Monday, June 1, 2015

Crazy Big Iris From Our Garden...

I love all flowers, but iris are up there as one of my favorites...along with tulips. This is the week when the iris starting blooming in our back yard and they are just beautiful, so I wanted to share a few pictures I took this weekend!! We have 2 sizes of iris and, this year for some reason, the larger one must have eaten it's Wheaties, because they are giant.

Here is the patch of smaller ones just starting to bloom...


and this is the larger one growing near our shed.


This is a close up of the bigger blooms. You can't tell in the photo, but they are like velvet...just perfect.


I cut a smaller bloom and held it next to the bigger one to compare the sizes.

It's like a momma and her little baby!!


I can't take any credit for the outside of the house or any of the flower gardens...for that I have to give all the credit to my hubby. He's the best!!

Hope your day is blooming into something beautiful too!!


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  1. Karen, congratulations! Your iris are fantastic and I realy love the colour - this deep deep blue!
    Happy days and all my best from Austria

  2. they are beautiful! We have a proliferation of Louisiana Irises in our area. They are that bright blueish blue-purple. But they are like the baby ones you have! That is one big Momma Iris!

  3. Whoa, that is one big Iris! And the color is gorgeous. I keep saying I need to find a place in our yard to plant an Iris bed. Maybe I'll do it this year. Hugs,

  4. Beautiful flowers. Years ago I made a beautiful bouquet of Iris (s) and then I had a terrible ordor I thought I had a rotten potato or a rotten egg left over from Easter or someone left stinky shoes out
    The smell was gaggingly bad.
    The smell was from those beautiful flowers I don't know if they all smell bad when cut and brought in but I have not brought iris in the house since

  5. Wow! they are huge. I don't think mine have opened yet. I need to redo that flower bed so will did them up after they're done blooming. The flowers are my job and they were neglected last year so this year it's 5 times harder to get in shape.

  6. Perhaps you'll need to thin out your smaller iris tubers in the fall, more space, larger blooms, I find. Gail

  7. So pretty--I wish I could grow them--they don't like me!

  8. Just gorgeous! Makes me wonder if they might be "thumbing their noses" at Mother Nature for all that snow she dumped on them over the past winter.

  9. Beautiful color too. I don't know if it is the weather or what but we had one with six blooms. Never that many before, usually two once in a while three. I looking forward to see what it does next year.

  10. Beautiful! I wish I could post a picture for you to see the wonderful ones we had come up. One of my favorite flowers!

  11. Love your blog.
    I also have lived in Rhode Island, Newport, from july75 till july 76.
    My husband was a foreign student at the Naval War College.
    There I'have learned quilting and bread baking.
    It was a very good time for the family. I have five children from 49 and up.
    Still embroidering and having ceramic classes.
    Nice to know your work.. How many abilities!!!
    Keep up the wonderfull job.
    LĂșcia Chagasteles from Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil


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