Monday, October 19, 2009

I Have a Few Questions For Ya...

Hi Everyone,
This is Hallie, our tortoiseshell cat. These pictures of her have no purpose in this post, just wanted to show you what we have to deal with. This is how she sleeps in our bedroom or how she hangs out on the back of our office chair. She is like no other cat we've had before. She. Is. Nuts...I won't even get into the stories with you, just thought I would share the pictures.
Now onto a few blogging questions that I have.

  • What is the "Friends" button under the "Followers" icon. I thought I was friends with all of you? Should I be doing something with that button every time I become a follower on some one's blog? I have 7 "Friends" right now...Hi girls!! Thanks for being my friend!
  • Next, where do you store all you blog photos, once you download them off your camera? I store them on my computer in the "My Pictures" section. It is ridiculously full right now. Which leads me into my next question...
  • Do you delete a picture from where ever you store it, once you have put it on your blog or do you keep it..."just in case". You know those "just in case" things, like that tiny scrap of Moda fabric that you're saving "just in case" you get inspired to do applique some day and need that little piece of red fabric for a berry on a Christmas wreath or that empty hot chocolate container that you saved "just in case" you feel the need to peel off the label, soak it in hot water for hours and have a cute stainless steel container to store more junk in. Ok, I got way off base from the question. Go back and read it again.
  • Why can't I "copy and paste" something from some where else. For example, I had permission from some one's blog (that I was sharing with all of you), to use her description of her blog. I went to her blog, high lighted the long description, right clicked on it and clicked "copy". Now, when I go back to my blog post and right click where I want to "paste" it, it won't let me. Why? Is it a copy right issue...because I had permission from her, not that the computer knows that or anything.
  • and my last one for now, because I know there will be more at some point...Has anyone used the "monetize" button on your blog? It's up there on the top of your dashboard. If you click on it, it will explain Adsense. It's a way for advertisers to post on your blog and you get money from them. My questions much money do you really get? do other bloggers really click on those advertisements? Do you like just a simple, personal blog with no advertising at all? I've had a few different companies email me about advertising on my blog, because of the number of followers...I'm not so sure. What do you think? I think it's one more thing for me to think about and that I don't need!!
Ok, that it's for now. If I get any comments from this post, I can't guarantee I can get back to you soon. Monday is my late night to work and then I work early Tuesday morning. Don't think I am ignoring you, but it might not be until Wednesday when I can get back to you.
Thanks in advance for all your help,


  1. You're right - your cat is nuts.

    To your questions:
    - friends: personally I don't lie them (even though am not using Blogspot). I think when, oops there is also followers so I guess I can't help you there.

    - blog photos: I usually download them to my external hard drive for those just in case and still have enough memory in my My Pictures so that I can use the Internet browser at a faster speed. At the moment, I am using Flickr to download photos that I want to share with family/friends and those for public so that I can easily point my visitors to that specific picture without me searching two hard drives.

    -copy and paste: sometimes can't rmbr on what occassion, I need to paste first (and usually I write my draft post on a word processor) onto that word processor.

    Very long winded but am in need of posting a very delayed blog post of my own.

  2. Karen I'm sure there must be people out there that know the answers to your questions. For my photos I upload them to Flickr from there I re-size them to medium to be put on my blog. I leave all my photos on Flickr although sometimes if a photo has no value after I use it on my blog I delete it from there.
    I don't have a follower button on my blog - I don't know if that is because I use wordpress for my blog or if it is something that wordpress doesn't have. I put all blogs that I follow on google reader and it tells me when someone has posted a new entry on their blog (like yours).

  3. Ok....lets see here...I save my pix in a file called previously published on blog. YOu can always go back and copy and paste a pix from your blog if you need it again....I just do this because it is easy for me.

    I initially did the monitize thingeymobob....but it puts "cxap" in you blog and makes it look like a magazine with too much advertising. I've never heard of anyone making "money" from it...pennies or something....but do you really want infomertials in the middle of your posts?

    I have no idea about the friends thing...It might be a google thing.

    I have found if their words were published in a different writer you can't necessarily copy and paste. I've pasted to a word document and then re-pasted into a blog format. Hope that helps a little.


  4. I don't do the "friends" or "followers" so I can't help there or with the monetize thing.

    For copying and pasting, do you know how to do a screenshot? I'm on a Mac and it is command+shift+4 or command+shift+3 for the full page. It leaves a .png file on your desktop which you should be able to insert in your post just like you would one of your photos.

    As for keeping photos, I do keep them on an external hard drive. Actually, I keep all of my photos backed up on several external hard drives including one in a fireproof safe. I know too many people who have lost all their photos, so you need to keep more than one copy.

  5. Hmmm Yes your cat seems nuts!!
    As for pictures, I use photobucket to save them. If I save on my computer, I make up folders, such as blog pictures, or blocks I like, family photos, etsy,ebay and so on. I do not like when I have a lot of pictures in one folder.
    Copy then paste into a word program, then copy and paste from there.
    As for friends, no idea!!
    Ads, to be honest I was going to do it too but you get pennies IF and only IF they click on the ad. It does not bother me to see them on someone else's blog, but I choose not to deal with it. Hope that helps a little.

  6. I will answer your last question first. I loath blogs with advertisements on them...some are popping up little boxes, flying across the screen and just (i think) putting a lot of clutter on an otherwise great blog. Unless you really needed the money, I don't know why anyone would want ads on your personal blog.
    I also save my pics the way you do...maybe I can get some hints from the readers that answer you!

  7. OK, pictures . . .

    I use Picasa for viewing pictures, and it works really well with Blogger, and even better with LiveWriter if you use that to create your blog posts. My pictures are stored in "My Pictures", and the ones that I want to use for the blog I will upload into Picasa web albums. From there, it's a couple of clicks to get them into a post. The one thing I have not tried yet, is then removing a picture from "My Pictures" . . . I need to try that.

    Hope this helps!


  8. I a really too busy to click on an ad....I have all these wonderful blogs to read...

    As for the other brain is not awake yet.....sorry....and if my brain was wouldn't know....not to bright in this corner of the world.

    i would love to hear stories of this cat.

  9. Wow you've gotten answers to questions that I had too. And they are really good questions. I do just keep my pictures in my computer under My Pictures. I have a Photobucket account, but I thought it was open to anyone, so I only have posted pictures that were going to be viewed from Connecting Threads. I feel like my blog is personal, so I really did not want to advertise about anything. I know a lot of blogs do it, and if you get as many hits as Pioneer Woman, maybe it would be profitable. You have almost 300 follower so you probably have twice that many that view. PW has thousands. I will be back to see what others are saying about your questions.

  10. Your cat is cool, I love the way she's sitting on the chair top. I don't have a blog, but I download my pictures to keep on cd's. That way I have them if my computer goes down. BTW - you should always back up the computer. I sent my I Spys out today. Have a great day, Linda
    p.s. It's very sweet of you to respond to comments, but no need to respond to everyone.

  11. Hi Karen - your cat looks like he just has so much character!! As for your questions:
    - I've never been able to figure out the 'friends' thing either
    - photos - well, I've set up an 'album' folder in 'documents', and within that separate 'albums' for different family members/occasions/hobbies. This is just so that when I want to look back on something, I have some kind of idea where to look for it. I have a folder specifically for quilts, for example. Pics taken just to be able to share on the blog, and don't fit into any specific 'album' are just kept in the main folder. Blog pics are kept for a little while, then reviewed to see if they're something I want to keep. Periodically I copy pics onto an external hard drive, just because I'm a little paranoid about my PC crashing. At the end of the year, I select specific pictures to print in hard-copy and put them into a 'real' album, then set up an album on the computer for a quick review of that year, and copy all of the pictures onto a disc for permanent storage. That's long and complicated, but it satisfies my compulsion to organize and my concern over the possibility of losing all of these pictures.
    - not sure why the copy and paste thing isn't working, there may be some restraints in one of the programs
    - Adsense - I tried that once for about 5 minutes - it competely took over my blog and there was nothing but ads. Even though I had requested ads be displayed at the bottom (allowing viewers to decide whether or not they wanted to look at ads), they came out on top and on the side bar, and ended up hiding my blog. So I very quickly got rid of that!!

    Good luck with figuring out all of this - I'll be watching for answers from others. Thanks for putting the questions out there.

  12. Your post today was like "Ask Dr. Oz'...all the questions I've had but never bothered to ask. I've wondered about the friend thing too and thought of followers as friends. Tried the ad thing for two weeks and hated how it looked on my blog, quickly got rid of it! Can't help with the pics as I'm still trying to figure all that out.

  13. Your cat is silly! I love that pose.

    As to answers:
    I don't understand the Friends or Followers so I can't help you there.

    I use IPhoto and all of my photos from the last 5 years are in that program. When I export a photo to post on my blog I put them in a folder on my computer. Those files are sorted by year and month. I also have a thumb drive with all my photos on it.

    I never pay attention to ads on blogs. I want to read the writer's entries. That's why I visit blogs.

  14. I am on WordPress, so I don'tknow about the friends/followers thing. Likewise, with ads, since I don't pay for my account, I can't do ads, but I agree with everyone that I don't like them., especially the ones that open when you accidentlly roll over them.

    With pictures, I do have a copy stored on an external hard drive. I am currently going through the ones on my computer and deleting the fuzzy ones, renaming the good ones and establishing folders that act as albums. I also take the best and print them out. When I am finished reviewing ten yrs of digital, I'll resave them as modified and then store an external HD offsite, like in a safety deposit box. And then, I'll update every that every now & then.

    You have a bunch of blog photos showing steps of tasks that you may not want to repeat in another post or save for your kids to enjoy in the future. However, you may want to save them for a while, in case you do move to another blog site and have problems in transferring photos. I would get a separate external HD just for your blog photos. Establish a file folder for each year and then one for each post with the series of photos that were published. Then delete those and the ten extra photos off your computer. If you are doing a tutorial, you could also save a copy of the text in that folder.

    Think of the external HD as a filing cabinet.You don't need it everyday, but want to be able to retrieve it. Eventually, you can throw out the folder when you don't need it in ten years.

    Hope that helps.... it is interesting to see how everyone else is saving photos.


  15. Thanks for posting those questions. I have NO system for my photos and don't back up my computer, so I've read those comments with much interest! Because things happen. (I'm catching up on posts today and read yours from 10/21.)

  16. I don't have any answers for you but sure enjoyed the pictures of your cat. What personality. Gotta love em.

  17. Karen,
    About the copy and paste thing -- you have to save it on your computer first, then you kind of "own" it... not really, but that's the way the computer 'thinks' of it. About the "My Pictures" thing: my husband (who is an avid photographer) says that if you subdivide and put things in categories, then you can find them easier. Just a suggestion. Hope you find the answers to your other questions, also! Love your blog!

  18. I have noticed some people have little signatures on the bottom of their posts. How are those added?

  19. is this basically a site for bloggers?
    i'm a sad blog reader who's having trouble receiving my favorite blogs.
    i've tried the usual feeds and each one seems to come with it's own baggage. is this a place i can turn to for help?


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