Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Magnetic Bobbins

Happy Tuesday!! If you missed yesterday's post, the last section was about thread storage. We all want to know or see the best ideas on how to tame those little rolls of never ending string.

Well, I thought it would be a great idea to have a linking party so every one can share their photos of how you store, display or organize your spools of sewing thread.

The linking party (like Find a Friend Friday or Sew Darn Crafty) will be on Saturday, July 21st...so snap those pictures and get those posts ready to link up on the 21st. Your post can be old or new, as long as it show cases how you store your thread!!

Now onto Tool Time

Speaking of thread...bobbins are another nightmare.

Here is today's Tool Time idea using magnets.

**(Edit...so many great comments below caution using magnets next to computerized sewing machines, so I just wanted to update this post!!)

You can buy magnets in any store...craft stores, big box stores and even hardware stores. This package of 50 was about $5-$6 at Michael's...I think.

They do sell heavy duty magnets, but just the regular craft ones will work here.

I am think most bobbins from machines are metal, but not sure...so just double check before you buy the magnets.

The magnet just pops on the bobbin...

Here's one way to store them...

Remember the post for the Magnetic Board in my sewing room to store small crafting items?

CLICK HERE for the post on how to make the board.

CLICK HERE for the post on how to make the storage cups

Solo cups with magnets glued on the back...they stick to the metal sheet.

If you take the same sheet metal and make smaller frames, say 5x7 or 8x10, you can use this idea by your sewing machine.

The magnet sticks to the sheet metal in the frame and the bobbin sticks to the magnet!

Easy storage...very visible,

Because they are sticking there, they're not rolling around, unraveling and getting all knotted up!!

Here's another version...any metal container.

Magnets go on the container and the bobbin goes on the magnets.

Fill it with a plant...

for a funky planter!!!

or fill it with spools of thread to match the bobbins on the outside!!

Isn't this cute, cute, cute. I swear I love to make things FOR sewing rather than sewing itself!

Here are a few more of my posts from the past on bobbins...




Have fun with your bobbins! I'll keep reminding you on the sewing thread party too.

Have a great Tuesday,

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  1. Three machines, and all are plastic bobbins. Darn, I loved the idea of sticking them all over the place too. I guess now I will have to eat at Canes' for the next two years and get enough of those Sauce Cups to make myself some storage.

    Great Idea! Thanks.


  2. So much fun!!! I want to run out and buy some just to play with your ideas!! Of course, I don't need a bobbin holder, mine are all nice and cozy in my sewing drawer or on top of my thread holder. But yours are so cute!

  3. Great tips. Alas for me; my two Janomes have plastic bobbins....
    Looking forward on a good tip to store these... ;-D

  4. Genial, es una idea muy buena y barata.
    Saludos y besos desde EspaƱa, Mamen

  5. Just to say that many newer machines come with plastic bobbins. When I asked if I could use my vast collection of metal ones [which do fit in the slot] the expert advice was NO - metal ones can interfere with the workings of some electronic machines.
    I am now trying to come up with a good way of re-purposing dozens of metal bobbins!!

    but I love your idea anyway! blessings xx

    1. Metal bobbins make fun jewelry and pullies (sp ?) for toys! I wish I had some. Mine are plastic as well.

  6. this is genius! My bobbins are always a mess.

  7. Aren't you afraid of having a magnet so close to computerized sewing machines? Just curious.

  8. This is a great idea for metal bobbins, but if you have a computerized machine, they only use plastic bobbins. You cannot use metal bobbins in a computerized machine or have magnets too close to your computerized machines. I have only one computerized machine and the others all have metal bobbins.

  9. Great decorative idea, but most of my machines have plastic bobbins, and I have been told to be careful with magnets around computerized. Achines and i would think that thbobbins would become magnetized much the same as the pins do

  10. Great decorative idea, but most of my machines have plastic bobbins, and I have been told to be careful with magnets around computerized. Achines and i would think that thbobbins would become magnetized much the same as the pins do

  11. Love these ideas!! I am reorganizing my space, so this is perfect timing. Thanks!

  12. Dang my old machine used those metal bobbins. But my Elna uses plastic!
    But cute ideal!

  13. it's like you have this never ending supply of neat ideas. i have metal bobbins, they are always unwinding. although I usually just use my standard white thread and refill it as necessary, I might have to try this!

  14. Does this magnetize the bobbin? Wondering about my long arm...magnets are a nono close to the computerized head...maybe I will try one, and see if it becomes a magnet!

  15. This is such a cute idea. But I'd be concerned that the bobbins would become magnetized (like pins) and would then not spin smoothly when inserted in the bobbin case.

    You'll see my solution for bobbins when I post my photos of my solution for organizing all my spools of thread... but basically, hubby made me spool holders and cut the rods long enough that it holds the spool and its matching bobbin. This solves both the problem of thread and bobbin storage in one place with the bonus that I never have to search for the bobbin that goes with a particular thread.

  16. I just had to tell you that the bobbins on the bucket remind me of Daleks.
    Yes, I am a Dr. Who fan. LOL Thanks again.

  17. Hi Karen. My machine is a brother, and while it will take metal bobbins, it has a bobbin-nearly-finished sensor which works by shining light through the bobbin (if a receiver gets light the bobbin must be nearly empty). I made the mistake of using metal bobbin and never got the message and it was ages before I realised!! I've seen toe seperators (they ome in pedicure kits) used for bobbins

  18. Love this idea! It would make finding the right color bobbin so much easier! But, my bobbins are plastic, are they interchangeable with metal ones?

  19. I have a Pfaff that is about 20 years old. When I bought it, it had plastic bobbins so that the bobbin end sensor could work. Since then, Pfaff came out with metal bobbins that work with the sensor. Since the plastic ones kept breaking, I bought a bunch of the metal ones on Ebay (too expensive at the dealership here), and have been very happy with them. In fact, my only complaint with the sensor is that it shows you are getting low by flashing. I sure wish it would go to a steady light when the bobbin actually empties. LOL

  20. If the bobbins become magnetized, could that damage a computerized machine?

  21. Stole this idea and put my own spin on it. Thanks so much: http://trophyw.blogspot.com/2012/08/genius-bobbin-solution.html

  22. This is so brilliant, but my bobbins are plastic! ugh, my bobbins are always a hot mess too. (like my sewing, hahahaha)


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