Monday, April 2, 2012

Upcycle One Lone Berry Garland...

I know it's April 2nd and that means spring cleaning. However, my spring cleaning usually starts after Christmas. You know that feeling you get when you are putting all your decorations just want to clean and organize things to get your house back to normal.

I've been doing my basement for a few months now. Long process of clearing things out, throwing things out and moving things around. I should have a post on it soon. Nothing earth shattering...just a few tips on organizing. Our basement is unfinished, so it's truly for storage.

While purging things, I found one fruit garland. One small, short garland won't help me in decorating anything, but I couldn't throw it away. No surprise there. Here's what I made with it. The word "made" is used lightly. I actually just threw them in the vase.

Look for them in the clearance section of craft stores. This isn't a Christmas garland. It's fruit that I bought in the summer a couple years ago.

Sometimes when you see something in the clearance section, you only see it for what it is and say..."oh, I don't need "one" small garland". Don't look at things for what they "are"...look at things for what they "could be"!

They look like crab apple buds

Just snip the string...and slide them off into your container.

Just a simple vase with a candle. (click HERE if you want to see the makeover I did a while ago for the coffee table in this picture.)

You could also put a smaller vase inside a larger glass container. Surround it with the berries and then you can put fresh flower in the center vase.

Hunt through your things. You might find something fun to put in a vase too!!

Have a great start to the week,

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  1. Karen, You are just too much. I wish I had a mind like yours to see things that could be made with other things. I'm a pack rat and do lots of repurposing, but you are the Queen. Do you have any suggestions for an old 78 record album holder from the 50's-60's. The metal kind that the album stands up in?? I have held on to it forever from my mom's stuff. :)
    Love your blog!!!

    1. Dar,
      If you're a scrapbooker, I'll bet you could use that album holder for sorting 12x12 paper into it. My mom still has one of those at home, she's 89. She still has her gospel albums in there and an old console stereo to play them on!

  2. Love this Karen and such perfect timing as I just found one of those lone garlands in a box of craft junk I was rummaging through the other day! My Mom would love something like this and I will be able to finally use the garland! Thanks!

  3. Great idea Karen! You have inspired me so much. I look at everything now in a new light and think about what it could be! Thanks for all the inspiration and great ideas!

  4. Muy bonito y original.



  5. Hey Karen, Sometimes the simplest thing that we do, comes out like you thought about it for weeks!! Great idea, thanks for sharing!! karen♥

  6. Youve got so much to say and know so much about the subject that I think you should just teach a class about it...HaHa!


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