Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday... Quilt Bungee Cord Cover

Welcome to another edition of Tool Time Tuesday. I've received so many emails and comments asking how I come up with ideas for my posts. Well, some of the time I'm just wandering around Home Depot and something inspires me. Other times things are just staring me right in the face in my every day life.

Here is one instance of something I use in so many ways (or should I say sew many ways!!)...bungee cords.

You remember Annie, our 11 year old yellow lab. In past posts, I've made a gate with pvc pipes for her (click here) and an elevated dog dish made from an old picnic basket (click here). Well, I use bungee cords regularly to wrap up her blanket when she has to go some where. Here she is already to go to the kennel for a couple days when we went on a trip to Maine.

Bungee cords are very inexpensive and you can find them any where...even the dollar store.

Just wrap it around the quilt...

and loop the 2 hooks together.

So here's where the tutorial comes in.

We can use bungees to wrap human quilts for...
  • a picnic
  • the beach
  • children's sleepovers...bungee cord the sleeping bag or quilt with the pillow in one bunch
 The only problem is...these things are not cute!

To start, measure the length of the bungee cord.

Take your measurement and double it to cut the fabric.

Now cut your strip of fabric. I cut mine 3 1/2" wide by the full width of the fabric, which is about 42-44" wide. The length of the fabric happened to be double of my bungee cord measurement.

Fold the fabric strip in half length wise.

Iron the length of the strip.

Now sew the length with a 1/4" seam allowance, but leave both short ends open.

I used black thread so you can see the stitching.

Turn the fabric tube inside out.

Now start feeding the bungee cord through the fabric tube.

Attach the ends of the fabric tube to each end of the bungee cord, just below the wire. You can attach it in a few different ways.
  • sew it with a few stitches to the fabric cord
  • hot glue the ends to the cord
  • use those zip ties that you thread through and pull tight and they don't come undone
  • wrap wire around it tightly after you hot glue

Now here you have a really cute bungee cord...perfect to wrap around any quilt. Don't forget to match your bungee cord cover to your quilt though.

I'm off to show Annie her new bungee...she's going to be so excited. Ok, maybe I'm the only one who will be excited that her cord now matches her blanket.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Another brilliant idea! Thanks, Karen!

  2. I like this project...and I am not surprised by your choice of the red and white...way to go making your home lovely!

  3. Great idea, my 2 Boxer babies will love this. I just made new blankets for their recliners !!!!!, so when they go to the kennels they can take them with them.
    I want to thank you for this blog, I LOVE IT!!! Tuesdays are a favorite. You are very clever.

  4. what a cute idea! I have to bungie my little basket on to the back of my scooter and it is ugly! I am going to make one of these to match it. tfs Tami

  5. What a great idea!! I would have never thought of using a bungie cord around a quilt or blanket! And then dress it up like you did
    is just brillant. Thanks again for
    another wonderful idea!

  6. Cute,Cute karen. I like your idea and so easy too. Thanks!!!

  7. great ideas as usual............you truly are an inspiration

  8. Karen, You always come up with the best ideas! I just bought a used luggage tote at Goodwill yesterday to make it easier to transport my sewing/embroidery machine, but it is missing the bungee cord. When I buy one this weekend, I will certainly dress it up right away.
    Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your creativity with us.

  9. wow Im going to use this idea. I have some coretech soft luggage for motorcycles, it is secured with high end bungie cords to the bike. but nothing to protect the bike from scratched from the cords. this will solve that problem. thanks again

  10. I never would've thought of using bungee cords for securing blankets, quilts, etc. -- such a great idea!! Beth

  11. Fabulous idea!!!! I will definitely be covering the bungee cords for my 7 year old's sleeping bag. This will make my daughter so so happy!!


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