Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday...

"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves."

~Amelia Earhart~

As many of you already know, blogging is a connection to the world...through the sharing of thoughts, through ideas and projects. Blogging is also a connection to "friends" you will most likely never meet.

I have made countless friends through blogging and I am thankful every day. One such friend is Susan from the blog "Super Mom-No Cape!" (I love that title).  

Susan emailed me asking for my address, because she had made something for me as a thank you for the things I share on my blog!

Can you believe it...she made me something! Handmade items are truly a gift from the heart...time and talent go into handmade gifts.

Here is the package I received this week!! I was blown away.

A zippered pouch, a scissor-sewing case, pincushion and a beautiful piece of fabric ( not to mention the postage from another country!!!)

The detail in the scissor has four pockets. The Cathedral Window pincushion brought tears to my eyes. My grandmother was famous for her Cathedral Window quilts and pincushions and I never had received one from her, so this will be treasured.

The pouch is so cute...I already have it filled!!

It's fully lined...

with a lined pocket. Unbelievable workmanship!!

I have zipper envy. Lol  I need a lesson from you Susan.

Thank you Susan for such a beautiful package and for your kindness and will never be forgotten.

Go for a visit to Susan's here...she has so many great projects she shares!

Have a great Thursday,


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  1. that is a beautiful little gift the workmanship is terrific! I will check out her blog.

  2. How wonderful is this? Love crafty people. Enjoy your gift Karen and what beautiful work Susan.

  3. WOW!! How thoughtful!! Don't you just love RAKS!! Well deserved for sure! I agree..the workmanship is perfect! I'm in awe of perfect zippers..and stitches that fine! Treasures for sure!
    Take care!

  4. Wow...beautiful! I'm heading to her blog now! :)

  5. How generous and sweet! What a blessing!

  6. how blessed you must feel right now! You deserve every bit of that blessing!!! Thanks for sharing with us the remarkable gift and craftsmanship!

  7. I did check out her blog and now she is on my list. What a creative and thoughtful lady.

  8. What a sweet thing to do!! Everything she sent is color--coordinated and super useful. Glad you got a cathedral window piece to remind you of your grandmother. They take forever, just to make a small pillow top!!

  9. I love the Fabric color and selections. Handmade and homemade gifts are still my favorite to give and receive. What an awesome gift.

  10. Nice gifts!
    zipper envy. haha. cute!

  11. Cool and thoughtful gifts. I always want to give my Internet friends handmade gifts. But then I feel weird asking for their home addresses. Or I tell myself they have plenty of stuff already and won't need my sad and lame items. Somehow I always talk myself out of it. You are one of those cool people that enjoy a handmade gift. I wish everyone was like that.

  12. Oh my goodness, Karen, your sweet post has me sitting here with tears in my eyes. I had such fun making everything for you and thinking about you opening the package and hoping that you'd like them. I'm so glad that you did!

  13. How nice. What a wonderful gift. Your right, homemade is so much better as it's made with thoughtfulness and love.

  14. Karen, I can't think of anyone more deserving of such gifts. You ARE amazing and so kind. I agree, Susan's workmanship is stunning and she is very thoughtful! Thank you for the link to her blog. I adore such wonderful things to read first thing in the morning. Now, back to work with me!
    Hugs from Christina in Cleveland

  15. How heartwarming! And, such a lovely gift, that pincushion is beautiful! Finding friends through blogging is indeed a cherished reward, connecting to people all over the world is priceless.


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