Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thrifty Thursday...Free Autumn Arrangement

Hi everyone...just changing things up a bit on Thursdays. I usually have my Thoughts on Thursday, but I'm switching it to Thrifty Thursday.

I know with today's economic times, saving money any where we can is important. I thought I would try to do a weekly post with tips and projects for free or on a budget, using things we already have.

Here's my first autumn arrangement.

These are just cheap old plastic urns I had in the garage that I spray painted black a long time ago.

Go out in your yard or the woods and trim some branches. There were little leaves and buds still on the branches, so it really added to the look.

Just be careful if you have small children or animals in the house if your branches have berries on them. Maybe just use plain branches if you do.

I placed the branches in the styrofoam or anything. Cut several little twiggy branches instead of cutting one big one. Adds more depth to the arrangement.

I brought the large urns inside, because I needed something big to fill in the spaces in front of the walls on each side of the window.

I just moved some furniture around in here and didn't have any artwork or pictures for the walls. The branches fill in that space perfectly and they were FREE!!!

Bring something in from outside and see if it works in your home too.

This is great for autumn, but adding little white lights to these branches will work great for Christmas  time too!!

Happy Thrifting,

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  1. I love the idea of using what you have! (I wonder what I could do with a bunch of tumbleweeds?)

  2. I do this a lot and also move things from room to room. You would be surprised how different it a quilt or afghan on sofa back to make it look comfy, redo pillow covers for a new look. pinecones are a good way to decorate for Thanksgiving and after. collect them now and make a wreath, or put in a huge yardsale vase with white lights. use your imagination. its fun!

  3. I did the same thing after a plant died. I like how you have one on each side of the window.

  4. I love to bring in Bittersweet vine with the berries. I love when they pop open. The orange and yellow look great. I only have them in an open weave basket on top of the entertainment center. I am very careful when I dust up there so no berries fall on the floor. I don't have pets and they are out of reach of the grandchildren. Would not recommend bringing these in if you have small children or pets that eat anything on the floor as the berries are toxic.

  5. A great idea, and thanks for reminding us about animals and kids, with the berries. Our cats, berries or no berries, would have these torn apart within a couple of hours! They are beautiful, though, and do fill your space nicely.

  6. Good Morning Karen, I think this is a wonderful idea. In these austere times not everyone has money available to decorate their home in a lavish way. I know we will all enjoy Thrifty Thursdays. Thank you. Best Wishes Daphne

  7. I Love FREE! I used branches and pine cones, on my fall mantle this year.

  8. Beautiful and a wonderful thrifty idea. Adding dimension to a space makes it appear finished. Thanks.

  9. Great idea Karen. Free is always good. I think we would all be surprised at what we could find around our homes and yards to decorate our homes- just keep your eyes and mind open to the possibilities. Looking forward to Thifty Thursdays:)

  10. "Thrifty Thursdays", great idea!

  11. Wish I had berry branches to cut, I love them! The urns are great--your favorite black spray paint to the rescue again. I have a vase with some very thin twigs and used one of those lighted branch accessories to thicken it up and add a touch of warmth to that black hole that my kitchen garden window becomes at night.

  12. Hi Karen... the branch arrangements are beautiful! I also couldn't help noticing your dining room chairs... did you buy them black or paint them? I recently bought some that are a light pine from Craig's List. Nice, cheap and utilitarian, but I love the way your black ones look. Have you ever painted chairs?

    thanks for everything you do! So fun to read your blog.. so many ideas! It's inspiring.

  13. Thrifty Thursday is a great idea! Your branches look great, I remember doing something along these lines years ago (and I mean years!) in girlscouts but we spray painted the branches either gold or silver - maybe an idea for Christmas decorating or even white glitter spray paint I guess the options are limitless.

  14. This is a wondeful idea. I have a friend who graciously lets me cut some of her Bittersweet branches, which are peppered with orange berries. They dry beautifully.

  15. Beautiful! I notice your chandelier and wanted to ask if the shades came with light or if you made them? Unfortunately I rent my home and the chandelier lights have no covers making it nearly unusable. For months I've looked for a way to make shades like yours. Thanks for all your sharing!

  16. What a great idea! Heading to the woods right now. Wait... it is only 4:30 am... Gotta wait for day light!


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