Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Eyelet Tool For Gift Tags

I was roaming through a craft store the other day...funny it wasn't a hardware store, but I love craft stores too. I found a package of eyelets in the clearance section. Woo, a new thing for me. Had to get it!!

I swear I will go broke on the money I "save" in the clearance section. The eyelets were on sale, but the tool that you need to go with it wasn't!! Lol I think the eyelets were 49 cents and the tool was maybe $6.00.

Oh well, I love it any way. I'm not sure what you use them for, but I've made some gift tags I wanted to share with you...paper and fabric.

Here's the fabric tag...cute, cute!

The tools you will need are...
  • the eyelets
  • eyelet tool or setter, which runs from $3.00 on up
  • hole punch
  • hammer
  • piece of scrap wood to hammer on


They come in different colors and sizes. These are 1/8 " or 3.1 mm. It is a one part system. There isn't a front and back piece.

Red and silver...100 per box for 49 cents. How could I pass this up? Tell me...HOW? Help me out ladies...I need to justify the need to collect every color they make...Lol

Here is the setter. It comes with three sizes and a hole maker.

This "sets" the eyelet.

Here is a little hang tag I made in 2 seconds...so easy. Used a paper punch and set the eyelet.

The steps are easy...

Use a hole punch the same size as your eyelet...this a 1/8 " hole punch.

Put the finished side of the eyelet on the front of the tag.

Turn it over on the scrap wood.

Use the correct size setter

Use a hammer and tap the setter one or two times.

It bends back the edges to secure the eyelet.

Cute on a gift bag or package.

Now you know I couldn't just do paper with a ton of fabric in my sewing room.

You will need fabric and Heat and Bond paper.

Iron the Heat and Bond to the wrong side of the fabric according to the package directions.

Type up a gift tag greeting on the computer or write one yourself.

Peel the Heat and Bond paper backing off the fabric.

Place your greeting message on the shiny Heat and Bond side.

Iron to set the two together.

Now it is one piece fused together.

Cut it out in any shape and punch a little hole at the top.

Set the eyelet the same way as the above directions.

Front eyelet...

Back eyelet...

Easy fabric gift tag.

This idea is perfect to make for any gift giving or holiday. You can customize to match anything. Great for quilting or sewing friends.

The tags are also great it you sell items. Print your logo or store name for the tags and the eyelet makes it look professional.

I think I "need" to go back and save some more money and see what other colors they have!!

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Good Morning!

    Oh, I just love this idea! I've had some eyelets sitting in my sewing box that I picked up on sale...great minds think alike!...and I didn't know what I'd do with them...until now!

    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Sweet blessings,

  2. So cute! I was wondering how that was done! Thanks

  3. I absolutely LOVE eyelets! They are one of my favorite little tools to add a cute flair to all sorts of things. I recently upgraded and got a "crop-a-dile" hole puncher and eyelet setter, and it's pretty cool (too many times I hit my poor hand with that hammer...)

    Anyway, I'm also into upcycling and always hated having to throw away the plastic bags eyelets often come in. And I hate storing my eyelets in boxes because then they're out of sight.

    So, I recently did a project where I added eyelets to those plastic bags, and then stuck them to my bulletin board! Problem solved!!

    Check it out...(I Didn't describe the process in much detail, so I'm just going to link back to this post--thanks!!)


    ~* Ashley

  4. Oh those are fabulous! are they found in the scrapbooking section? I might need to go 'save' some money too. I need to get my etsy store running again. Thanks for the fun idea. g

  5. How I love all your ideas, they are fabulous thank you

  6. That's to fun,and my mind and Earthy Ashlee runs alike. I was going to tell you to save money and get a Crop A Dile. I have two and love love love them. Thanks for sharing with us, I love your blog.

    1. Hi Viki--I just got mine so it's really great to hear that you loved yours so much you got two! I'm looking forward to lots of happy crafting with mine!

      ~* Ashley

  7. Lovely and so professional looking. Of course your stuff always does have that professional touch.

  8. I love the way you fused the paper to the fabric. It's one of those 'why didn't I think of that' things. I already have eyelets and the tool and have been trying to think of something useful to do with them. Great idea!!!

  9. Fun idea! I, too, love eyelets and there are so many cute and unique ones out there. This past year I was introduced to a Crop-a-dile and had to use my coupon to get one not long afterward. It makes the whole job sooooo much easier! Your idea about using the fabric was great! Also, just wanted to say that I went to Harbor Freight for the first time yesterday. Next time I go, I'll review over your Tool Time Thursday posts before I get there to refresh my memory! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and for your very generous spirit to share so freely! Have a great week!

  10. Our Guild is on a ission to get everyone to wear a name tag, preferrably a hand made one. This eyelet thingy would be a good start, maybe using 2 eyelets set apart on a square or rectangle, or a circle like your example. Thanks for another GREAT idea!

  11. What is it about eyelets? I just love them, too. I also am going "broke" in the clearance sections, lol! First place I hit in any store.


  12. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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