Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Car or Home Key Organization...

Spring cleaning is going slowly, but surely. Once you start one project and bring things to another area to store or put it away, you start another project. The domino affect of cleaning…tearing several areas apart at the same time.

One such area is in the front hallway. I traded out one piece of furniture for one from another room. This is the "new" old side table that holds every one's keys, wallets and phones when they come in the door. I also hung the chalkboard frame there to leave messages, reminders or important appointments for everyone.

car-home key organizing

Let me show you a quick organizing tip for spare keys…

The top of the table has a big bowl for Courtney and Courtland's keys, wallet and glasses. The black box is my husband's to charge his phone and store his wallet and keys. When Kelsie is home from school, her basket is in the cupboard on the right. I just keep my keys in my purse.

car-home key organizing

The cabinet to the left is where I store all the extra keys in case someone needs to take another car other than their own. It also holds extra door keys and the keys to the storage shed.

car-home key organizing

These were in a drawer in a jumbles mess in a basket, but I decided that the easier it is to find something the less stress you have.

We all know the feeling when we can't find our keys!!

car-home key organizing

I just used 3M hooks that stick on without damaging the surface.

car-home key organizing

I labeled each one by the color of our cars, because we have 2 Jeeps, 2 Buicks and a Honda. Color is a quick reference for us.

car-home key organizing

Then each set of keys has a hang tag for that car.

You're probably thinking…why is she showing where she keeps here spare keys in a post, online for all to see. If someone wants to come in and steal my 2002 Honda Odyssey van...have at it!! Lol Right now, paying for the girls' college education is way more important to me than a new car. Besides, I love that van and will probably run it into the ground until the wheels fall off!!

car-home key organizing

You can label them with anything. These are only spare keys, so the tags aren't really a problem.

car-home key organizing

You can have a key system just about anywhere in your home, but having them hanging up and labeled so that you can see them and grab them quickly is the key…no pun intended!!

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  1. Thanks for the great idea Karen. I am going to do the chalk board thing because hubby forgot his doctors appointment today and this would have been a great way to remind him.

  2. Karen I love the way you "shop your home" to keep things fresh. Such a terrific idea to move things around as needs change.

  3. Karen -
    Just a brief word of warning. When I was young a friend's family made a habit of dumping their wallets, keys, cashed paychecks, etc. in one spot...somewhere they passed on the way through the house and up to the main living area. One night while they were eating dinner someone came into their home and took all of the bank envelopes containing cash from paychecks. Being robbed is bad enough, but they knew it had to be someone who was familiar with their routine and knew it would only take a second to slip in the door and grab what they wanted. While having an organization stand close to the door is certainly organized and helpful, I would refrain from dropping wallets and keys so close to a point of entry. Items that would be enticing to thieves, especially wallets, may best be stored further into the house.

    1. OMGosh I was just thinking the same thing, and was going to comment about it, then I saw your post and it said it all. Even if it was someone who didn't know the family, having a window, or a door with a window panel shows everything someone would want to know. And by having it so close to the door, even with an alarm system that would go off quickly, they would be in and out before you would know it. Karen we are just being overly cautious with love for you and your family. : )

  4. I agree with Justmom2. With the windows beside the door, it's almost like an invitation to a thief.

  5. I love this idea! All out spare keys are sitting in a big jumbled mess in a cup. This is so much better!


  6. Such a great idea! Both our cars are silver tho! Maybe car/truck would work for us?! Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. This is a good idea. I'll bet every single one of us has keys in a drawer that we have no idea what they are for.

  8. What a great idea and so timely. Thank you!

  9. Don't worry about that 2002 honda van. Frank has had two of them in the last 6 years and he went over 300,000 miles in each one! Yes. really! He is the ultimate Traveling Salesman.............

    Now he is working on a 2013 Accord to see how far it will go. He is close to 75K right now.

  10. Love the organisation we have a key cupboard which has been a lifesaver



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