Monday, January 7, 2013

Easy Baked Brie Recipe...

Baked Brie...nothing better. It's warm, melty and yummy. I've made baked brie for years with different toppings, but thought I would share my latest creation.

It was a new combination for me...Lingonberry Jam and walnuts!! I discovered Lingonberry jam at Ikea...served with the delicious meatballs!!

I buy a jar every time I go.

No measurements with this...just walnuts and lingonberry jam.

I used one tube of Crescent rolls. Pinch all the seams and lay it over the top of the brie.

In the past, I had it on the bottom and then wrapped it over the top, but the bottom crust was always soggy and the cheese took longer to melt.

Bake according to the Crescent roll directions until golden brown. The cheese, however, may take longer to melt inside, so after it's brown, turn down the temp to low and continue baking until the cheese is melty inside. Cut it open in the center to check.


Here are some of the other topping combinations I've used...

  • fig spread
  • caramelized onions and brown sugar
  • brown sugar and walnuts
  • sautéed mushrooms
  • cranberry sauce and walnuts
  • apricot jam

The possibilities are endless. You can also use puff pastry instead of the crescent rolls.

Happy baking,

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  1. Oh my - that looks SO good! I've always thought this was way harder to make. Guess I was wrong!

    You should come link up with my 52 Recipe Challenge!

  2. Sounds delicious! I am curious, what do you call lingonberry in the US? Cowberry, partridgeberry?

  3. Ooooo yum, I love this way of doing it, cant wait to try!


  4. I've never had brie in my life. Curious always, but never take the plunge to buy it/try it.

  5. OMG! This looks fabulous. Must. Go. Home and make one!!

  6. This looks delish! I've never tried brie before but this looks too good to pass up!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. okay I live in Australia so can someone please tell me what cresent roll is, a bread, a filo pastry or a puff pastry

  9. opps dumb me just enlarged the photo and can see for myself a flakey puff pastry, now the the shops

  10. I made this recipe last night for a football party. Since I had some raspberry/walnut chutney, I used it in place of the jelly. Wow! Delish! We all loved it. Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. I lOVE Brie!!! ! I don't have an IKEA close by, what would you use as substitute?

  12. I've made something similar for years! I use mini bagels instead of the crescent rolls and Lingonberries--not jam. I just cut the brie into wedges and bake until softened.

    Lingonberries can be found by the cranberries--usually in a glass jar. It is a bit runnier than cranberry sauce. They are a bit pricier than cranberries.

    I love lingonberries!!!


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