Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thrifty Thursday...Organize With Chocolate

I knew that title would get you!! I think chocolate should be in every title.

Chocolates, candies and truffles come in so many different boxes, but some boxes are just perfect for organizing.

These delicious truffles were a gift to my husband from a student at the end of the school year. I benefited from the chocolate and from the empty box.

chocolate box organizer

As a side note...don't you just love the chocolates that come with a road map. It should be against the law if they don't have it!! Lol

chocolate box organizer

Didn't take long to walk that road map to an empty box (my daughters helped too).

chocolate box organizer

Removed the papers as I went along and saw the individual compartment in the plastic tray!!

I see a "Thrifty Thursday" organizer!!

chocolate box organizer

Perfect for a take along sewing kit.

chocolate box organizer

As I was loading the pictures, I noticed the cover and thought...why didn't I mod podge fabric on that for a pretty sewing box.

chocolate box organizer

Fabric on the cover or not...still makes a great sewing kit or any organizing kit for that matter.

You can also take the trays out of the box and put them in your drawers to organize jewelry and earrings.

Have fun eating your way to an organized life!!

Happy Thrifty Thursday,

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  1. I, personally, think the very best thing it can organize is chocolate! Lol Thank you for giving me a reason to go buy a box. ;)

  2. I just did the same thing with a truffle box that a student gave me! It's a great box with a magnetic closure... Except I removed the dividers and lined it with felt. Now it holds my needles, bookings, goggle eyes, scissors, cricket hook, buttons, thread etc, in a pretty box in the living room. I love it. Though I miss the truffles too.... They were delicious!

  3. If you throwh a bit of batting on the top before covering it can double as a pincushion :-D

  4. OK, this "allows" me to go out and purchase some yummy chocolate, doesn't it?

    "But honey...I need the box!".

    Where's my purse and keys?

  5. Thanks for the sacrifices you make to have interesting posts!! I purchased a metal heart shaped box at an after Valentine's day sale. It had rectangular shaped pieces of candy to fit in the tray---and thinking like you---I saw a way to put thread in the tray. Thought I would line the top with fabric and batting.

  6. Hi Karen: Great idea to re-use the empty choco box.

    And yes, it always bothers me when chocolate companies either don't have a map, or have such a poor one that you can't decipher which chocolate is which anyway! I'll have to try Hauser Chocolates. So far, they have eluded me.

  7. Great idea! ( and I agree with you..Chocolate "should be" in every post title )
    Pinned to my Organizational board!

  8. Thank you Karen for a great idea :)


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