Saturday, January 29, 2011

Swap Meet Weekend...January 29th-30th

Welcome to the first edition of Sew Many Ways...Swap Meet Weekend (S.M.W) What is a swap meet you ask? Well, I know we all love to go to thrift stores, yard sales and consignment shops, so why not have a blogging swap meet. Nothing better than thrifting in your pajamas!!! Not only will we find fun things to share, but just think of the wonderful people we'll meet!

Below is a Linking Party to add your picture of the item that you'd like to swap with someone else. Everyone will browse through all the items and click on the picture to link to the details. ALL items in this swap are FREE...NO MONEY will be exchanged. The only cost to each swapper is the cost of postage to mail your item (package) to your swap partner. Both swap partners will contact each other through the comments section or emails for the specifics of the swap. Both parties must agree on the items they will be swapping and the shipping costs. Sew Many Ways is just the middle man to bring the swap partners together.

Examples of swap items...
  • fabric
  • craft/scrap booking supplies
  • gently used or new clothing items
  • baby things
  • new, handmade craft, purses, scarves, quilts etc
  • pottery/china
  • purses/handbags
  • cookbooks
  • collectibles
  • teapots
  • cookie jars
  • home decor
  • etc...

Here are the steps and instructions for the Swap Meet Link Party...
  • you must have a picture of the item you'd like to swap on your blog or Flicker account or any other photo sharing website before you click the link button below
  • you must have a description of the item
  • location of item...state or country for shipping purposes
  • don't forget to include a link back to Sew Many Ways Swap Meet Weekend, so every one can join in on the fun (you can grab the picture above if you'd like for your post or side bar)
The steps for filling in the Linking Party are easy!!!
  • click the "Add Your Link" button below... 3 boxes will pop up
  • First box...add your blog POST URL address (not your whole blog) or Flicker page URL...this is the address in the box at the top of the page...usually starts with http. Just copy and paste into the box
  • next is the "Name" box...this will be the name of your ITEM (ex...1 yard of Moda fabric)
  • next is your email address, which is not published at all. It's only if I need to contact you.
  • last step is to click "Next Step" to choose a picture of your item for the party thumbnail picture. This may take a few seconds, so just click one time and wait for images to appear from the URL address that you entered in the first box. Just click on the picture that you want displayed in the party.
That's all...your picture and the link back to your post will be there for all to see and browse through. The Link Party will only be open until Friday February 4th to add your item, but the swapping can gone on forever!
Thanks for joining in on the fun,


  1. Okay - I have a problem - I linked, but missed the sentence that said to use the picture of my swap item - can you remove me, and I'll try again!

  2. Oh, brother - not sure what I did - but link # 3 is the one that I'd like to leave on here!

  3. This sounds like a great idea, but none of the links above have anything to do with swapping stuff. I've enjoyed cruising through Peg's blog courtesy of link #1 & #2, and link #3 just takes me to the home page of Flickr. Darn!

  4. I am glad i checked back. On entry #3, go to Jamleft on the flickr page and look at the weekend swap set.

  5. I posted to my blog as a post. I'm confused about the "Jamleft" as I did not see any word that said Jamleft....but I'm also not that skilled with Flicker.

    Any suggestions would be great :)


  6. Hi all - the first two links are actually mine (both titled Peg). The first one is an error, and I've asked that it be removed - not sure when/if Karen will be able to get to that. The second link is to my blog post when I received the bag that's pictured - there are more pictures on that post. It's a great bag that opens out completely, with a zipper holding 2 sides together and the other 2 sides with a drawstring ribbon to close it up so that it then looks a little like a duffle bag. It'll hold lots of goodies!

  7. LOVE this idea but was otherwise occupied and not prepared with photos and such. Hopefully I'll be better prepared next ime.

  8. Ummmm....#4 Pin cushions - intriguing and I wouldn't mind a look, but I'm not a member of 'smallquilttalk' and I think I belong to enough groups without joining another one. Is there another way to see these items?

  9. I wanted to look at the pin cushions too.

  10. Ok, so I want #3! Do you want #9?

  11. Wondering is Karen is going to put something up to swap?

  12. D-L, do you mean #8? I think the numbers were switched!

  13. Yes I meant #8! (Mommy brain!)

  14. Yes I will swap with you D-L, not sure how that part works exactly? I could give you my business email.

  15. Sunflower, If you click on D-L and hit contact/email, you can send your info that way! WHOOHOO!

  16. D-L could you please contact me through my blog?
    Thank you! :) (sorry but I am computer illiterate and having issues)!


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