Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrifty Thursday...Cork Recipe Holder

Hi everyone! Here's an easy Thrifty Thursday for you...a Cork Recipe Card Holder.

This project is so easy and FREE. We're using something that you would normally throw away.

I don't drink wine, but I love corks!! For some reason I can acquire a taste for it. Neither can my husband. I still collect wine corks though from when we serve it to our guest for the holidays.

For this project all you need is one wine cork or lots if you want to make more.

Make a small slice on the top with a sharp knife, just down about 1/4 inch.

Done...perfect recipe card holder for when you are cooking!!

This was an old recipe card of my mom' of her favorites. Look how old it is! She TYPED it!! (miss her)

This is great as a picture holder too.

Have a Thrifty Thursday,

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  1. What a great idea, we drink a lot of wine so will be using this. Thanks Donna

  2. super idea Karen! Although most of the wine stoppers in the UK are now screw top caps!

  3. Karen, you ALWAYS put such a BIG smile on my face. This post, again, does just that. DD likes to be crafty with corks. (LOL, yes, she does like her wine that it takes to get those corks, LOL). I have to tell her about this post. She'll like it as much as I do. Yet again, thank you.

  4. Oh my! I also have that same recipe (Russian Tea) given to me by my mom. Thanks for your wonderful ideas.

  5. Cute idea. Can we even get Tang anymore?

  6. my recipe for the spiced tea is almost the same, but we use lemon flavored presweetened iced tea instead of tea and lemonade separately.

  7. Oh my word! I have that recipe. It would be even funnier if it was one of my typed ones, too! Not sure.
    Yep, miss my mom, also.

  8. my computer desk is all metal, so I will put a magnet on the back of some and put my grandbabies pics around me while I work.thanks Karen nice idea

  9. Awesome idea!! I'm not a big wine fan either, just never acquired the taste for it I guess. Great & super simple idea!

  10. Great tutorial and I love the recipe card. It looks like many of mine with drips and 'stuff', but also carries so many nice memories.


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