Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's not #1, but I love it...

Although quilting is my #1 hobby, organizing is right up there at #2. I haven't quilted since before Christmas, so I have nothing to show you right now (soon though...I have a gift certificate to my favorite quilt shop to buy fabric. Yay!!) Thought I would show you some of my favorite organizing must haves from the office supply. They are business cards, name badge holders and clear protective sheets.

I use the clear protective sheets for patterns, magazine clippings, recipes etc. They're great because you can clip them in a three ring binder. I use Microsoft word for the business cards to print hang tags for gifts, gift bags and gift baskets. When the girls were younger, I would write encouraging words and slip it in their lunch bags. I also use the cards with the name badge holders. The holders already have holes in them to tie onto baskets or boxes with a cute little ribbon. You can easily change out the card in the holder when you change the contents of the baskets. The picture below shows the baskets in our medicine closet, labeled so everyone can find what they need. The baskets on the stairs are called "crap" baskets. I know, not a great name, but when I find everyone's crap (hairbrushes, nail polish, shoes, jewelry, gloves, scarves, etc) all over the house, I pick it up and put it in the basket on the stairs. When anyone is on their way up the stairs, they grab the basket to unload in their rooms. Don't ask how long it takes them to put their stuff away once they unload it, that's a whole different story!!

I'm new to posting, so I wanted to try and link again. Jodi really helped me out with this. Oh look, yay, it worked. Thanks're the best.
More organizing to come and hopefully some sewing!!


  1. The name badge holder is a fabulous idea! I've NEVER seen that one. I LOVE the crap baskets! LOL. Still so excited you have a BLOG!

  2. I love your method of labeling the baskets...I've added those name badge holders to my shopping list!

  3. I am a professional organizer and a quilter. I love your name badge idea. I was just at a seminar and the badges we had had the clippies, no holes, so be careful to buy the ones with holes. I am certainly going to buy those to use and to pass on to my clients. Thank you for the tips.

  4. What a great idea, thanks for sharing!

    Have a great summer!


  5. Where did you get these baskets? don't often see something small enough to fit on each step. What a great idea- I am doing this!


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