Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quilt Show Pictures...Part 2

So glad you all enjoyed the pictures from yesterday's post. Here are the rest of the quilt show photos from last weekend!!

These pictures are from the Silver City Quilt Show in Taunton, Massachusetts. I have the identifying cards from the quilter after each quilt. As I said in the other post, if you are the maker of the quilt and do not want me to share the pictures, please email.


This quilt was spectacular...won all the ribbons!!

Amazing fabric, appliqué and the quilting was unbelievable!!

Such a great scrappy quilt.

Perfect for autumn.

Love the 1930's!!

This is the back...

The shades of blues and greens are beautiful in person.

Love the name of this quilt and the quilting was awesome!

As I mentioned in the other post...I love the black with a scrap quilt, no matter what the patterns is.

This is a great stash busting quilt. I love it!

Another t-shirt inspiration quilt for me.

Love this braided quilt and the colors too.

This is on my "to do" list for sure.

I think the greens in this quilt are great and a wonderful pattern too.

Beautiful fish quilt.

My all time favorite fabric from Moda and French General.

Another must do!

This is so pretty in person.  I love the pop of red birds!

and last but not least...the perfect "Man Quilt".

The fishing lines and worms are the best!

Hope you enjoyed the show!

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  1. These quilts are so beautiful. Don't you just love the inspiration from Quilt shows??

  2. these are awesome! I think I have a few of the blocks (pattern) for the red appliqued flower quilt, I made 3 or 4 of them and gave up then turned into a table runner :)

  3. I loved the show, Karen! I also loved how you took pictures of each card for each quilt!! I must remember to do this!! Brilliant!

  4. Wow. It takes your breath away. So much inspiration. Everything is really wonderful. So glad you took photos to share. Thank you!!

  5. So glad you liked my Aunt Millies's Garden .. The red quilt! Thank you for sharing it on your blog ... I love your blog!!

  6. Wonderful photos, I thoroughly enjoyed my armchair Quilt Show both days.

  7. They are all exceptional quilts. You did a great job with the photos and the id tags. Thanks!

  8. This was fun. The first one is my favorite as it is so extraordinary but oh my goodness how cute and original is that one with the bare trees and little cardinals!

  9. Yes I really enjoyed the show. Fantastic! I'm going to a show myself in two weeks. May be a good idea to take some pictures to show you all what's going on in the Norwegian quilt world.

  10. So glad you enjoyed the quilt show and thanks for posting pictures! Mine was Mint Chocolate Chip with all the detail quilting. Thanks for sharing these on your blog. Love your blog!!


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