Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrifty Thursday...Recycled Soda Bottle

Hi everyone! There are so many bottles, boxes and containers that we throw out every day. If you look twice at something before you toss it, you may find a another use for it.

Case in point...this soda 2 liter soda bottle!

Actually, the bottom of the soda bottle...that little part of the bottle that looks like a flower!!

If you cut the bottom off with a regular pair of scissors...

You can use it for small painting projects.

The little wells in each section are perfect for small amounts of paint for different projects .

 You can also use it if you are using beads in a sewing project or beading in jewelry making.

It helps to keeps things separated in the little grooves.

All that from this 2 liter soda bottle

I also did another soda bottle organizing project in the past. Click HERE for that post.

Have fun saving your soda bottles.

Happy Thursday,

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  1. Doh! I do craft classes with kids occasionally and always struggle to find pots for buttons or beads or brads! Thank you

  2. Love the idea of re-cycling everyday things. I'm always looking for my paint plates and can never find them. I always have a soda bottle around. Great idea.

  3. I cut off the bottoms of both the large and small coke bottles (hmmmm, who DOES drink that in my house? :-)) and then I pop them into my thread catchers - one beside my sewing machine and one beside me when I sit in my chair watching tele and sewing. Soooo much easier to tip out the threads and candy wrappers (they obviously go WITH the coke!). If I gift a thread catcher I always insert one of these "bottoms" and include a few skeins of thread and a packet of needles too - makes a nice gift!

    I like the idea of the bead sorter!

  4. çok güzel fikirler bunlar sevdim

  5. You don't have bottle vending machines in US, right? That bottle would be worth 0,4 euros in Finland <3

  6. I love the paint idea !
    This would be great for doing face painting at various school fairs and picnics ! We have always used a styrofoam plate to hold the paints.
    I like this idea much better. ;)

  7. Good ideas. I like to cut the top off to use as a funnel.

  8. I love the idea, but here (in the Netherlands) we have also refund for bringing back the bottle to the store.

    I love your ideas of using things for other purpases


  9. I like to repurpose the bottles, too.
    I've made Halloween pumpkin decorations:

  10. Hi,I discovered your blog a few days ago and I love it. The idea of recycle the bottle is very interesting!Keep sharing with us. (Sorry my english :)!)

  11. What a neat ides, Karen thanks for sharing!

  12. In Iowa we have bottle deposits/refunds also, but this is a great idea for those bottles that sneak across the state lines. Love the idea of recycling whenever possible.

  13. We wash them out and have water stored in them in case of an emergency.

  14. I dont usually post, but please know how much I look forward to your posts!!
    Thank you, Karen~

  15. Good idea! Anything to help with the waste. :)

  16. I reuse all kinds of plastic bottles, from orange juice, catsup etc.

  17. In the past, I have cut them in half and used them as tiny cloches to cover tender plants in the garden

  18. Great post! Love these ideas, and never have thought about using the bottom of a bottle like that. Thanks!

  19. Just found your blog via pinterest Yay!!!! Gonna add it to my Rss feed.

    Here's my idea~


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