds a great idea... I will try and grab your button, a bit challenged in that area! I will also try and do some Christmas crafting in between everything else.. By the way, have you seen our Australian Homespun magazine, just out here.... full of Christmas loveliness...

  26. Fabulous idea! I'm planning to join in!


  27. I Stephanie will be sure to get this done and post my gifts to come. I have already put some of the items in front of me to make. So let the fun began and GO GIRLS.

  28. Ohh! I love this idea! I am going to play along. Thanks so much for the great idea!

  29. You're a genius. I'm really going to try this. Thanks for all your blog helps also.

  30. this is brillant - thankyou !


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