Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Painting Mirrors

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today's Tool Time is about painting...paint primer to be exact. The picture below is the "after" of an area in our home that has been on the "to do" list for 19 years. 

Ok, saying 19 years out loud seems crazy, but we all know how things can get pushed aside for other projects. When you move into a new place, you have so many projects to do to make someone else's house your home. Painting rooms, new flooring, drapery and we even had new additions so my parents could move in with us.

This whole wall is a wall of mirrors and would be a daunting task of removing it and re-sheet rocking.

Well, I finally addressed this problem without much effort or money at all. 

Here's the miracle primer...Stix!

This is the BEFORE...this whole wall surrounding the opening into the den area (where the Christmas tree is), is all mirror...floor to ceiling. The white wall to the right is where I already started to prime.

Here is the after with tan paint...it actually feels like a room now.

This wall in the left foreground with the evergreen wreath on it is a wall that bumps out from the kitchen. The bump out is mirror on the other side too.

This is the other side...

Here is the whole wall primed with Stix.

Rolled on easily and washed easily too.

I did leave one wall mirror and I do have plans for that. I am going to frame it out with wide molding to make it look like those big framed mirrors you see in Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware.

Similar to this look from Pottery Barn...

or this from Pinterest...

Here's the "after" painting with the one section left alone as mirror. No trim yet. You really don't see this mirror when you walk into the house from the front door, so my girls will be happy that I left one mirror.

We all do that one last check of the outfit and hair on the way out the door!!

The wreath on the left is kind of dark in this picture, but I did hang it from a small nail in the wood molding at the very  top.

I'm sure I could use the 3M hooks, but really want the primer and paint set or cure before I add anything to it.

This is a before picture with half of the mirror painted with the primer...

 This is the after. Feels so much warmer in this room now.

 This is one selection of molding that I might use for the mirror trim.

It's 3 inches wide and uses rosettes in the corners so you don't have to cut mitered corners.

This is a test look at it.

I will be using Liquid Nails to attach it to the mirror.

When the trim is cut and glued,  I will definitely do a post on it for you!!

Stay tuned!!!

Hope this tip helps any one out there who has mirror that's been bothering them too.

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Wow! That's amazing...it looks gorgeous! You do such great work.

  2. Who knew? I had no idea you could do this and it looks fabulous. Very nice!!!

  3. The difference is unbelievable! You certainly have added great style to your home with this change...J

  4. Simply amazing!! Your home looks much "cozier" since painting over the mirrors... Your decorating skills are incredible!

    Beth ;o)

  5. I had no idea you could do something like that! It makes the room look so much more inviting! :0)

  6. Elegant solution to the mirrored wall. Nice. Really nice.

  7. What a great, inexpensive solution to the problem of unwanted mirrored walls.

  8. now you will just have to make sure you always remember where the mirrors are so you never put a nail in those walls - and if you sell the house make sure they know the mirror is there also.
    Love the look!

  9. Good Morning Karen, Oh my, what a difference you have made to your room. You have made the room look so lovely....you are such a clever and inspiring lady. Have a lovely day. Best Wishes Daphne

  10. Wow! All I can say is who would have wanted all that mirrored wall in the first place....
    Great fix.

  11. Wow!! What a nice update to your room. You're right - it does make it warmer and cozier. Love that trim with the rosettes.

  12. Brilliant way of solving a problem. Had you thought of more fancy mirror frame. I got this one ready made in TK Max (TJMax to you guys over the pond) http://quiltfeather.blogspot.co.uk/2009/12/ive-started-on-final-border.html

  13. interesting! thanks for the tip!

  14. Incredible result. I love colors Tan and white such a perfect match.
    Very nice house Karen. I love it much
    have a nice day

  15. Ou! Just don't forget it's glass under the paint! If you ever sell be sure and tell them. I am almost postitive I would forget years from now and try and hammer a picture hook. SURPRISE!!

  16. That job looks great! Please let me know if that paint stays on (doesn't chip)as I often get questions on this subject. I tell them to etch their glass first to make the paint bond better. It's a messy process and for what you did not easy, but it can be done. Did you say you are hanging things on that 'wall'? Let me know how that works out after time. L

  17. Karen this looks fantastic! You really are so clever. I love your ingenuity with every new post.

  18. Lovely, I bet you are excited for the new look!

  19. It's funny to see this post as I've recently did that with 2 mirrors set into our fireplace wall. I figured there was nothing to lose by just painting them and if that didn't work out then it would be time to just remove them and fix the holes. Like your walls, painting them worked!

  20. A great idea to paint those mirrors and it looks great too!

  21. I agree with everyone else, amazing ! But I have to say, who but YOU would undertake such a project AFTER decorating for Christmas ! lol I have a big mirror in my bathroom, that I hate. It's as wide as the counter, and I told hubby I wanted it removed and a much smaller, framed one installed. Now I'm wondering how it would look if we painted the outer areas of the big mirror and use liquid nails to frame the smaller inside area the way you are planning ? ! Again, thanks for the ideas and gentle 'shove' ! You rock, Karen !

  22. Karen:

    You just saved me a ton of money!! I have two walls in my dining room that are mirrored. Have no idea what the previous owner was thinking!! I have been closing the doors to that room as much as I can because I hate it so much.
    Won't hate it for much longer!! Can't wait for the first of the year to do this.


  23. You are amazing - it looks wonderful!!!

  24. Brilliant solution!!!! The room has a warmer, less eerie feel to it!

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  25. Love you tool times - my fave was the between seat cup holder used for craft supplies! I’m hosting an International Rainbow Charm Square Swap which could provide some handy fabrics for future projects. More details here: http://lixiemakesit.blogspot.co.uk/p/charm-swap.html

  26. Wow, so clever. I had no idea there was a product like that out there. Thanks for sharing!!

  27. Looks beautiful. You are quite industrious!

  28. Isn't paint marvelous!!! Room looks great with the mirrors painted.

  29. Oh my goodness. So many mirrors, who decorates with that many mirrors?
    Although, I am glad you kept one!

  30. This is cool! I'll try to do this with our wall mirror. I just hope I won't make a mess out of it.

  31. Hey Karen, what a great idea!! It came out great!! I hear what you mean about the 19 yrs! When we bought this house, the first thing that I said when we were moving in, was I can't wait to rip out this carpet, and these light fixtures. Well 15 yrs later, we have changed the carpet (last year) and the light fixtures are still there, and I really don't ever look at them, haha but we are re-doing our 1st floor, so they will be gone soon. Thanks for the tip!! karen♥

  32. I am really impressed! What a difference that makes to the rooms and I love that you'll be framing out a section of the mirror - great idea.

  33. I must add as all others have said WOW!!! What an amazing difference and what a great idea! Who would have thought! And how much it changes the feel of the room so much warmer! Well done and looking forward to what you decide with the molding.

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. I knew in a million years would know that you could paint over mirror! Very nice job; thanks for sharing.

  36. I didn't realize you could paint a mirror like that...Awesome job!

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