Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Searching on Pinterest...

Pinterest...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. You can get lost in there forever. I can't say enough about it...the inspiration, the ideas, the beautiful pictures.

However, I have one complaint. Searching on Pinterest. It isn't always an exact science. They have gotten much better with their search engine, but maybe I'm to blame for some of it!!

Here are my pin boards...thanks to everyone who shares their pins and repins. I love everyone who pins!!

Searching on Pinterest...

You can type in a word or words in the search box at the top left...

or you can go to the "Category" section and select a topic, like DIY/Crafts or Food and Drink

In this picture, I searched with the word "Autumn". What comes up first are the "Pins" for that word.

See, I circled it there at the top left. When you are in the "Pin" section, it's just pictures that have been pinned in general for autumn.

If you move over to the "BOARDS" section, circled below...this is where ALL the boards are, that are labeled "Autumn"...people's individual Autumn Boards. You can find and follow so many new people from this section.

The next section over from boards is "PEOPLE" where you would search for someone specific.

Here's where I've gotten better about Pinning myself and/or Repinning someone else's pin...the words that I use.

The circled picture below is for "Roasted Pumpkin Soup. In the beginning, I would have just put "Yum" and filed it under my Soup Board.

Now I know better to help with searching for everyone, that what I write is important.

However, I'm still perplexed with Pinterest and how things are searched.

I did a test with the circled picture below. It says "Basket of Blooms".  It was pinned by someone I follow and was in my "Following" section.

For my test...I went to the search box and typed in "Basket of Blooms", however that specific picture didn't show up...wonder why?

I'm sure the technical side of Pinterest must be a nightmare, but I'm going to be much better when I "pin", I promise!!

Happy Pinning,

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  1. I love Pinterest too but find I "like" a lot of things insteading of pinning them because I get tired of seeing the same photo all over the place. Wish there was a way to put your "likes" in a category also. I'm a follower of what you find!

  2. Good advice. I'll think a bit more now about how I label my pins.

  3. I agree with the search feature "issues." I've done searches and never gotten the same results twice, but usually very limited. I'd love a way to "close" or "exit" out of pins I don't find of interest or have already seen thousands of time, so that I could get new pins to view. I'm off to find your boards and follow you. Have a great day.

  4. Karen, I totally agree. Sometimes something as simple as removing "s" off the end of a word or combining words will result in a brand new set of links! I was looking for "chocolate buttercream" frosting and the search for that turned up almost nothing. Now, I KNOW someone has some of that loveliness pinned, so I searched "chocolate butter cream" and hit pay dirt(and the best chocolate buttercream frosting I've ever had in my LIFE, seriously). I've started putting better search terms in comments as well as editing the pin itself because I think their search engine actually uses comments as well. Otherwise, I'm with you and LOVE Pinterest! And I've followed find some gooooooood stuff! :) Feel free to follow back if you'd like.

    @Stacy - AMEN sister! Once I've seen a pin and know I am not interested in it, I wish I could mark it that way (a'la Netflix) so it doesn't keep cropping up. I don't want to just Unfollow some great boards due to a few questionable or duplicated pins. Great suggestion!

  5. I am a newb on Pinterest and I very much appreciate the tutorial!

  6. Pinterest is truly inspiring. I too am learning to better define what I pin. What frustrates me about the site is that some people repin without clicking through on the pin to see where it leads. Finding something you really like that goes nowhere, or that goes to a site where you have to search through multiple posts to find the actual pin, is disappointing and a time waster for me. I wish I had known to check for this when I first began using the site because now I probably have several of these pins on my boards. I do love that I can save a visual reminder of things I like. That is way better than boring, uninspiring bookmarks.

  7. Not sure if you read all the ppost karen but the other day your ears must of been burning LOL I was cruising around on pinterest when I saw just the thing for a TTT I put it one my page with a reference to you . I love PIN and I waste many hours on it only I wouldn't admit to anyone. Cheers and keep safe

  8. Totally agree but if you put a # in front of your description that is a searchable word - just FYI in case you didn't know that.

    Just found your blog and I LOVE IT!!

  9. Love, love pinning too! So inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I'm not impressed with the Pinterest search function. I have searched things that should bring a ton of hits and they bring up maybe a dozen or two. Even so I love Pinterest and spend WAY too much time there.

  11. Can you help with this problem I am having when using my iPad to view Pinterest. When I want to add a pic to one of my Boards, it only shows about 6 of my boards and one can not scroll down to view the rest. I then have to haul out my laptop in order to do this i.e. you cannot see the little down arrow to scroll through your boards using your iPad. This is feaking me out big time! lol Hope you may be able to assist or anyone else who reads this comment. Thanks Sharon

  12. I agree! I love to follow boards of fellow thrifters but finding them with the search engine is noooot easy! My pinterest name is come take a look!

  13. I'm now following you, I LOVE pinterest!

  14. THANK YOU for that tip and explanation. I am new to Pinterest (resistance is futile, I found) and haven't made use of the comment/description area when I pin. I've also noticed that searching is a bit of a challenge.

    Today's my lazy Sunday at the computer, I think I'll go and fluff up my pins!


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