Friday, February 15, 2013

Find a Friend Friday...

Happy Friday everyone! A big thanks to all of you who link up each week. I know so many people have connected to new friends through this party.

If you'd like to connect with someone new in the world, join Find a Friend Friday and see who you can "meet".

You can add your blog...any blog at all, and people will click on your link and connect!! Your blog doesn't have to be a sewing blog or a crafting blog either. It can be a blog on any topic.

If you don't have a blog, you can join in the fun too. I have made so many friends with women who just connect, comment on my blog and they don't have a blog at all.

Come on in and join us!!

If you are new to Find a Friend Friday (FaFF) you're in for a treat! There are so many wonderful blogs to look through.

This is easy to participate in are just linking to your own blog. No Pressure!! No projects to sew, no furniture to paint, no cookies to bake or pictures to take. You are just sharing your site and then friends will stop by for a looksy.

  • click on the blue "click here to enter" link at the end...way at the end, after the last blog that has been linked
  • copy and paste or just type in your blog address...example:
  • enter title of link...your blog name or phrase to grab attention
  • add a photo of you, your profile picture or your blog button or whatever you think will grab some one's attention...(I'm thinking a picture of a big piece of chocolate cake, but that's just me LOL)

That's it...super easy. Have fun checking in on all the new blogs that are linking up each day! Come back, because more are added all the time!

Happy Blogging,

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  1. Oh I got here early today! :)
    I'll come back later to check some projects!

  2. Have a great weekend, Karen!
    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!

  3. Oh I have been looking forward to this. Going to take a look at the other blogs now. Have a great weekend and thank you again for your fab blogging tips. Louise from CreatingandBaking!

  4. Karen, Thank you so much for hosting the party for us! Now let's mingle...

    Have a beautiful weekend,
    Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

  5. Good Evening Karen, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers....gosh my world is expanding.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  6. Thank you for hosting this for all of us, Karen. Always enjoy seeing the blogs here, and now I'm deciding to join up for the first time!

    Thanks again, and have a lovely weekend. :)

  7. What a fun idea! Thanks for hosting this! I am excited to find new friends here! Have a good weekend!

  8. Hi There! Thank you for hosting this blog list! I just added my link to the bottom. The picture I selected isn't showing up. Is there anyway I can edit or change it? Thanks again this is great :)

  9. Hi Karen. Thank you for all your help! I'm leaving a comment here to see if my 'no reply' changes are working :) This is great! Thanks again!


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