Friday, January 16, 2009

Some special quilts...

Even though I'm not quilting at the moment, thought I would show you a few pictures of quilts that I've made in the past. I have sewn most of my life...clothes for the girls when they were younger, curtains, pillows. You know, all the usual things, but I started quilting in 1998. I took my first class and made this quilt. It is a small lap quilt made with homespuns. Yikes! not a good fabric to learn to quilt with...that stuff stretches. This is my one and only hand tied quilt.

This next one is a scrappy zig zag.

This red, white and blue quilt is my first using setting triangles and a quilting technique on my machine that looks like hand quilting. You use white thread on the top and clear thread in the bobbin.

This next one is very sentimental in many ways. I made it for my mom. She was the seamstress in the family...a perfectionist. She sewed everything, she even made my wedding dress and hand sewed on every bead and pearl. She never ventured into quilting though. I made this quilt with the spools of thread pattern made with all different colors of purple...her favorite color. I was piecing this quilt on the Tuesday morning of 9/11 while watching The Today Show. We all know where we were and what we were doing on that dreadful day. This quilt was the first and only one so far that I have hand quilted. My mom loved this quilt...she passed away the summer of 2007 from a very long battle with Parkinson's Disease. I miss her so much.

This last quilt I'll show today is a wall hanging I made for my sister after we lost our mom. I made up this pattern and used all my favorite fabrics from 3 Sisters by Moda. The center of the quilt has fabric frames where I placed sepia toned pictures of my mom and sister when she was little. I sewed some of my mom's favorite sewing tools, rulers and even a little personalized label my mom always sewed into everything she made. There are also little fabric envelopes where my sister can tuck in little memories of our mom. (sorry for the not so great pictures. The last one seems to be the true colors of the quilt.) I borrowed this quilt from my sister recently to take pictures of it for the heading of this blog. Keeps mom in little places all over.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and kiss the ones you love!!



  1. Congratulations on your new blog! I found it at Quilting bloggers. you have made so many great quilts, but most of all I liked the one you made for your sister. It is beautiful and wonderful with all the memories you have added to it. Hugs from Marit in Norway

  2. your QUilts are wonderfull , so clear in the colours und tradional
    I like them
    my english is bad now, excuse it
    Iam from North Germany
    best wishes Frauke

  3. How did I miss this post ? LOVE your photos. Love the quilts. The red white and blue one of course speaks to me! ;o) And the one for your sis, what a great idea. ooxx`jod

  4. I love your quilts. I work in a quilt shop one day a week and just started quilting myself. Actually the only quilts I've made so far are rag quilts. My dad passed away on June 16, 2007. I would like to make quilts from his jeans and shirts to share with my family. We would all love to have a little piece of something close to us everyday.

    Glad I found your blog,

  5. The memory quilt for your mother is just beautiful! And terribly clever. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love this post on special quilts. I had two questions for your. I love the pattern of that very first quilt on the rocker. Did you make that pattern up, or did you use one. If so,happen to remember what it was called? Also, I have a blog and i would love to use that pic of the quilt in the first rocker as my banner. Email me at
    Thanks in advance.


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