Sunday, January 6, 2013

Storing Wreaths...

Hi everyone! I know it's Sunday and it should be the weekly Sew Darn Crafty Linking Party, but I've had problems with the linking service I use. Not sure if it's at their end or mine, but it's playing havoc with things, so thought I would skip it this week and let the bugs go away.

I'm still putting away Christmas things around the house. It takes me some time, because I organize and clean as I go. I wanted to share one idea with you for storing wreaths.

My artificial evergreen wreaths can be stored in boxes or plastic tubs, because they can be fluffed up again when I take them out next year.

These berry wreaths are a different story. The fake berries are styrofoam and can break off easily if stored in a box, so I like to hang them. ( I think I bought them at Joanne's Crafts or Walmart years ago, so they've lasted a while)

All you need is a plastic kitchen garbage bag and zip ties or some wire. For larger wreaths, use the big black garbage bags.

I use 2 zip ties zipped together to give me more length. You can just use a long piece of wire or heavy duty string.

Attach to the back of the wreath.

Now take your plastic bag and poke a hole in the center of the "bottom" of the bag.

You can also save the bags you get from the Dry Cleaners. They have the hole in the bottom for the coat hangers.

I just used scissors.

Now bring the wreath up into the bag

Have your zip tie or wire come through the hole in the bottom of the bag.

All set and ready to hang.

I don't tie the bottom. Lets air flow inside, but keeps the dust off.

My basement is unfinished, so I bang nails in the floor joist in the ceiling.

The wreaths hang easily from the nails, up out of the way and not crushed by all the other Christmas stuff.

Dust free and waiting to be hung up next year.

This would work great in your attic or garage...just depends on the climate you live in and where you store your decorations.

You could also hook the zip tie to a coat hanger and hang the wreaths in a spare closet.

Happy Organizing,

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  1. Hope the linky issue is resolved soon. I so look forward to that. Have an awesome day!

  2. That's a good idea.
    I wish you a wonderful new year. xx

  3. I've heard talk on a few blogs that there are linky issues, hopefully they'll be resolved soon xx

    P.s. linky came out kinky on my predictive text lol

  4. I've heard talk on a few blogs that there are linky issues, hopefully they'll be resolved soon xx

    P.s. linky came out kinky on my predictive text lol

  5. What a great idea! My wreaths always look so bedraggled after spending a year stuffed in a tote.

  6. Ah, brilliant! We're moving (again) this summer, but will definitely try this at next place.

  7. Great idea for the wreaths - it's nice you have space to store them! I've noticed others are having problems with their link parties, too, so I don't think it's you.


  8. Good Evening Karen, What a simple, but brilliant idea. It is so disappointing when you think you have stored the wreath correctly only to find the following year that it is all "scrunched up" (technical word!). Have a lovely day, Best Wishes Daphne

  9. Perfect timing! I am taking off door decorations today. Now to find a place to hang them!

  10. Great idea!! A few year ago I made a wonderful red & green wreath out of pom pons & added pinecones. Unfortunately this year we couldn't hang it because it's falling apart. I will definitely be using your idea to hang any wreaths I make in the future!

  11. Nice idea Karen thanks for sharing.
    happy organizing to you and hopefully they'll be resolved soon.
    Have a nice weekend;)

  12. Hi Karen, I have been having various issues with Blogger over the last couple of months but today I hit my limit. It took away my ability to upload pictures from my computer to my blog. After wasting hours of time I tripped over a statement somewhere that said to try and switch your Browser. I tried it. I went from Internet explorer to Google chrome and miracle of miracles all of my issues cleared up. I do feel used and manipulated but it works. Thought I'd send this along just in case it would help you. You have been so helpful to me for so long I hoped I could return the favor.

  13. Great idea Karen! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Thanks! Putting that stuff away is on my list for ... today? Maybe not, but this week anyway :) Bless you!

  15. Thanks for this useful tip. Hope the linky issue is resolved soon. Maggie xx

  16. Great idea, never thought of saving this way, thank you Karen, good week.

  17. Hi Karen, how do you prevent, or you don't worry about, spiders and so forth getting inside the wreath?
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  18. great idea. i need to arranged my storage room now! hahahaha

    25 black napkins

  19. Replies
    1. great idea i really impress with yours site....

  20. That is ingenious! Storing wreaths usually involve having to place them in boxes, which can cause the ornaments to get squished and the wreath to be deformed. I think using garbage bags is a great way to store them. Kudos!
    Clay Delgado


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